Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Breaking News! Tonight (9/29/15) was Akron's Downtown Cinema's Last Night - A Last Flash Report from Britt & Terry

Doc here...Well kids, the rumors were correct, and thanks to the many people who have e-mailed The Good Doctor in the last 2+ weeks, we can confirm (sadly) that Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema has reached the end of it's run at their current location.

Regular contributors Britt & Terry were on hand for the last night at the Downtown Adult Cinema, and have submitted the following report on it's swan song.

Here we go...



Britt and Terry here.

We can confirm the closing of the Akron Adult Cinema. Tonight was their last night of business. Unfortunately the city is once again forcing them out so they can build something. They did this once in the past to build a baseball stadium. They are looking for another place to move to, but have not had any luck yet.

Downtown Adult Cinema
(Now Closed)
Tonight was pretty busy thanks to a nice brunette lady who was happy to take care of all cummers behind the magic screen. She took care of at least 5 or 6 guys by my count as I couldn't stick around too long and had to leave before she finished.

A lot of memories behind that screen. Back when we were dating we didn't really have anywhere to go for fun. I had a roommate and she was living with her dad. So we would go there to have sex behind the screen when the theater was dead as she wasn't really into playing with others back then.

Even though we don't go there to play now, the place will be missed. Hopefully they find a new location AND learn some lessons from places like the Westwood, 15th Ave., Fantasyland, and The Art. It would be nice to have a good quality theater close by.

Till our next adventure.....

Britt & Terry


Doc here again... Many thanks to Britt & Terry for this report on the finale (hopefully just until they find a new location) of the Downtown Adult Cinema.  Fingers are crossed that the owners can find a new location soon and make some lemonade from lemons.


Upcoming Event! Promo Video for the Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party in Chicago on October 24th, 2015 @ 8PM! Hosted by Doc!

Doc here with a little visual morsel for you, the good readers of The Journal, to chew on a bit this morning.  Please enjoy the promo video for October 24th's HUGE Halloween Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater: Nightmare on 15th Avenue in Chicago.  If you enjoy the video, click the "Thumbs Up" button on the YouTube page.

This event, our 3rd annual Halloween Party, will take it to the next level.  The event will be highlighted by our Halloween costume contest, which will reward the Sexiest, Funniest, and Best Couples Costume

If you are attending, let your friends in the lifesytle know by clicking that you are attending:

So please join Doc, his lovely physician's assistant, and the great team at 15th Ave. Adult Theater for Nightmare on 15th Avenue, Saturday October 24th at 8pm.  


Monday, September 28, 2015

Breaking News! An International Lizardo Sighting! Scandal! Photographic Proof!

Doc here, a man who some say leaves his mark on the many cities and villages he visits, both domestic and international.  

As the international ambassador for this thing of ours, I spread the words of Lizardo. Those words are often peppered with harsh language and questionable advice, but in the end deliver solid adult theater know-how to both young and old.

This morning, I received a communique from the City of Lights, Paris. My senior reporter there, Deep Brie, came across yet another historic icon is this ancient city.   Deep Brie took the following photo and sent it to the news desk here at The Journal.

Photo Courtesy of Deep Brie
Paris, France 2015
Sure, the hairline is a little off, and the last time I wore pink frames on my aviators was in 1989.  However, it is unmistakable that the representation is of The Good Doctor. 

In Paris. 

With a Space Invader.

In looking at the background, I am pretty sure it is not in front of an adult theater, or even a high end lingerie shop.   Don't be fooled, dear readers. Having this image in front of those establishments is exactly what you would expect from The Good Doctor.  But that is not how this middle-aged Sicilian rolls... 

Expect the unexpected. 

Embrace the opposing school of thought. 

Even in The City of Lights.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Box Score! The Little Black Dress Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 9/226/15

Doc here, a man who some say has perfected the martial art of "Ga Fa", which is an Italian version of Tai Chi.  The main difference is the large amount of provolone cheese used in defensive postures.

Well kids, what a night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater!  It was a record-setter, and on top of that, the sexy vibe the entire night was incredible.

