Monday, November 21, 2011

First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 1 - Katie X in The UK!

Doc here with the first chapter in a new ongoing series here at The Journal of Adult Theaters: "First Time at an Adult Theater".  This series is a result of the poll just concluded about your interest in reading about our staff of reporters and their "first times".

First up is our international correspondent at The Journal, the very sexy Katie X.  Fasten your seat belts for this First Time report, because it may be the hottest adult theater report of any kind I have ever read. I am serious.

Take it away, Katie X!


Hi Doc,

I was a pretty early developer sexually, for a whole number of different reasons. I was in my last year of high school when I decided that I would go to an adult bookshop and buy some magazines that I could take home and masturbate to when I wasn't getting enough cock (in those days before the internet, lol).
This is the real Crazy Horse Cinema
Melbourne, Australia c.2011
I lived in the inner suburbs and there was one adult bookshop nearby, but I didn't want to risk walking in on anyone I knew, or have anyone recognise me as I was leaving (how embarrassing would that be! If someone I went to school with had a father who was shopping at the same time!). I had my learner's driving permit so I had some experience driving.

Even though I wasn't meant to drive without a licenced driver, I decided very late one night to sneak out of the house and drive the short distance to the city. I had seen an adult cinema called the Crazy Horse there before, and I was always fascinated by what it would be like to go into the bookshop (and the cinema for that matter).

I parked the car nearby and walked towards the Crazy Horse. The main entrance was on the main street but there was a side entrance to the bookstore down a smaller lane. The whole complex was downstairs and as as soon as I walked in, I could smell the disinfectant that has become so familiar to me over the ensuing years. My heart was beating out of my chest as I descended the stairs. Not only was I underage (just) but I was a female buying dirty mags late at night. I felt like the only girl who had ever done this and I felt like my knees were going to give way as I walked.

Once inside the store, I realised that I couldn't stop shaking. What I would have done for a scotch at that point! The bookshop was lit by bright fluorescent lights, and there were racks of magazines along the walls and big table trays of mags and videos (yes, kids, this was even pre-DVD) laid out in the order of their titles. The guy behind the counter looked up and smiled at me as I entered. I must have been bright red, I'm sure. (I later came to know that his name was Alan, and he always looked after me when I visited in the years to come...).

I thumbed my way through the plastic-covered magazines, marvelling at the huge cocks and beautiful women on the covers. Although I had had my fair share of experience (OK, more than my fair share), I hadn't seen much pornography, as it wasn't as freely available as it is now. My introduction was mostly old boyfriend's who had older brothers and access to their pile. I was positively weak and wet and so nervous, but I was determined to buy a couple of magazines to take home and make the journey worthwhile. I eventually settled on a few of the magazines that were of Danish or Swedish origin. Big blonde men with big cocks and lithe Scandinavian women with big appetites.

I remember thinking as I approached with three mags, that they were a bit expensive and that maybe I should buy just one to see how I liked them (I think they were about $20 each from memory). I had brought enough money but I thought maybe $60 was a bit much. I put two of the mags back in the display and went to pay. Behind Alan was the price list for the cinema. It was something like $12 for guys, $15 for couples and $5 for women. I didn't act on it immediately but I remember thinking that they must have had women and couples go to the cinema if they had a special price for them.

I bought my magazine and asked Alan where the ladies toilet was because needed a wee. He directed me back out of the shop and around the corridor to the Ladies. The toilet is actually outside of the internal cinema door. As I approached the toilet, the cinema door swung open and this older guy, about 40 walked through to leave, or go to the bookshop. He gave me a smile and I gave him a nervous smile back.

When I got into the ladies room, I just closed the door, clutched my first ever porn mag purchase, and gave a big exhale. I was so nervous. I looked at myself in the mirror. 5'11'. Long curly red hair. B cup bra. Wearing a grey shift dress and white sneakers. Oh, and about three months short of my 18th birthday. And fucking terrified (but so excited)!

I entered through the cinema door, past the Gents toilets on my left and through a second door to the darkened cinema. As I walked through, a feeling of sheer panic overcame me and I just kept walking. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw about a dozen guys dispersed around the room. I walked all the way to the back of the cinema, and nearly walked straight out the main entrance. When I got the curtain at the main ticket booth, I stopped and stood and looked. It dawned on me that there was actually a porn film on and that some hot young blonde European was getting absolutely ploughed by two huge cocks. The noises she was making were not fake, I could tell.

I composed myself and took a seat towards the back of the theatre. It was amazing! I was so turned on and so wet. I looked around the room and could see that a bunch of guys were masturbating in pretty close proximity to me. Every now and then one would look over towards me and stare, and then look back. I was too nervous to look at anyone in the eye. I was just transfixed on the screen, too frightened to move.

After about ten minutes, the house lights came up and the movie stopped. I thought 'Ah, that's why the guy let me in for free. The movie is over'. But the a loud voice over introduced the evening's performer, and a beautiful young stripper, not much older than myself, started her show to some hair metal song (Crue or Warrant or something. I just remember liking it). The girl strutted the stage and the small catwalk on the edge of the cinema, paying me a little bit of attention and giving me a big smile as she went. It calmed me down a bit and made me feel less shaky.

