Monday, April 18, 2011

Crusing The Coast With Bob in Biloxi - Saturday 4/16/2011

You know him, you love him...It's Bob in Biloxi with this week's "Cruising The Coast...".  Things have been been spotty since the start of Lent, so let's see if things are picking up for Bob...


Hi Doc,

Bob here from the beautiful Gulf Coast. Things are still somewhat slow prior to Lent, but we did have two couples in the house at the Gulf Coast Theater.

Bob in Biloxi
One attractive lady, I judge to be in her 40’s about 5’1”/5’3” strawberry blonde hair, and her man graced our presence Saturday night. She was dressed in Capri style jeans and a pullover top. She stayed very close to her man, as they were obviously “newbie’s” to the scene. And for the most part they were left alone to enjoy the show. The usual suspects were standing in the aisle, still haven’t figured out why they do that, but at least a couple of them were standing out of their line of vision and behind their row of seats. They stayed for about an hour until a knucklehead moved in a sat right beside the woman and pulled his dick out. That did it and they were history.

Later on, one of the vulture club members came back and told me he hooked up with them and was getting busy down on the beach when another member of the vulture club showed up and ruined it for him. Seems there might be a lesson in there somewhere, but I’m not the teacher. I don’t think, however, that the lesson was learned.

Just saying, some people got kicked out of school for a reason, and these two may have been a perfect example.

Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
Earlier in the evening an older couple showed up and was playing with a few, but that’s before I got there and no details were given except that they did play.

Meanwhile, down at the ABS, a blonde lady showed up, she was wearing a short black cocktail dress and a red blazer. She didn’t have stockings on, so I assuming she was without the pussy cover? Her and her man chose a booth with no holes and proceeded to rattle and shake the partitions’ of the booth. So I can only assume again, that a good time was had inside. They didn’t stick around long after that, so maybe this was her baptism? At any rate, I do hope they return.

That’s about it for Saturday night. I may go again before gas is ten dollars a gallon, but for sure after Easter weekend.



Doc here again... Thanks again to senior reporter Bob in Biloxi for his usual outstanding work. 

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