There will be reports on the way...But in the meantime, here is your day-after Box Score from the evening:

Little Black Dress Party @ 15th Ave.

99 Male/Female Couples
 2 Single Females
14 T-Gurls
 1 Hawaiian Eyeful

Stay tuned for reports...

Thanks to everyone who made this evening a night for the ages!


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Breaking News! Hawaiian Eyeful will be Attending the Little Black Dress Party TONIGHT at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago!

Doc here... The news embargo has been lifted on one of tonight's special guests at 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Little Black Dress Party.

On the Mount Rushmore of Legendary Ladies in This Thing of Ours, one of the spots is occupied by my good friend, the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful!  Her reports have been viewed collectively more than any other's on The Journal.

And tonight, coming all the way in from Portland, Oregon with her hubby, Mr. Eyeful, Hawaiian Eyeful will be getting her hula on in Chicago at 15th Ave. Adult Theater and the Little Black Dress Party!

I strongly suggest stopping by the event tonight, and checking out this huge adult theater event on Chicago's west side.  You just never know which legendary lady you might run into!


Hawaiian Eyeful Gallery
(Click Thumbnails to ENLARGE)

UPDATED 9/26 at 10AM! TONIGHT! The Little Black Dress Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. The Fun Starts @ 8pm!

UPDATED SATURDAY AT 10AM! Con permiso, dear readers. The hall is rented, the orchestra is engaged. It's now time to see if you can dance.

In a nutshell, here are the main points for tonight's LITTLE BLACK DRESS event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago!

  • First Time Couples and Single Females: Tours given between 8 and 9pm by Doc. Just ask for me...
  • Sexiest Little Black Dress Contest starts around 9:30pm. 
  • The event is BYOB. We provide mixers, ice, and cups. 
  • 15th Ave. Swag Bags for the first 50 male/female couples (with your paid admission - Sorry, no passes allowed at special events).
  • The party runs from 8pm to 1am. The theater and bookstore is open until 2am. 
  • Couple's and Single Females Preferred Parking in our rear lot (as space allows). Check with our parking staff upon arrival.

Look for my Tweet (@LizardoJournal) later this afternoon of a pic of the lovely Jen, my physician's assistant, and her outfit for tonight. Rumor has it that she is going slightly off-script.

And there may be a surprise attendee or two tonight as well... Maybe even someone familiar to regular Journal readers.

The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and ready to pick up the lovely Jen. I look forward to seeing everyone tonight at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago!


Updated 9/25 at 8AM:  Doc here and TOMORROW is Saturday's big Little Black Dress Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater!

The Good Doctor and the great staff at 15th Ave. are ready to party tomorrow night at the LBD Party! Our prep work is done, the Swag Bags complete, new wireless microphone system & new lights installed, and the Party Room is decorated. Now all we need is you!

My awesome physician's assistant, the lovely Jen, is super excited and her outfit drool-inducing. But don't take my word for it...Judge for yourself tomorrow night.  

The guest list RSVPs on SLS are filling up nicely, and there may be a surprise or two in the works on some party attendees. My lips are sealed, but it's going to be exciting if everything pans out for your old friend in the white suit and aviators. Real exciting!

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.



Lunar Update: Super Blood Moon Sunday Night!

Doc  here, a man who some say once helped develop a freeze-dried meatball recipe for use by the Apollo 8 astronauts, but was eventually replaced by Tang, with a rare lunar update for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Tomorrow evening (Sunday) around 10pm ET, the Super Blood Moon event occurs and a spectacle like the one to your left will greet your eyeballs.

The ancients called this event "Luna Sanguinem Lizardus" , or "The Blood Moon of Lizardo" , due to a little noticed crater formation.  True story.

So tomorrow night, when you are walking into (or out of) an adult theater, and you look up, The Good Doctor will be looking down upon you for this one night. 


Monday, September 21, 2015

Breaking News! 15th Ave. Adult Theater is now on Facebook!

Doc here, a man who some say has the ability to engage Plan 9, with a little bit of news from the social media front.

Up to now, your only real source of authorized information from 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago was from www.15thavetheater.com . But now there is a great alternative to the website for the latest from 15th Ave.

