Friday, June 15, 2012

Flash Report! Captain EO Hits Deja Vu in Ontario, CA

Doc here with a dynamite Flash Report from first-time contributor, Captain EO. Yes, The Good Doctor knows that was the name of a Michael Jackson attraction at Disney a number of years back.  However, I went old-school on you and went for a seafaring look for his logo.  Less chance of a C&D letter, if you know what I mean.

The subject is the Deja Vu Adult Theater in Ontario, CA (address in Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database on the home page).

So sit back, and let's set course with Captain EO...


Hey Doc,

Long time listener, first time caller. Just thought I'd provide a report of the Deja Vu Theater in Ontario, CA. It's a great space for playing, but tough to hit one of those golden nights if you know what I mean.

I'm a Los Angeles resident and occasionally trek out to the IE (Inland Empire), making a stop off at Deja Vu whenever I'm there. I've probably gone a total of 9 times - give or take. There were a few close calls, but for the most part it was just me and other guys waiting for something to happen. Of course, a lot of guys are cruising for other guys, but they're respectful if you decline. On back to back Friday's there were some couples though.

On the first Friday, it was a younger couple that stayed in the theater for 10 minutes tops. They left and went to a booth without a gloryhole to presumably fuck. I hung around the arcade, and they came out about 20 minutes later and headed out. The second Friday was a much older couple that also stayed for 10-15 mins, but didn't seem into it and they left. I think the reason was that none of the guys offered up the couch or open seats, forcing them to awkwardly stand until they left. And that brings us to this past Saturday.

Deja Vu
Ontario, CA
I arrived at Deja Vu at about 9pm. The theater is located on the 2nd floor of the strip club, behind their Love Boutique. You can either go to the booths, where it's mostly guys hanging around, waiting for action, or pay $10, enter the first door to a nice theater with a handful of love seats and a couch in the back. I sat in the theater for about an hour, and it was mostly guys just jerking off, per usual. I stepped out to get some air and went back in at about 10:30. There were about 6 people total all just watching the screens, stroking. Then, at about 11:15, a couple walks in.

However many trips I took with no success leading up to this couple - let's just say it was worth the wait. The woman was probably 40 with very nice DD's. A guy on the couch moved, allowing them to sit. The remaining 3 guys + myself lined up on the partition behind the couch, watching, keeping a distance, but playing with ourselves. The couple started fooling around, and he eventually pulled out her tits, fondling and sucking on them. At this point, we all went around the partition and kind of surrounded the couple as she blew him, while he fingered her nicely shaved pussy. She eventually leaned back, allowing us a full view of her tits, while her boyfriend played with her pussy. One of the guys stroking asked if he could touch her pussy, to which the boyfriend said no. He followed it up with saying "does anyone want to cum on her tits?"

We were allowed to fondle and suck on her beautiful breasts. Luckily, I was far off to the right, close enough to her hand, and she began jerking me off. She was a dirty talker and was begging us for cum. One of the guys stroking was ready to go and blew a load on her tits. I was only about twenty seconds behind and let out a monster load across both her perfect tits. I had been edging for almost two hours in that theater, so I'm not exaggerating when I say it was a lot! The remaining two men blew their loads and she sat there, playing with the cum, rubbing it on her tits like lotion. It almost made me hard again instantly. They cleaned up, and she then blew her boyfriend in front of us. He came in her mouth.

We thanked them and they went left to check the booths out. This seemed to be their first time here, and a successful visit on their part. The same guy who asked to touch her pussy asked if they were coming back, to which they said they would at some point, but they were done for the night.

The persistent guy was the only issue with this very hot scenario. I didn't really stress earlier how persistent he was, but he was a bit too eager - standing in front of everyone, a little close to the couple while they were still getting started. That kind of persistence and questioning - rather than letting the couple lead - could be a red flag and cause them to have a bad experience. Thankfully, they didn't bail, but had it been a couple that was a bit more shy, it would've cost us and them a good time. Even though we're all horny and waiting for that diamond in the rough, behaving and keep distance is key to making fantasy a reality.

If you live in the IE, it's a place worth checking out. Keep an eye on CL for couples posting about going, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be peak hours to help your chances other than Friday or Saturday night. I will try to go back, since LA theaters suck (Stud's is a nice theater, but it's all gay action since it's in the heart of West Hollywood + The Tiki Theater could be good, but it's in a crappy part of town and is mostly a troll spots).

--Captain EO


Patience is the golden rule in this thing of ours, and Captain EO is a shining example of it paying off for him at Deja Vu.  A big thank you to Captain EO for a great report, and we are looking forward to more to come from you, sir.

Now is the time for you to submit an adult theater report.  Just put fingers to keyboard, and fire off an e-mail to If you are a first timer, please provide a pen name to use for your reports.  Seasoned veteran reporters, well what are you waiting for?  The theaters have been very good in the early summer so far across the USA, so I know there are some reports brewing.

So pretty please, with sugar on top. Submit a report.


Flash Report! UpstateNY Reports On Talk Of The Town in Niagara Falls, NY

Doc here with a first time report from my old haunts back in the Empire State from UpstateNY.   UNY has done a great job capturing his latest encounter at Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, NY. 

The report is chock full of details, and even has a "twist ending."  I won't spoil the rest for you...

Enjoy the first-time report from UpstateNY...


Dear Dr. -

I have frequented many of your old haunts in upstate NY for years.  They are still hit or miss, but have gotten the pleasure of a lady a few times.  In late May, I was at Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls around 1pm on a Tuesday.  It was typical with 5 or 6 guys milling about and a few playing with each other behind the back wall.  I stayed about a half hour and decided to leave and check out Horizons book store down the road.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot, a couple was pulling in.   Immediately I u-turned (they saw this and laughed) and decided to go back in the theater.  I waited a few minutes to see what they were going to do and I saw her changing in the front seat of the car.  Bingo!!
Talk of the Town
Niagara Falls, NY

The daytime clerk at TOTT is really nice and there was no charge to re-enter the theater.  I sat and waited.  A few minutes later a 30 something, tall blond walks in with a flimsy summer dress on accompanied by an older gent.  My eyes were still adjusting but it was beginning to look like a very promising afternoon. 

They immediately went to the front left of the theater, sat down in the front row for 10 seconds and then she stood up and pulled down the top of her dress to reveal a beautiful set of perfect tits: not huge, but nicely shaped.   She stayed standing as the horde started to gather (of which I was one).  In what seemed like only another 10 seconds, she pulled up her dress, bent over and started fucking all of us one after another train style.  No eating pussy or even sucking cock, just one after another in her from behind.  She would moan beautifully with every thrust she received.  The first guy was taking her bareback and her boyfriend told him to not cum in her pussy to which she immediately told everyone that it didn't matter.  I had brought a condom and jacketed up before my turn in the train:  Just my paranoid preference with this thing of ours. 

After I came, I sat down to watch a few more.  Only a couple more guys were willing to participate.  She was almost begging for more still leaning against the chair with her ass in the air, but no one else stepped forward.  After a few seconds, she stood up and it was then that I noticed something that surprised me. 

She was pregnant. 

I tell you Doc, I love this thing of ours and absolutely adore the brave women who join us for mutual pleasure, but this caught me by surprise, and with mixed emotions.




Doc here...Chances are this encounter was not notated in "What To Expect When You Are Expecting." That's our job here @ The Journal.  Thanks again to UpstateNY for getting in the trenches and supplying a terrific Flash Report.  We need a regular WNY correspondent, and with reports like this one, I hope you will embrace the assignment.