Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy Update & Report with 10 NEW Hardcore Pics!

Doc here with a late Christmas present for you, the good readers of The Journal.  One of top rock star contributors here at The Journal is none other than Gloryhole Nancy, and her guy T from Toledo.  Over the past year they have submitted some of the most viewed reports ever at The Journal.  This report is possibly their best one yet - A great report and 10 hardcore pics of Nancy doing her thing at the gloryhole.

So sit down, relax, and enjoy opening the Christmas present Gloryhole Nancy and T have given to you today.  I'll catch you after the gallery (remember to click on the pics, since they are HIGH RES!).


Hello fellow friends of ours! First we want to wish everyone happy holidays as this is the time of the year to be with family and friends (even if they do drive you crazy LOL.) 

We also want you guys to know we never really quit going to the gloryholes, we just quit announcing it ahead of time due to the problems it caused at the bookstores, like 100 guys showing up and pissing off the clerks by not spending money and following us around like shadows. We are flattered at the attention but when guys are actually physically pushing and threatening each other just to get the booth next to us?  It is a total turn off for us.

More importantly, nothing turns Nancy off more than the guys that try to talk to us/her to make "friends." She is there for cock, gentlemen, nothing more. If that is not good enough, then you need to be on E-Harmony instead of a bookstore (LOL).  We are not going to exchange numbers, addresses, or go out for a drink so please just let her suck your cock and be ok with that:)

Speaking of, we went to the bookstore last week and there was a fan of ours there. He read that we were hitting the hole so he rolled the dice and ran into us there.  The clerk at this bookstore is very cool and runs a very clean store. We call him ahead of time and let him know we're coming and he makes sure the place is clean for Nancy. 

We go back to the booths and within a couple of minutes a black cock is sticking through for Nancy to work on. She wasted no time and was sucking on that cock like crazy, and she was totally getting off on it.  I was rubbing her pussy the whole time and she was dripping wet, cumming several times.  Unfortunately this guy was trying to hold back from cumming so Nancy quit before she got his load:(

He saw us in the hallway and approached us several times trying to get our information, as if we were going to hook up with him or something. He totally didn't understand the purpose of the gloryhole and at the same time turned Nancy off completely to him.  He persisted in trying to talk to us so I finally had to be honest and level with him.

Nancy then had me call one of our local on-call studs as she still wanted cock to suck, so when he showed up his cock got one of the best bj's I've ever seen her give (and I've seen a LOT!)  All in all a good night but we are hoping for more big cock for our private glory hole party this NYE in Detroit. If any of you readers are going to be in the Detroit area on the 31st and want to get sucked by her in a private and non-rushed atmosphere please contact us. Our info is on the Doc's blog, and she can never have too much cock.  Hope you guys like the pics, and we'll report later with the details of our party this weekend...

T & N


Doc here again... I'll give you a minute to catch your breath.  OK? Good. As mentioned in a report yesterday, what could be better than spending a few minutes of quality time with Gloryhole Nancy on New Years Eve in a controlled gloryhole environment near Detroit?  All you have to do is reach out to them via their Yahoo Group and let the chips (or in this case, pants) fall as they may.  You could be ringing in 2012 with a bang you won't soon forget.

Your welcome.


First Time at an Adult Theater - Chapter 10 - Chauncey Gardiner

Doc here with a real trip in the wayback machine for first time contributor, Chauncey Gardiner. Chauncey will be contributing on a regular basis moving forward, but this freshman submission is a good one.  Plus, it's part of the "First Time at an Adult Theater" series...

So here is Chauncey Gardiner and his "First Time" report...


Hi Doc,

I finally decided to write up something for The Journal. The recent series you have been running on First Times in an Adult Theater, as well as the Blasts from the Past, have gotten me thinking about how I got started in “this thing of ours”. Since I haven’t had much luck lately at my local theater, The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, I thought this would be a good way to contribute.

I grew up and lived in New York City until my mid twenties, and discovered Times Square and all it had to offer in the 1970’s as a teenager. I started out by going into the peep shows and watching the movies in the booths. Then live peep shows started springing up, where you could watch a nude woman masturbate, &sometimes a live sex show with a man and a woman.  Some of these turned into open window peeps,where for a dollar you actually touch what was on the other side.  All of this was a teenagers dream.
By the mid to late seventies, I still hadn’t ventured into the adult theaters much. I had discovered a place called the Melody Burlesque.  They had strippers on stage,but for me, the best feature of the place was called Mardi Gras. It happened Monday thru Saturday from Noon to 6PM, and Sundays from opening to closing. Mardi Gras was the forerunner of what we now know as a lap dance. Men would line the walls around the perimeter of the theater, and the dancers would circulate thru the crowd, and for a one dollar tip they would do all sorts of things to you (and if you had the right girl you could do them back). I spent many hours and dollars in that place.

Around the early 80’s, I started visiting the Adult Theater son a regular basis. At first I would go in looking for single women, but as we know, it’s a rare occurrence.  There were dozens of theaters through out the 5 boroughs, and I visited many of them.There were a couple of very seedy theaters in the 14th street area, which, as Screw Magazine described them, “had husky hookers of undetermined gender.” It was in The Variety theater on 3rd Avenue between 13th & 14th street where I encountered my first single woman in this thing of ours. She was a wearing a plaid skirt & white blouse. She sat down, drew a crowd rather quickly, and for the next couple of hours she was mauled by dozens of men. I couldn’t get close, but watched the goings on in rapt attention.