Yes, we are talking about 15th Avenue's new Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/15thaveadulttheater . Please "like" our new page there, and follow along with the latest news on events, photos, videos, and much more.

As time goes on, I will be fleshing out the page with more photos, videos, and event info.

Please check out https://www.facebook.com/15thaveadulttheater .  Doctor's orders!


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Box Score! A Record Setting Evening at The Art Cinema Back to School Party! With Pic!

Doc here, a man who some say gets further with a kind word and a cannoli, than with just a kind word, with news of a record setting event at the mighty Art Cinema's Back to School Party Saturday night, 9/19/15.

When all 50 Art Cinema Swag Bags were gone by 7:55pm (we started the event at 7pm) they knew this evening was going to be big.

It was an incredible night, with a terrific vibe inside the entire theater, from the main floor right up to the last row in the couple's VIP balcony.

(Journal Reporter Incognito's Date for
Back to School)
The naughty schoolgirl outfits worn by our female guests were hands down the best ones I have seen at any Back to School party I have hosted.  Thank you for the great effort you put into making them so awesome!

Big kudos to the entire team @ The Art Cinema. From security, to the adviser team, all the way up to the man in charge, Ernie, everyone did a great job with this record setting crowd.  

Here we go...Just how big a record did we set tonight?

Box Score: Back to School Party

Couples: 111
Single Females: 2

Stay tuned for reports on this crazy evening coming soon to The Journal!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Part 2 of The Long Awaited Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports (w/ 2 HARDCORE VIDEOS!)

Doc here again, a man who some say knows his way around a pair of Indian clubs, with Part 2 of The Mother of All Hawaiian Eyeful Reports.

In this sequel to Monday's incredible report, pics, and video, we will take a gander at two long form videos of the sexy and naughty Hawaiian Eyeful as she fucks and sucks to her little heart's delight with her boy toys.

In Part 1 of her report (available HERE), the Hawaiian Eyeful detailed her erotic adventure that started from a SLS Meet & Greet, and then ventured to an adult book store for the monkey business you can see in that report, and below.

And now for some insight on Hawaiian Eyeful... Yes, she is that wild in person!  She gives off a sexual energy that is really off the charts, and these two videos give you a sneak peak behind Ms. Eyeful's velvet curtain.

So kids, without further ado, here are the last two videos from this adventure, and they are AMAZING!


Part 2, The Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports - 
2 Videos!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

UPDATED 9/16 @8PM! Upcoming Event! CumSlutCharity at Bliss Theater & Arcade in Dallas, TX on Saturday 9/19 at 10PM Now with 14 PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say never spent any time on a cattle drive, has never worn a cowboy hat, and has never ridden a rode bull. But, I have spent plenty of time inside Dallas' adult theaters...

And the good news?  There is a new adult theater opening in Dallas: Bliss Theater & Arcade (map here) . (Note: This theater is the former Adult New Releases). 

This event functions as both a sneak preview for Bliss Theater, and as an adult theater event for CumSlutCharity.

Here are the details, courtesy of Xhozt:


Hello Doc, 

I wanted to drop you a line about a upcoming event in Dallas ...

First wanted to thank you for the years of great work you have done informing and getting people out to adult theaters . 

That being said would love to tell you about a little event going down in Dallas Saturday, September 19, 2015 ·10:00 PM – 1:00 AM .

Bliss Theater and Arcade (formerly Adult New Releases) 

9109 John W Carpenter Fwy. @ Regal Row (map here)
Dallas, TX

The lowdown is as follows from the good lady CumSlutCharity:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Part 1 of The Long Awaited Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports (w/6 PICS and 2 VIDEOS!)

Doc here, a man who some say once barrel jumped over 21 kegs during a meet in Lake Placid, NY in the late 1980's, only to be disqualified due to the fact he was pantless (thus reducing drag). His landings also were described as "devastating" by the few reporters in attendance.

Well kids, the moment many of you have been waiting for: The Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports. And trust me, it has been worth the wait. 

