Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Enter Now! The #LIZARDO5TH Photo Contest @ The Journal

Doc here, a man who some say once hosted the short-lived game show "What's in my Drawers", with the contest details to help celebrate The Journal's 5th Year Anniversary.

Our NCAA Brackets Tourney was a big success, and it's time for a new contest here at The Journal. To help celebrate the 5th year of The Journal, it's time for our first photo contest.

Here is the skinny on entering:


Doc here... Here are the instructions on entering the #LIZARDO5TH contest.
  1. Click on the #LIZARDO5TH image above. This will pop up a full size version of the photo.
  2. Print the photo in color (preferred but not mandatory).
  3. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT STEP: Using a decent camera, take a photo of your wife, girlfriend, a couple's selfie, your selfie, or have someone take the photo for you, or even a total stanger holding the above photo (does not have to be taken at an adult theater). PLEASE NOTE: Most adult theaters do not allow photos taken inside of them. In this case take your photo outside of the theater showing the sign of the theater (preferably). Be creative, since your peers will be voting on who will be the winners.
  4. Do not break the law in the taking of your photos. Why? I am not bailing you out of the pokey.
  5. Once you have taken your photo, please e-mail it directly to The Good Doctor at Put #Lizardo5th as the subject line. Please give me a pen name if you do not have one already. This is MANDATORY.
  6. If you'd like me to Photoshop out faces, eyes, tattoos, etc., I will be happy to do so. Just mention it in your e-mail.
  7. I will publish each submission as they come in under the #LIZARDO5TH Contest banner on The Journal and on my Twitter @Lizardojournal, after being edited and Photoshopped.
  8. Contest Dates: I will take submissions through Friday August 22nd (the 5th anniversary date of The Journal). I will narrow the photos down to the top 3 (I will have one mystery consultant work with me on the narrowing down of images), and set up a poll to vote for the top #LIZARDO5TH image.
  9. Prizes: 1st Place: A brand new mystery prize, that I will divulge at the deadline for submissions, a "The Journal Premium Coffee Mug, and a personalized autographed photo from Doc. 2nd Place: The premium "The Journal" mug, and the personalized autographed photo. 3rd Place: The personalized autographed photo.
  10. Example: This image from my good friends T&A is a good example of how one might go about taking their #LIZARDO5TH photo:

Deadline for Submissions: August 22nd, 2014 at 11:59pm CT.

Questions? E-mail me direct at .

Have fun with this! The Good Doctor has the best followers in this thing of ours... Let's show the rest of the net how good you really are!

The contest details have their own page at the top of the home page for easy reference, under #LIZARDO5TH Contest.