Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flash Report: Hey Joe Reports on The Green Door in Peoria, IL

Doc here with another first-time Flash Report from new contributor, Hey Joe. Joe did some homework and set up an encounter at The Green Door in Peoria, IL with a couple he found on Craigslist. 

Here is Hey Joe and his report...


Hi Doc,

I'd like to submit a Flash Report, but I don't know if it's exactly appropriate because of the circumstances of how the encounter came about and the fact that the place really isn't an adult theatre (just an adult book store with booths and some private rooms). 

Anyway the encounter happened at The Green Door located at 2610 West Farmington Road, Peoria, IL 61604 (if you want to add it to your database).

The Green Door
Peoria, IL
Anyway some back story for you.  Monday morning I was looking on Craigslist and saw a w4m post inquiring about the glory holes in the area.  All of the Peoria ABS's used to have glory holes at one time but city ordnance has cracked down and the day of the glory holes in Peoria is sadly gone. 

I sent a nice e-mail responding to this ad letting her know that none of the ABS's in Peoria had glory holes any longer and that her closest bet would be DejaVu in Springfield.  A few booths with glory holes as well as a small theatre.  If she wanted to stick with Peoria she would probably have to settle with sex/playing in the booths, and I suggested either Swingers World or Brown Bag Video if she decided to stay in Peoria. 

I went ahead and sent her picture and asked her to let me know what she decided to do as I would
like to look for her depending where she decided to go.  I was surprised to get an answer back less than hour later.  She complemented me on my cock and told me there her boyfriend really wanted to see her get fucked in an adult book store and that they would maybe be going on Friday afternoon if I was interested.  I answered her back saying that I was definitely interested and to keep me informed. 

On Wednesday she tells me that she and her boyfriend are going to get a private room at the Green Door on Friday at 12:30.  I had used the arcade/booths at the Green Door before $5 set fee for all day but had never been into one of there private rooms before, but I emailed her back and let her know that I would most definitely be there.  My lunch break is normally 12 to 1, but I arranged for a long lunch going from 12:15 to 1:45. 

I arrived at the Green Door at 12:35 on Friday there were a number of cars in the parking lot.  I went up to the desk and ask the clerk for a private room.  At first the guy tried to sell me an admission to the booth area I don't know if he was trying to cock block me or what but I was adamant that no I wanted a private room. The private rooms were $6 for 2 hours, you got to pick a DVD from the selection to watch in your room.  I paid my $6 and was buzzed into the private area. 

I had room F.  As I enter the private area I begin to scope out the lay of the land.  There were 6 rooms in the private area each with a small couch a TV and a DVD player.  I can here moaning from the back.  As I get to the back I see room F my room and room E already occupied but with the door open.  I peek through the door and there is a couple.  She's middle aged, cute, skinny, with short dark
hair.  She's wearing a denim skirt that is already pushed up exposing her bare pussy and tank top type shirt that is pulled down exposing her right breast.  The guy is also middle aged kind of heavy set with a short buzz cut. He is playing with her nipple with one hand rubbing her clit with the other. 

I step into the room and introduce myself just in case these aren't the people from the ad.  I say "Hi, I'm Joe" and the man answers with "I know".  She just smiles and moans a little more as he continues to rub her clit.  I proceed to get down on my knees and move in to lick that yummy pussy of hers.  I then begin fingering her with one hand as I lick her tasty pussy and with the other I fondle the breast that her man isn't playing with.  She is very vocal ask if I like that pussy and how that pussy tastes.  I am heartily express my pleasure to her. 

He stands up and starts taking pictures as I continue pleasuring that pretty pussy of hers.  After awhile I can feel her pussy tighten down around my fingers as she cums in mouth.  I then stand up drop trow and produce a condom.  I pull her to the edge of the couch and enter her. Her pussy is very tight and I pound away at it.  All the while her man continue snapping away pictures and she and I continue with the sex talk "Your pussy is so fucking good, etc".

Because of the angle we are at I am having a bit of trouble.  So I pull out and kneel down and lick her again to get her good and wet.  I then have her turn around and begin fucking her from behind.  I'm pounding away at that tight little pussy and her man comes up next to me and says you can fuck her ass if you want. 

This gets her going "Yes, fuck my tight little ass."  I was honestly a little worried because I didn't have any lube but they seemed to both want it.  I stuck my two fingers in my mouth got them wet and rubbed them around her asshole.  I then pulled out my cock and spit in my hand and rub the spit over it.  I slid into her tight ass.  She gasped as I pushed in but took it like a champ. I fucked her in her tight ass for a couple of minutes her moaning like crazy and him snapping away with pics.  I grunted and filled up my condom.  

We got dressed and I thanked them both for a wonderful time.  She was dressed quicker than I, and they left a bit ahead of me.  I know I'm going back in the future and using those private rooms in hopes of coming upon a couple like to go to the ABS to get it on.

