Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Call For Reports!

Doc here... Well kids, it's time to get serious.  Over the past two weeks, adult theater reports have dropped to a trickle.  Aside from reports from Bob in Biloxi, Moaning Lisa, GT, C&R, floyd, JaxBchBum, and Liz, I am getting very little.  Thank God the reporters above have submitted some terrific Flash Reports.

Brent in Portland writes undoubtedly the top reports in this thing of ours.  His Yahoo Group, Brents Theater Tails, has an archive of the best adult theater reports from the best reporter. I will be more proactive in posting his reports on The Journal, starting Monday.  Why?  If his reports don't inspire you to visit an adult theater and file a report, nothing will.

The lifeblood of The Journal are your reports. If they stop coming in, we are in big trouble. In the history of The Journal, over 60 unique reporters have submitted reports.  There is no reason to stop now, since the adult scene is as good now as it's been in years.

As a reminder, I am also in need of Blasts From The Past reports.  These are reports illustrating visits you may have had a year ago, 5 years ago, 20 years ago... And to be honest, these are my favorite reports.  I am sure many of you who are of the same vintage as The Good Doctor may agree with me.

And to the 60+ reporters out there with The Journal on your resume, dust off your reporters notebook and punch in.  You are on the clock.

Please send your reports to

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to yell at some kids to get off my lawn.

Thanks for your time,

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 10/22/11

Doc here with this week's "Cruising The Coast With Bob In Biloxi". Besides maybe Albert Pujols, not one has been hotter streak than our good friend Bob.   When you are in the zone, the game comes to you, and this has been the case with Bob.

What does this week bring?  Here is Bob...


Hey Doc,

Well it was another one of those strange nights here on the beautiful Gulf Coast. There was hardly any traffic (that includes the happy fellas too). It was a dead night.

First up was an attractive blonde lady who reminded me of a student worker I had once. She was a hottie in her 30’s, blonde shoulder length hair, ample and I do mean ample tits (d cups). Their modus operandi is to show off and then take whomever they pick back to their hotel room while he videos her talent and naughtiness (yes I have that “T” shirt).

Gulf Coast Theater, Biloxi, MS

She was naked in the booth and kept opening the door and standing in the hallway while he took pictures, but wouldn’t play through the hole, so after awhile it became boring and I left to go to the theater.

As I pulled into the lot, I noticed the cars were very sparse. I walked in and spoke to the clerk who told me the whole day had been a bust, but a couple had just arrived. So in the theater I went - no couple. I came back out and told him there was no couple inside. He told me that they just went in, well they must have seen an nearly empty theater and simply walked right out the back door.

I went back down to the ABS and walked back to the arcade, sure enough they were there! Another blonde lady maybe in her 50’s(?).  Blue jeans (damn) and her man were just walking around looking into the different booths. In this arcade its one price for admission but the channels don’t change. So if your into gay, you pick a gay booth, if not, you hunt a straight booth. Well I knew what booths were playing regular porn so I made eye contact and jumped into one playing girl/guy and they came in the one next to me.
Bob in Biloxi
He pulled her pants down and proceeded to shine her up as I watched through the hole. A finger tap to the hole and I fed my cock through.  It was one of those lick-jack-lick-jobs that really suck, but hey, that was the only game in town tonight. Finally I sprayed her down, said thank you and left.

It was only 10:00pm as I started home, my two hour drive was at least met with light traffic. About 11:00pm and halfway home I got a call from one of the lookout posts and said a smoking hot brunette and her man had just arrived and went in the theater. From all accounts she ran the house and left a bunch of guys panting for air. Just goes to show you, if you think something is not happening, think again. My loss, maybe I will get lucky enough to meet up with them again?

And that Doc is why you are getting this early bird report! Two weeks to P-Town, and can not wait!!



Doc here again... Thanks again to Bob for his usual top-shelf report and review... I agree with Bob, in that one must remember their adult theater fundamentals (even the veterans of this thing of ours need to). Rule #1 is always BE PATIENT. Let the game come to you...

I was thinking that I should produce a document that is the size of a business card, with all the fundamentals list on it.  You cold then print it out at home, slip it into your wallet, and have it on for an easy reference.  What do you think?

By the way, I really need some adult theater reports.  The refrigerator is empty, and our extended family is hungry.  Reports can be sent to me at