Sunday, August 4, 2013

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Summit Street News in Warren, OH on 8/2/13

Doc here with another great report from senior correspondent The Oral Reporter.

In this report he is visiting Summit Street News in Warren, OH, and has much to tell...

Take it away, sir.


Hi Doc,
Here is a report from Summit Street News for Friday night 8-2-13.
This trip started at 8PM arriving in the parking lot and seeing it pretty full, but there were several guys hanging around outside so usually that is not a good sign of things happening in the theater.
I paid my $11.00 dollars and went in the theater.  There were only about 7 guys in the theater, and no couples.   I had heard a couple was there, but they hand picked 3 guys and went to one of the private booths for their fun.
Around 10PM a couple came in the theater standing near the door (she was a spinner, cute and petite) she had super short shorts on.  They chose one guy and disappeared to a private theater booth.  A little later one of the clerks brought in a single black girl to show her around.  I had hopes she would decide to stay but it wasn't in the cards.(at least not yet).  Another 15 or 20 minutes went by and another cute couple came in. I would say she was in her late 20's and dressed to play.  They stayed for a little while she played with her guy and then they disappeared for a while.  So far it has been a night with nothing to write home about. 
That changed with the arrival of the next couple, as some of the guys knew she was coming (maybe a Craigslist ad -I'm not sure).  They came down front, & sat on the couch right in front of the screen.  She had her top off in about 1 minute, then came the bra that was holding those double DDs. Once the girls were let out to play, pretty much everyone gathered around... I was very near so I had a ring side view. 
Her guy took the rest of her clothes off of her and started eating her pussy.  She started out reaching for the closest cocks and the suck fest started.  I would guess her age at mid 40's,  and of average size in every way except for her beautiful DDs. They were natural, as I checked them out and verified that with some nice squeezes.  While she was sucking the first guys cock, I asked her if she would like her pussy licked, and she said yes so when her guy got his tongue out of her I slid mine in.  That was one nice juicy and sweet pussy.  I made her cum several times, with my tongue and my fingers before I finally had to come up for air and a rest.  
Summit Street News
Warren, OH
She stopped sucking to tell me she really liked my talented tongue.  I waited my turn for a blow job from her and while she was sucking off another guy, she was stroking me balls and my shaft.  That was all it took and I emptied my load on her lovely tits.
While I was eating her pussy the single black lady was back in the theater, watching me licking her pussy, she was not alone this time, she had picked up some black guy.  They did not do anything in the theater but watch, I think it was her first time and everyone gave her some space.  I offered to do what I do best (lick her pussy) but she was too amazed at what was going on to get into it (maybe next time).
The young cute couple came back in, this dress she was wearing was open on both sides with just laces holding it together.  They played a little and actually played with a couple of guys in the theater, putting on a great show for us to watch. 
Then the little spinner came back in with her guy, and I bet she did not weigh over 100 pounds and was cute also.  They sat and watched the young couple for awhile as well as watching the lady who was sucking off all cummers.  The DD girl was saying that this was a dream cum true for her, all those hard cocks for her to suck on.  The spinner girl and her guy finally got together with the young cute girl in the lace up dress, and there was a short lived but sexy 4 way going on.  The night ended by me asking if the double DD lady had heard about the Dr Emilio Lizardo web site.  She said no, but the guy who brought her was a reader of your site.  For this reason I don't think she and he were a couple, as I think she wanted to try it out and he was her escort.  I also asked the spinner girl and she had not heard of it either.  I told them they should look it up and see what it's all about and read about them in my story.
The night ended at midnight (closing time) so I headed back to the Akron area to get some sleep.  I may either go back there tonight (Saturday 8-3-13) or go to the Downtown books in Akron and check it out.  I'll give you an update on the Akron theater if I go tonight.
Summit Street News is a great place to party!  It's clean and the guys are pretty respectful.
Bye for now.
The Oral Reporter


Doc here again... Thanks again to The Oral Reporter for getting into the trenches once again for another terrific FLash Report.  Keep them coming, sir.