Monday, April 29, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux & Lil Slut @ The Gulf Coast Theater (w/ 14 PICS!)

Doc here with a real treat to start your work week... A brand new Couple's Flash Report from The Bayou Boudreaux.

Great stuff as always from this Southern gentleman and his girl... And all pics are from Saturday night (click to ENLARGE)!



Hello Good Doctor,

As promised, I took the lil slut to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS. Thanks you’re your help getting the word out, the crowd was there. I know at least three that showed up as a result of your posting. The parking lot was full and we had to get creative just to park!

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
We arrived at the theater a little later than usual but lil slut was ready for some action. We grabbed our drinks, entered the theater and took our seats on the comfy sofa. We noticed another sitting towards the front center of the theater. They were just talking….so far.

We settled in, watched a bit of the movie, surveying the crowd, seeing some of the regulars, shaking hands, lil slut giving hugs and gropes. Just a very short while later, my hand drifted to lil sluts leg and began pushing her skirt up exposing her bald pussy for all to see. I began diddling her clit while fingering her pussy and the crowd gathered! A little playing with her pussy and she was ready for hard cock. 

Lil Slut and friend
Lil slut picked a nice black cock for her first load and it was on! She worked the cock like the slut she is, and gobbled his load of cum. She motioned for her next cock, a regular, she planted her lips on his BBC, working her magic. Once hard, he spun her around, and pounded her pussy until lil slut got her second load. A gentleman jumped in to eat her freshly fucked pussy, hands were groping her tits, lil slut was moaning and from the sounds, I believe she was enjoying herself.

Lil slut sat up, motioned for another regular to come over and feed her. He readily obliged and she went to work on his hard cock, finishing with her guzzling another load of cum. Another cock fill her mouth and again, lil slut did her thing and took another load of cum down her throat.

We noticed the other lady had moved and was working on a cock down towards the front. It was hard to see with so many people around, but it appeared she was having a good time. She ended up sucking about three or four cocks before she left.

Lil slut was still working cocks, they kept coming and she kept working them to completion. A couple of guys laid her back and pounded her pussy.  She rested for a bit, hydrated, then back to the reason she was there, to suck cock and guzzle cum.

Another couple came in and we made room for them on the couch where we were sitting. After a brief introduction, lil slut began gobbling his cock, and I began playing with his hot girl. She was a thin brunette, great tits and a silky smooth mouth. She also knew how to work a cock. Just about the time lil slut got her reward of hot jizz down her throat, I unloaded in our new friends mouth. It was quite the sight, both girls chugging cum and licking the cocks clean.

They almost immediately got up and left. Another regular came in, lil slut calls him “her cowboy”, he always wears a cowboy hat. She called him over, she loves his cock, and sucked him down as deep as she could, getting him hard. He pulled her up, bent her over and plowed his thick cock in her pussy, pounding away and lil slut began moaning and taking the cock like the slut she is. He actually came back later in the evening for another round of cock sucking and pussy pounding action and lil slut loved every second of it.

Yet another couple came in, a tall, short haired blond and her guy. They sat right in front of us and began playing right away. The guy got up and ‘offered’ her to others. Well Doc, lil slut loves pussy almost as much as cock so she jumped between those legs and went to town. There was a cock in the tall blondes mouth and she was working it for all it was worth. Lil slut loved the pussy action and from all the sounds the blonde was making, she was having a great time too! I put my cock in the blondes mouth and she was sucking my cock like a pro. She has a warm, wet mouth made for taking cock. Surprisingly, her guy said ‘let’s go’, and they got up and left. But there were still a few hard cocks left, and lil slut wasn’t going to leave without trying to get them all.

More cocks, more action, and lil slut gulped down more loads of sticky goo. My last count was 18 blow jobs, 5 fucking and one pussy eating. I lost count when I lost my pen somewhere, but it was well over 20 loads of cum my lil cum slut took down her throat.

We’re relaxing today, hopefully we’ll be planning another trip soon!
Bayou Boudreaux

BB & Lil Slut Gallery From Saturday Night (Click to ENLARGE)



Doc here again... A huge thank you goes out to The Bayou Boudreaux and his muse, Lil Slut, for a great report and gallery of pics!  Looks like a great night for all at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater.  And a thank you to the folks who attended who saw the announcement here and mentioned it to BB.

If you were there, and would like to submit a quick report, please e-mail me at