In the Mount Rushmore of Adult Theater Women, no matter what the argument is for the other three positions, taking her place on it would undoubtedly be my good friend, Hawaiian Eyeful. This Northwest beauty, with her knockout looks and body made to sin again and again, is back and better than ever in this report. 

The Good Doctor's report and photo shoot with her is the #2 ranked report of all time here at The Journal (you can check it out by clicking here). It has been viewed over 130,000 times since it was published late last Fall. And something tells me this will be viewed just as many times. 

In this, Part 1 of The Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports, you'll get the full report on her escapades, 6 brand new exclusive pics from this encounter, and two videos.  In Part 2, you will get the remaining 3 videos, and they are nothing short of amazing.

And before you ask me, yes, she really is that incredible. 

Fasten your seat belts, and hide the faint of heart.  This report could be hazardous to your pants (and panties).

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

We joined SLS, a site for like-minded people who enjoy this thing of ours where we can meet not only couples but single men. A different venue in itself which brings a variety of men that otherwise might not meet me at an adult theater or ABS. After viewing their bios and pics, many which are body shots only, we made arrangements to meet with a few men at the next local SLS Meet N Greet nearby.

Here is my report...
Hawaiian Eyeful 1
It was 7:00 pm on a Saturday night and we headed out to meet up with Leon and Mr. S. As we drove to our destination for our newest encounters, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. 30 Minutes later we arrived at our destination, walked into the establishment and headed to the bar. 

As we approached to order our drinks, I noticed a gentleman walking our way. I knew without even seeing his face, he was Leon. Making a quick introduction, we placed our drink order and proceeded to a table. Leon took the seat closest to me. Scooting my chair closer, I placed my hand on Leon’s cock to get a feel of his tool. It was hard and ready. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Field Report! Hugh Johnson on a New LA Adult Theater! Romantix near Dodger Stadium!

Doc here, a man who some say once dressed as Spiderman on Hollywood Blvd., but was thrown out since Spiderman apparently doesn't have an Italian accent, with a Field Report from the City of Angels.

New contributor Hugh Johnson has submitted a nice Field Report on this good news from LA.

Take it away, sir!



Romantix, a chain I am sure you are familiar with for their adult sex shops and video arcades, has taken over what used to be Le Sex Shop in the Glassell Park/Atwater Village part of Los Angeles. The actual address is 3147 N San Fernando Rd 90065, and it is very near to Dodger Stadium. This location not only features the 1 man video booths (no holes, all separate), 2 or 3 person preview booths (not sure how much play they tolerate there, but they are definitely sized for 2 or more patrons), and 2 "theaters".
Los Angeles, CA

These theaters are about the size of a nice living room, with 6 loose chairs, a couch that can seat 3, and what must be meant as some sort of privacy booth in back. The walls are all black and it is dark. There is a bigger than 65" HD flat screen on one wall, and there is 1 straight and 1 gay porn theater.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The Adventurous MD Couple Hits the Pegasus Adult Theater in Raleigh, NC (w/6 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say once dressed as a crab cake for Halloween (no fly on the outfit proved to be problematic), with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report from the Adventurous MD Couple

The AMDC hit the Pegasus Adult Theater in Raleigh, NC for a little R&R, and came away with a hot adventure and tale to tell. 

And 6 HOT pics from this trip...

Here we go...Take it away, kids!


The travels of MD Adventurous Couple took us to Raleigh NC this past holiday weekend for three days of R&R. Despite extensive efforts to try and meet single males and couples while we were in Raleigh, things didn’t quite work out the way we hoped however, Ms. Adventurous Couple did get to experience some hot southern hospitality during our visit.
Pegasus Adult Theater
Raleigh, NC
Our long weekend kicked off with a nice visit from a BBC to our hotel room as a wakeup call on Friday morning and ended with a visit to the Pegasus Adult Theater on Sunday evening. Though Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was expecting a three pack of BBC for breakfast on Friday, one gentleman did actually make it to the hotel and treated her to a nice morning wake-up call. 

Adventurous MD Couple
After bringing her to an orgasm with his tongue, Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was fucked hard and then proceeded to give her BBC a nice blowjob which culminated in a spray of cum over her tongue, lips and chin. What a great way to wake up and start the weekend.