When the show stopped we all applauded, and the lights went down and the movie resumed exactly where we had left it. My eyes re-accustomed to the light and the boys pulled their cocks out again, lol! After about ten minutes, one guy who was in my row, but on the opposite side of the aisle, got up and moved to the edge of the aisle. From the corner of my eye, I could see him looking at me, but I still refused to turn my head and look at him.

A minute later he moved across the aisle to my side and sat about four seats away. My heart was racing. A minute later he upped again and moved into the seat next to mine. I couldn't believe it. I was panicky but so excited. He looked at me for a moment and then said to me, 'Are you a stripper?'. I shook my head 'no', and then felt the back of his hand on my thigh, just below the hem of my dress. I was frozen with fear, I couldn't move. He took that as a sign of approval, and moved the back of his hand to clutch my thigh. I could feel his breath on my shoulder as he slowly moved his hand up my leg.

Around me, I sensed others moving seats. Someone behind me. Someone in the same row beyond my new groper. His hand moved up towards my knickers and then stopped. He leaned in and kissed my neck and with the other hand leaned across and grabbed my left breast. I was so aroused I couldn't speak if I had wanted to.

He then brought his right hand down towards his left and hitched my dress up to reveal my white cotton knickers. As he pulled the cloth aside and brushed my pussy, two hands came from behind me to start massaging my breasts, first from the outside and then from inside under the armholes. My little nipples where hard and my small breast was absolutely heaving. I remember feeling like I was struggling for oxygen.

Without a word being spoken, the guy next me plunged his fingers into me and grabbed my head and turned it towards him, forcing me to kiss him deeply. He tasted of beer and I closed my eyes and let the hot flush wave over me. When I came up for air, I was surrounded, front, left, right and behind. There were hands all over me. My original molester grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth onto his rigid cock. I maneuvered to have my knees up on my chair and my face buried in his lap. He had a slightly larger than average cock and he started thrusting it into my mouth, his hands behind my head, clutching my hair and fucking my mouth. Hands were all over me. Fingers in my cunt and in my arse. Not for the first time had I surrendered my body, but for the first time to a group of men that I had not even seen their faces, let along know their names.

I couldn't tell you how many of them fucked me. I was lost in a lustful haze. My guess is about ten, but if you told me four, or twenty, I would believe you. When one cock was finished, another took its place. It felt like hours, but lasted only until the next strip show (an hour maybe?).

At 17, I was slim and firm, almost boyish. I was grabbed and slam fucked. Licked, lifted, pummelled and filled. I wasn't arse fucked, but mainly because I hadn't had a lot of practice at that stage and no-one could get their cock in my tight hole. My cunt, on the other hand, was punished. As I was getting fucked, I could hear the guys talking around me. 'She's an absolute queen!', 'She's not a queen mate, she's a slut', 'Fucking only a day over 18' (to much laughter) 'Who brought her?', 'No-one I think, I saw her in the corridor a while ago.'. Ah, my 40+ friend had returned. For the first time that night I spoke with some semblance of awareness.

'You glad you came back?'. 'Fuck yes. And now I'm going to cum on your face.'. As some guy continued to fuck me, me friend stuffed his cock in my mouth, gave it a few short, sharp plunges in my mouth, withdrew and spilled his hot sticky load all over my face, a gallon of it. I was covered in cum. Quickly, the movie that everyone had forgotten about stopped and the house lights came up. All the guys moved like cockroaches in a kitchen. I sat there completely spent, makeup ruined, covered in cum. I made little effort to conceal myself as the stripper started again. It was the same girl and as she passed me with a broad smile she just said 'oh fuck' and kept dancing. I must have looked a sight.

Some guys got up and left when the show was over. As I tried to compose myself, the lights went down again and another handful of guys came and worked me over for another 30 minutes or so. After I had satisfied them all, they got up and left or just sat and watched the movie. A few of them said 'thank you'. I collected my dress and went to the toilet. I was ruined. I looked in the mirror, naked but for my sneakers, cum everywhere, in my hair, dried or wet all over my body, leaking out of my cunt. I washed myself as best I could and dried with paper towel and toilet paper, and put my dress back on. Some fucker had stolen my panties. And some fucker had stolen my porn mag. But it was worth every minute of it.

That was more than 20 years ago, and I have repeated that episode many times over. It is the best feeling in the world to me.

Katie X


Doc here again, trying to regain my composure... Now that was a First Time report I won't forget anytime soon.  Thanks again to the very naughty Katie X for a report for the ages.  She has also promised The Good Doctor that she and her hubby will be taking more pics at Fantasy Video in London in the near future for us.  And for that, we can all be thankful!

OK, regular and senior reporters of The Journal, it's time to put fingers to keyboard and send in your First Time report for this series.  Please send in your reports to me at, with First Time as the subject.  All reports will be indexed at the right hand side of The Journal during this series.