Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FLASH! Tampa Report from New Field Reporter EJ

Doc here with an outstanding first field report from EJ.  The Good Doctor has been dying to get his hands on a recent field report from Tampa.  Tampa, once the undefeated, undisputed cream of the crop of adult theater cities, has seen tough times the past couple of years.  LE presence was heavy, and it drove a lot of business from the adult theaters to the local swing clubs.

Let's fast forward to a week and a half ago and check in with EJ who was in Tampa and reports from the scene:
Hi Doc,

I can now say that I am a member of "this thing of ours".

I went to the Paris (in Syracuse, NY) once so far and not much was going on except a cd playing with an older guy (giving him a quick bj near the entrance).It was mid-week and late afternoon.
Fantasyland, Tampa, FL

My next time was to Fantasyland in Tampa this past July on a Monday afternoon and the same thing, slow in the theater but some action in the booths. Being straight, there was nothing for me but was told to return some Friday or Saturday night.

So this past August 21st, I was in Tampa and checked into the Holiday Inn Express (right around the area of all the adult spots in the Drew Park area). Took a quick ride past Adult Video and Cinema and there were only a few cars there.  I then drove to Fantasyland, where the parking lot was packed @ 10pm. I bought a theater pass for $19 and went into the facility.

A dozen or so guys cruising around, but all seemed to be straight and looking for couples. A few came in and and stayed for a bit, then went to one of the small private rooms alone with no invites. I did watch one old guy and his younger wife though the gloryhole play around and they seemed to enjoy it, but that was all, watching.
Fantasyland's pool room

An hour or so later BINGO, a hot tall thin gorgeous blonde in a short leather mini skirt game in with her hubby and toured the area (leaving for the pool room after awhile). I left the theater and checked out the pool room.

About 20 minutes later she was there, and on her knees with 8- 10 guys around her . She was sucking and taking cum shots all over her lovely face and big tits. Guys were respectful and hubs was right there watching and encouraging the action. I was able to make my way to the front row and just got a quick suck when she said she had to take a rest. She smiled at me and told me to hang around.

An hour or so later they were back and went directly to one of the larger private rooms with another 7-9 guys and locked the door. I missed out on that one and was told she fucked most of the guys and sucked them all. An hour later they left again to clean up but were back again and this time I worked my way into the same room. Before they locked the door. She came around and said hello to all of the nine guys in the room and made sure we had our cocks out (because of the problems they have had in Tampa in the past).
Inside Fantasyland

The blonde then striped down to nothing and laid a towel on the floor. She wanted a circle jerk/suck as she said she was pretty fucked out from the last round. One of the 3 black men in the room asked nicely and he fucked her long and hard with her legs wrapped around him. After he blew his load in the rubber, she started sucking and stated she wanted all the cum in her mouth and on her face (which we all did over about 45 mins time). One young black buck shot 3 loads on her!!! I was last and gave her and good shot right on the mug and she swallowed me right up.

Her hubby laid her down and had her spread her legs so we all could see her gorgeous pussy which was nice and pink and well used that night. Her hubs then gave her his shot and she sat around and chatted with us. They live south of Tampa and she called herself Candy. She stated that they come up to the Tampa area once a month usually on a Saturday to have fun. I picked the right night!!

After they left for the night, a few other couples were in and some cds (a real cute one but two homely ones also). The booths seemed to have people back there all night and I spent the rest of the night playing pool and talking with many cool people. Was like a party atmosphere and enjoyed the free buffet that the owners provided. Left to go back to the hotel around 3am.

When I left the next morning, I ran into Candy and her hubby as I was leaving, getting a warm hello and a big smile. A good night and can't wait to visit another theater soon. Heading to Virginia this weekend and might stop in Kutztown, Pa to check out Cupids. I did see the past report but it might be another great Saturday night too!

Doc here again...It seems that there seems to be a pulse back in the adult theater scene in Tampa, again.  And it's about time.  My last two trips to Tampa were very disappointing, however it looks like some excitement has returned to Drew Park.

A big thank you to EJ for his first field report.  If the rest are as good as this one, then we all are in for a treat.

Do you have a field report from an adult theater you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  If you do, please e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.

EJ did...So can you!