Sunday evening we made our way to the Pegasus Adult Theater. We had been communicating online with several males and couples about our visit and had hoped that we might meet a nice group of folks to play with at the theater. The Pegasus is actually located along a very nice stretch of Glenwood Avenue, mixed in very discreetly with a variety of upscale stores that front the road. The parking lot was fenced in and spacious with very conspicuous signs advising that sitting in the car is not allowed by the Raleigh Police Department. 

UPDATED! Visit Announcement! TONIGHT!!! The C.E.O. (Cum Executive Officer) Visits 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago at 9PM! (w/PICS!)

UPDATED Saturday at 1PM: Doc here...Well, last night The C.E.O. ran wild at CTs Adult Theater and it was a sight to behold.  It was a great turnout and thanks to the guys who enjoyed the evening with us.

And TONIGHT, The C.E.O. take her talents to South Beach Chicago and 15th Ave. Adult Theater. Our ETA tonight will be around 8:30pm.

Do not miss your chance to enjoy a movie or two with one of the legendary ladies of this thing of ours, The C.E.O. (Cum Executive Officer)!


Doc here with a special Visit Announcement for Saturday Night, Sept. 12th at 9pm at Chicago's 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Visit Announcement! The C.E.O. Visits CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN Friday Night 9/11 at 8PM (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a special Visit Announcement for TONIGHT, September 11th at 8pm!

TONIGHT at CT's Adult Theater in Gary, Indiana, the legendary The C.E.O. (Cum Executive Officer) will be stopping by looking for the biggest BBCs she can find, as well as the biggest BWCs as well.  The Good Doctor will be their escort for the evening, and we will look forward to seeing everyone for a great night!

For those in the know, The C.E.O. is a very naughty little minx, and a real smoke show in the looks department. She is one of the most popular women in this thing of ours, and on my site.  Do not miss this chance to meat meet this legendary lady!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Breaking News! Is Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema Closing at the End of the Month?

Doc here with a call for assistance from you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

I received a tip earlier this evening that one of Ohio's legendary adult theaters, the Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron was closing at the end of September.  I have only heard this from one regular contributor (thanks for the heads up, T2Please). 

Here is my ask of you, dear readers.  If you have been there recently, or have called there recently and gotten this info from the staff at the Downtown Adult Cinema (their phone number is (330) 762-7919), please drop The Good Doctor an e-mail at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com with the subject line AKRON.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Smut for a Labor Day Weekend: Working It HARD Edition with 30 Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say forms in a straight line and goes through a tight wind, and maybe is losing his mind, with a special Labor Day Edition of Smut for a Sunday Evening.  My name is Emilio, and I'll be taking your drink orders...

In this "Working It Hard" edition of SFASE, I went through a few hundred images that showcase the work hard/play hard approach demonstrated by many of the legendary ladies of this thing of ours.

Whether it's in an adult theater, a gloryhole booth, dogging in the countryside, or in a boutique hotel, these ladies are working it. 

As always with these images, please click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE the pics.  Trust me, you'll want to.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend as I sit back, relax, and enjoy Bloody Mary #4. 


Smut for a Labor Day Weekend: Working It Hard Edition

Flash Report! Dave Scajaquada Hits Video Liquidators #3 in Buffalo, NY on 9/3/15

Doc here, a man who some say still longs for a sausage and peppers sandwich on Hertel Avenue during the Italian Fest, with a special Flash Report from my old stomping grounds of Western New York. 

New contributor to The Journal, Dave Scajaquada, has filed this detail-packed report from Buffalo's Video Liquidators #3 (address in the adult theater dB) from this past Thursday night. 

It's good to see a little home cooking.  The Buffalo/WNY adult theater scene was robust when I was a "yout", with many a night spent at places like the Capri Art, the Niagara Falls Cinema, and my favorite, Good Time Charlies.  Charlie's 24/7 setup, very play friendly environment, and ABS/mini theater (with 60+ seats) was a pre-cursor to the setup of many newer adult theaters. The Good Doctor played hard and often at Charlie's as a young spud.