Well Doc, like I said not really a theatre encounter and it was kind of set up ahead of time on Craigslist.  Not sure if it's right for your blog but it was my first sexual encounter at an ABS/theatre.  I had gone a few times hoping for some action with no luck.  I know I'll keep at and maybe with some luck I'll happen upon some spontaneous fun someday in the future.



Doc here again... Nicely done Hey Joe!  While The Green Door doesn't have a theater per se, it does have a lively (apparently) video arcade/private room area.  Keep the reports coming Joe.

Do you have an adult theater report for The Good Doctor?  Just e-mail me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will put the report together for you.  If you have never submitted a report before, just give me a pen name as well.


Flash Report: Paesan Jimmy Reports On Bizzare Times in Houston, TX

Doc here with a first time report from the newest contributor to the Journal, Paesan Jimmy. It's good to another paesan here @ The Journal, and Jimmy fits the bill.  Our homeland would be proud of us, Jimmy!

Now here is the twist... Jimmy reports from Houston.  I have been to Houston many times over the years on business, and there is one thing that is certain: There are not many paesans in Houston.  Back east, back in my old neighborhood in NY, we are the norm.  In Houston, we are as rare as snowballs in Hell and we stand out like sore thumbs.  Trust me on this.

Translation: Jimmy is a stand up guy in my book. A paesan in Texas is no easy task.  So sit back and enjoy Jimmy's first report here at Il Mondo The Journal:


Howdy Doc,

I'm not what people would consider a 'lucky guy'. For the past decade, I have scoured the internet looking for free strange, but with little success. I must say, my lack of initial success made me feel distraught, but I recently had an interesting experience at the adult theaters.

Bizzare Times
5727 Richmond, Houston
You see, I live in Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world. Our city is also known for having one of the most robust sex markets in the United States. Our streets are littered with streetwalkers, strip clubs, massage parlors, Mexican cantinas, escort agencies, modeling studios, and the like. However, I did not know that our city was also home to several adult bookstores, including one very popular local chain, Bizarre Times.

As I previously stated, I had never heard of this place. A friend of mine sent me an email with a link to a Craigslist add. The ad was by a couple looking for volunteers willing to fuck a mystery woman called "Sue". I figured I should go and try it out for myself.

I was told that they typically start at 8PM. Being an early bird, I went ahead and decided to arrive by 7:30. I entered the store, paid my seven bucks to enter the theater, bought some condoms, and entered the abyss. Luckily, I was the first guy. Well, the first straight guy. As I walked in, I was mobbed by homos of all shapes, colors, and ages. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against gays; I just exclusively love pussy!

I take my seat and begin to notice other guys trickle in through the theater. Many were black, but there were also some young fellows, and white guys too. They all seemed friendly and inquired as to whether or not it was my first time at the theaters. I guess they could smell my fear! I answered 'yes', and they all laughed and assured me I would have an excellent time.

Bizzare Times
Theater Area
Then, a mysterious couple walked into the theater area. They were both wearing sunglasses in the dimly lit section of the store. Guess who? It was Sue and her hubby!! They went straight to the two-sided glory hole booth. Hubby punched in a security code and gained access to the booths. His wifey then walked in and began prepping herself.

Mr. Sue walked into the adjacent booth and set up a camera and tripod. I guess these freaks like to make their own porno!! Anyway, after thirty minutes of setup, they were ready for visitors. First, two black guys walked in. They fucked the shit out of her. Lucky, big-dicked bastards! Next, a couple of hillbilly types went in and fucked the shit out of her. After 30 minutes, I realized everybody had cut me in line!! Bear in mind, I was the first to arrive!! I guess I got too caught up in the show!!!

I assumed my position in line and started to talking to some people. They were all pretty friendly. Finally, it was my turn. By that point, she was taking guys 2 at a time, so I was paired up with a black dude. We went in, suited up, and started getting our knobs polished. Then, the black dude offered me that pussy first, and I leaped at the opportunity. As I entered her, I could feel a river of cum in her pussy. You see, she fucks guys without rubbers. But, I ain't taking that chance.

I fucked her for a few minutes, then busted my load in the cover. The black dude followed up and did the same. We left the booth and sat down to watch the porno flick on the screen. We stayed until 1am, and it looked as if she had fucked about 30 guys by night's end. What a naughty girl!

I left feeling good. I was finally able to score some free pussy in one of America's most robust pussy markets!

Paesan Jimmy


Doc here again... Excellent job Paesan Jimmy!  Lots of good detail, description of the business, and of course a steamy story to top it off.  Thank you sir!  We are looking forward to your next report!

Back in the day, Houston had a few different adult theaters.  Nowadays, besides Bizzare Times, the only one I know is Executive Adult Video Theater (info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  If there are more out there, please let me know and I will add their information to the dB.