Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flash Report! The Captain Returns & Visits The Art Cinema in Hartford on 6/8/13

Doc here with the return of that crusty ol' sea dog himself, The Captain. It's been awhile since this seafarer has submitted a report, so I was anxious to see what he had been up to.

The Captian has docked in Hartford, and his destination is the awesome Art Cinema. So what will The Captain find at the officers club at the theatre?  Well, let's see...


Ahoy Doc,

It's been a while since my last radio call. As you may recall, I was steaming north out of Portland, OR headed for points even further north. Yes sir, Alaska in the winter - kinda explains why you haven't heard from me. Nothing like being iced in for months - come to find out the Anchorage area once had a booming adult theater scene, but it's long since faded away. Now that the Arctic Circle is open for shipping, my trusty navigator plotted an even more northerly course home to the east coast. Something about the west coast, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean and Florida wasn't appealing after a long winter. Given the price of diesel fuel, I can see his point. Anyway, putting ship-mate squabbles aside....


My first port-o-call was The Art Cinema in Hartford Saturday night, arriving just after 6:30pm. Sorry I couldn't get back in time for the Mardi-Gras celebration the week before! I entered the theater and was politely welcomed by the staff. I paid my admission, still a value at $12 for singles and $20 for couples only balcony. I made my way into the darkened theater and sat about halfway down the aisle in the middle section, near the fire exit opening between sections on the left. The most common play spot for couples looking for adventure downstairs. I watched the movie for a bit, noting that it had a lot of plot/story to it - I wondered if the theater mgmt was catering to the women in the couples balcony?

As my eyes adjusted after a few minutes, I noticed a thin person with a bob style haircut sitting the emergency extra / max fun play row. At first I thought it was a CD with a nice hairpiece. As my eyes continued to adjust I came to the realization it was an honest to goodness, LIVE, single female sitting by herself. I got up and cruised by to check out what might be happening. About the same time 3 other gentleman approached her and sat next to her. As I came around the front, I realized this was a much older woman than I've usually seen in the theater. Sure, I've seen couples in their 60's and maybe 70's in a theater playing. This woman was a very nice looking 70 something year old all alone! As best I can describe she looks like the actress in the Celebrex commercial.

The Celebrex Woman

She had undone her buttons on a trench-coat revealing a trim stomach, still somewhat firm b-cup breasts and a neatly trimmed lower area. Two gentleman began caressing her for a few minutes. My ears caught the sounds of play upstairs in the balcony and I moved to the front of the theater to get a glimpse of what might be happening upstairs. While it's certainly very hard to make out any details upstairs, shadowy figures in motion can be viewed.

I counted 5 couples upstairs around 7pm. A younger couple came in around the same time. I was in the lobby getting a drink and overhead them tell the gentleman behind the counter it was their first time and he directed them to the balcony and told them to enjoy themselves. The young couple wasted no time bounding up the stairs and landing in the front row of the balcony area. Meanwhile a mid/late 40's couple with a female with very nice large breasts was putting on a good rodeo riding show along the railing. She would lean over the railing every so often giving those of us below a nice view. She was quite vocal too. This couple played for a good 30+ minutes and took their leave. In the meantime the couple count swelled to 9.

A couple came downstairs into the gen pop area and proceed to take her shirt up revealing a large pair of C+-cups and gave her husband and two lucky other guys bjs. I was able to view this from my position on my knees in front of the septuagenarian pussy with my covered shaft buried deep in her. It was really quite good. I didn't know what to expect, but I'm telling you it was the right choice! Wet, tight and very responsive. After I finished, another gentleman suited up and went for a ride. The lovely lady, excused herself afterwards and and went up to the couples balcony to freshen up. I guessed she was done for the night, but 15 mins later she was back in action. A husky young black man was fingering and caressing her for about 15 mins before he took her on a 30 minute bus tour, driving her in a slow rocking motion, building faster and faster as she moaned with pleasure. She gave him very high marks upon his completion.

Meanwhile the couple that had come in around 7 started their own rodeo show in the balcony, she was quite a cutie, the kind of girl you'd take home to mom for sure. Nice long brunette hair she had put up in a bun once they started playing. She was riding him reverse cow girl giving a us nice show with her ample breasts bouncing, she hung herself so far out over the railing we could see her belly button - quite the feat!

Another couple came and went several times throughout the night between the balcony and the main theater, she seemed quite ready to play with him and put on a show, but he was pretty put off by the lurkers as they gathered around hoping to see something.

I had to weigh anchor shortly after 10pm so I don't know if there was a grand finale to the show by 11pm when the theater would have closed. My next port of call is the Paris I & II in Syracuse in a few weeks.

The Captain


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Captain for pulling back into dock after an extended deployment up north.  It's good to have you back, sir.


Flash Report! Andy Bangedherhard @ Pegasus in Raleigh, NC

Doc here with a Flash Report from regular contributor, Andy Bangedherhard.  Andy returns to Pegasus Adult Entertainment Center, and has filed this report.

Take it away, sir.



I'm back in action after a long lay off. Raleigh is not fantastic in this thing of ours, but one place - Pegasus Adult Entertainment Center, tends to be the spot of choice.

They recently upped the entry fee to $10, which isn't the worse thing I guess. Through a good ol Craigslist ad, I communicated with a gentleman who said I "wouldn't be disappointed" with who he was bringing. I even got a follow up email from them letting me know of a time change.

I hopped in the car and headed up and as I pulled up - so did they. Wow. A slim, tall, light skinned ebony beauty. I walked in, paid and waited.

The booth area isn't laid out too well but they saw me and said hello and told me to follow. I was quickly up to the plate in the lead off position. In the email I was told that all would happen through the hole - no joining them in the booth. No problem for me there.

She had a long length dress that was quickly discarded and my cock was quickly summoned. I decided to try and get a good feel through the hole first and she very quickly grabbed my hand got my finger inside. She was definitely warned up.

I pulled back and was mostly hard and she took quick care of that. She was slurping, licking and sucking good and I was at full attention.

I could hear her boyfriend fucking her from behind as well. I generally last a long time and while it was early in the day - I decided to speed up with a bit of manual action so others had a chance.

I sat down in the chair and she was begging for my cum. She then reached for her mans cock and sucked away on him. As I got close I asked if she was ready and I blasted through the hole. She sucked it all out. Wow. I pulled up my pants and looked through to thank her. She had a little on her mouth and a ton on her perky tits. She was ready for more for sure.

I exited to a few guys in line - but I'm guessing that since it was just after 11 - the lunch crowd was not there yet. I thought about coming to the plate again, but Doc, she drained me good.

Through other boards and such, I'm getting decent reports from Pegasus. It's clean and the staff is friendly. I hope to be back in action a lot more in the near future.

Andy Bangedherhard


Doc here again.. Many thanks to Andy for returning back to The Journal, and for submitting a quality Flash Report.  Nicely done, sir.