Today, my old home town has two adult theaters of note: Talk of the Town Video in Niagara Falls, and Video Liquidator's #3 on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo, NY. I know both theaters very well, but the action has been subdued from what I am hearing from my paesans back home. I hope this report from Dave Scajaquada  is a) an indication of an improvement  in the scene there, and b) the first of many reports from both Dave and other Journal scribes.  

So ladies and gentlemen, put down your chicken wings and beef on weck, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this first report from Dave Scajaquada.


Greetings Doc, from your old stomping grounds of Western New York. I've been a long-time reader of the Journal, and events of this week inspired me to write you for the first time.

This past Thursday night, I paid a visit to Video Liquidators on Elmwood Avenue. I've been popping into VL to partake in "this thing of ours" off and on for the better part of 15 years, and although week nights are generally a dead time, my lower brain got the best of me and I decided to swing by.
Video Liquidators #3
Buffalo, NY

One interesting development in Buffalo is that the area around this store is changing. The store is an old warehouse, and many of the businesses in the immediate area were industrial (or, as is too often the case in Buffalo, closed formerly industrial buildings). 

However, what once was a discount furniture warehouse next door has been replaced with a fairly upscale boutique hotel, a welcome development not just from an aesthetic point of view, but from the possibilities for meeting/play with one of the (if not the) largest adult theaters in Buffalo right next door. This becomes important later.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Visit Announcement! Candi O at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago TONIGHT (Friday) around 9:30pm! (w/PICS)

Doc here with a Visit Announcement that you do not want to miss!

My good friend Candi O will be visiting 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago TONIGHT (Friday 9/4) starting around 9:30pm.  She plans on taking in a movie or two, and it would be nice if she had some company. 

To those who do not know Candi O, she is a legendary lady within this thing of ours.  Her southern charm is only matched by her hotness.  She has visited some of the biggest and best adult theaters in the country, and tonight it's 15th Ave's turn to welcome her and her hubby to Chicago.

Do not miss Candi O's visit tonight kids... Trust me.  I'm a Doctor.

Here are a couple of pics courtesy of Ms. O (as in "Oh my"...Enjoy.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flash Report! Mr. C Hits Playtime Boutique in New Hampton, NY on 8/31/15 and Conducts a Little R&D

Doc here, a man who some say never got sand kicked in his face at the beach, with an outstanding Flash Report from new contributor to The Journal, Mr. C

Mr. C hit Playtime Boutique in New Hampton, NY (address and info in the database) yesterday, 8/31/15, and has submitted this report.  The report highlights the Golden Rule of adult theaters, and one I have been preaching since launching this blog in 2009:

Be patient in an adult theater. Being patient will eventually yield the experience that you want, and well as the people you interact with.

This rule is one that I have to remind myself of once in awhile when ready to call it a short night (or afternoon). And you know what?  It works... 

You know that feeling as you drive away from an adult theater? The feeling that 15 minutes after you left a hot couple or single female walked into your favorite adult theater? Exercise the Golden Rule and you might be there to catch the scene.

Mr. C did.

Without further ado, please welcome to The Journal, Mr. C!


Hi Doc,

After seeing you enjoyed the pictures I had sent, I began to think about checking on the Playtime Boutique in New Hampton, NY that you graciously put into the database!

I was in the area yesterday and as such decided to pay a visit. Now, it was only around 12 noon or so and a weekday so my hopes of finding a couple there weren't really high, but, ya never know. I walked in (clerk is extremely friendly), paid my fee and asked if there were any single ladies or couples in the booth area. He said no not yet, but, sometimes we know this can be a waiting game. 

Playtime Boutique
New Hampton, NY
I went into the back, and as usual for that time of day there were mainly gay and/or Bi men. Now, as they said in "Seinfeld" , "not that there's anything wrong with that" lol, it's simply not my thing. I hung around for about 20 minutes and watched a few videos during that time. So, feeling unlucky I decided to come back another time. 

As I left the back through the curtains hung there, I walked into a couple who were obviously looking for such a place but were unsure as to whether to venture forward. The guy was a fairly big guy and the lady was a very curvaceous woman. I'll call them R&D.