Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Breaking News! Tonight (9/29/15) was Akron's Downtown Cinema's Last Night - A Last Flash Report from Britt & Terry

Doc here...Well kids, the rumors were correct, and thanks to the many people who have e-mailed The Good Doctor in the last 2+ weeks, we can confirm (sadly) that Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema has reached the end of it's run at their current location.

Regular contributors Britt & Terry were on hand for the last night at the Downtown Adult Cinema, and have submitted the following report on it's swan song.

Here we go...



Britt and Terry here.

We can confirm the closing of the Akron Adult Cinema. Tonight was their last night of business. Unfortunately the city is once again forcing them out so they can build something. They did this once in the past to build a baseball stadium. They are looking for another place to move to, but have not had any luck yet.

Downtown Adult Cinema
(Now Closed)
Tonight was pretty busy thanks to a nice brunette lady who was happy to take care of all cummers behind the magic screen. She took care of at least 5 or 6 guys by my count as I couldn't stick around too long and had to leave before she finished.

A lot of memories behind that screen. Back when we were dating we didn't really have anywhere to go for fun. I had a roommate and she was living with her dad. So we would go there to have sex behind the screen when the theater was dead as she wasn't really into playing with others back then.

Even though we don't go there to play now, the place will be missed. Hopefully they find a new location AND learn some lessons from places like the Westwood, 15th Ave., Fantasyland, and The Art. It would be nice to have a good quality theater close by.

Till our next adventure.....

Britt & Terry


Doc here again... Many thanks to Britt & Terry for this report on the finale (hopefully just until they find a new location) of the Downtown Adult Cinema.  Fingers are crossed that the owners can find a new location soon and make some lemonade from lemons.