Variety Theatre
New York, NY
It was in a theater on either 2nd or 1st Avenue near the 59th Street Bridge, that I discovered the joys of watching couples playing, and finding out that sometimes they let men participate. This quickly came to be my favorite place to go, and was the first place I played with a couple. Probably the most interesting thing I saw there was an Asian man watching the movie surrounded by 6 or 7 Asian women. They were all dressed in business clothes (suits and dresses), and while they didn’t play in the theater, I watch them leave and pile into 2 taxi cabs.

In the early 80’s, I would visit the adult theaters all 4 boroughs (there were none in Staten Island) and had many voyeuristic experiences. I was still somewhat timid at that time,and probably missed out on some interactive playtime because of that. In the mid 80’s, I moved to Hartford, CT, and started visiting the adult theaters in the area. Around that time I bought my first car, which gave me the ability to visit all the theaters in CT, including a couple of drive-in theaters that showed adult movies. (That’s a story for another time).  I also started traveling more on my own, and would always try to visit the adult theaters wherever I went.

My first “home run” experience in an adult theater happened in 1987 or 1988 in Daytona Beach, FL. I had traveled to Florida for a business conference, and after it was over, drove from the Miami area to Orlando, deciding to make a side trip and spend the night in Daytona. I checked into my hotel, and then drove around the area. I traveled away from the beach over the inter coastal waterway, and on one of the north-south main streets, I found an adult theater.

I don’t remember the name of the theater (ed. note: It was probably The Capri Theatre at 715 N. Ridgeview Ave.), but it was an older one with a balcony. It was early evening on a Tuesday or Wednesday, so I didn’t hold out much hope for seeing any couples. I went into the darkened theater& waited for my eyes to adjust. I looked around the orchestra and didn’t see anyone sitting there. I walked over to one side of the balcony (it was separated by a wall that housed the projection booth), and saw a middle aged man walking down the stairs. After he passed by, I started up the stairs. On the side closest to the projection booth there were rows with 2 seats, and on the other side of the aisle, the rows had maybe 10 seats. About half way up, I struck gold.

On the side with more seats, there was a couple. The first seat in that row was empty. The lady sat in the second seat, and her gentleman next to her. She was white, petite, and looked to be either in her 30’s or 40’s, with short dark hair. She was wearing a dress that had a tube top—it didn’t have any straps that held it over her shoulders. I excitedly took a seat in the same row, but across from them on the side with the 2 seats. I looked over nervously, hoping not to scare them off. I saw the man lean over and whisper into the woman’s ear. She then looked at me, pulled down the tube top exposing a small set of breasts, and then turned towards her man and started to actively rest her head in his lap. I watched for a few minutes, and then took out my cock and started to stroke. The man reached over and pulled up the woman’s skirt, exposing her ass & pussy.I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

After a few minutes, the woman sits up, looks over at me, and gives me the come over gesture with her finger. I almost fall flat on may face, crossing the aisle to sit next to her. We say hello to each other, and since I still had my cock out, she reached over and started stroking it. I leaned over and played with some nice long nipples attached to some very small breasts. She the leaned over and whispered in my ear, “do you want me to jack you off or do you want to fuck me in the chair.”  As she said that, she pointed towards the top of the balcony, where there was a chair with red vinyl cushions and a metal frame.

Still not believing what was happening, I said that I wanted to fuck her in the chair. So she grabbed my hand and led me towards the top of the balcony. She sat down in the chair, hiked up her skirt, and raised up her legs. I moved forward and she guided my cock into her pussy. It was soft and warm, and it felt like I had just put my dick into something that was lined in velvet. I started to pump away, and it didn’t take long before I shot loads of cum into her. We stood up, fixed our clothes, and started down the stairs. It old her I wish I could have lasted longer, and she said that it was OK. She sat down next to her gentleman, and I proceeded down the stairs to go to themen’s room.

I cleaned myself up, and looked around the lobby at the videos for sale, still not believing what had just happened. I went back into the theater and headed back into the balcony. At the top of the stairs, the lady was now being pounded in the chair by a tall & muscular African American man. I sat down and looked up at the action. It wasn’t long before they finished. The man walked down the stairs and out of the theater. The woman sat down next to her gentleman, and then a few minutes later they got up and left. I walked out and watched them walk down the street, hand in hand, the lady with a happy little bounce in her step. I never got her name or saw her again, but I’ll always remember that experience.

Chauncey Gardener


Doc here again...Thanks again to Chauncey Gardiner and his terrific first report.  Look for his second report, a Flash Report on the Art Cinema in Hartford, a little later in the week.

I will have more First Time reports this week, as The Good Doctor catches up.  So if you have sent one in, don't worry... It will be up soon.


Field Report: Brown Bag Video in Ottawa IL by "D"

Doc here with a quick Field Report on an ABS that gets a decent amount of traffic through it's doors: Brown Bag Video, in Ottawa, IL.

Here is "D" with his quick review...


Hi Doctor,

I see you need a report for Brown Bag Video. It is located right off the interstate at 3042 N State Route 71 # 1, Ottawa, IL . It does not have a theater. It is an adult store and next door is the Silver Slipper Saloon strip joint. Clientele are straight, bi, gay and this is a popular spot for TS/CD girls.

There are two rows of booths that have a TV showing one video. Approximately 10-12 per side (two aisles). The near side upon entering show gay movies in the booths and the far side is various porn. There is a long bench seat in each booth (not made for comfort). I would recommend you check it out if you are driving by. They are open 24/7. Hope this helps you out.

Merry Christmas.


Thanks "D"... I will update the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database with this new information.  Keep the Field Reports coming in folks!