Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flash Report: Twin Cinemas At Buford Highway by Tom Austin

Doc here with a quality (as we now expect from him) Flash Report from regular Journal contributor, Tom Austin. Tom travels extensively throughout the USA (as his logo cleverly points out), and is providing us with the latest from this thing of ours.

This report from Atlanta (actually Doraville, right outside Atlanta) and the venerable Twin Cinemas At Buford Highway (formerly Buford Highway Twin Cinema).  This theater was closed for the better part of two years before new ownership took over and re-opened last Labor Day weekend.

OK, the table is set, and the appetizers have been ordered...Here is Tom Austin's terrific report:


As the Good Doctor has often reminded us, "take it slow, and good things will happen". This was my experience earlier this week at the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta when a really hot, fun couple joined the few of us who remained on the late shift.

This theater itself is the classic suburban format built in the late 70's or early 80's. Each of the two theaters has seats to hold at least 200 people and is still in a very clean, respectable condition, showing only strength movies. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, and an overall plus to the operation. Couples are always admitted free and there is a couples-only section in theater #1 of about six rows, although a couple can invite a single guy to join them if they wish. The video quality and sound are excellent, and the porn being shown on this night was really strong.

Twin Cinemas At Buford Highway
Doraville (Atlanta), GA
The crowd was the usual 50/50 mix of guys wanting to fondle other guys and bulls who wanted to fondle or play with couples. Like at most xxx theaters, the two groups seemed to respect the other's distance and desires. It was a small crowd and had dwindled down to only about five guys when "the couple" strolled in about 11pm.

They entered theater #1 like veterans, walking briskly to the couples-only section and taking seats near the aisle. They recognized one of the guys ( a really tall and large man) and asked him to watch their backs and keep the small group of remaining guys at a reasonable distance. They had their plans and how they wanted to play. After only a few minutes they then moved to the back row of the dimly lit theater, keeping their body guard with them. Then the lady sat down in her partner's lap and the fun began.

She wanted to be watched, opening her legs widely while she and her man took turns playing with her exposed pussy. It was a beautiful sight to see, with light brown curly hairs framing her exposed cunt. I can describe this in detail because the man had opened his cell phone and used the light to show us her pussy and how much she liked to be played in public. They wanted no partners, just to drive her clit crazy while the small group of us watched and stroked ourselves. Slowly, we all moved in for a closer look. It probably took 25 minutes or so for the group of us to get within a few feet of their action as the couple got more and more comfortable with the scene and mix of guys. She was getting into it as well, asking us if we could tell how juicy her cunt was and if we could smell her.

Then the moment was broken by one of the older back-row guys who decided to drop his pants to ask her for a BJ. No class, no style, and pushing forward through two other guys to make his pitch. She said "no" once, then twice, and finally a third time, when her man said they needed to go outside for a smoke and would be right back. Turn up the lights - the party was over.

How many times have I seen some guy who probably had too much to drink or with nothing but rookie-moves ruin an otherwise fun night at the xxx movies. Couples do not go to adult theaters to have sex with guys - they only go to enjoy their fantasies and passions, which occasionally might lead to sex with a guy. But it is always about their pleasure, not yours.

I wonder if they are always there late on Wednesday nights?


Doc here again... I am very glad to hear that things are ramping up at the TCABH (I'm in an acronym mood this morning here in The Valley). Hopefully Tom can make a return visit to TCABH and pick up where he left off (hopefully sans drunk old guy ruining the fun).

Tom makes a great point... This thing of ours is all about the pleasure of the couples.  Guys who do not understand this are a liability to the rest of who "get it".  And the damage one bad apple can make can ruin the time investment by everyone who does "get it".

Thanks again Tom...You are batting 1000%.

Do you have a report from a recently visited adult theater visit?  Just e-mail that ruggedly handsome Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and polish your words.  You supply the raw material.  It's easy. 

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.