Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper @ APV in Des Moines & The Paris Theatre in Portlandia

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from the very hot Bambi & Thumper.
B&T traveled to both Des Moines, WA for a little APV time, and then to Portland for a trip to The Paris Theatre, where they experienced an incredible evening.
You may want to pop open a Fresca and savor this report...
Here we go...
Hey Doc,

Just got back from a weekend away, traveling to Seattle and Portland, where we visited APV (south - Des Moines) and the Paris! Friday night (may 24) we made it to the APV in Des Moines after 9. We had never been there before but had heard about it through Brent's Yahoo Group (thanks to Brent). Parking was perhaps the easiest of any adult theater we have been to, with lots of parking directly out front. The store is bright and quite large, obviously having been a super market at some point.
The Real Bambi
After Bambi made use of the only washroom, and having paid our $10, the clerk buzzed us in to the theater area. Once inside there are two smaller rooms. When you walk in the gay theater is immediately on your right. The main theater is small and is furnished with surplus theater seats from some old theater. They are the ones with arm rests and come in pairs. There were about five guys in attendance, with some moving between the two theaters. Any time any one enters, the door buzzes quite loudly. 

Bambi was dressed in a see through black top, jean skirt, black stockings, garter belt and five inch mules. We sat down and she crossed her legs, allowing her ever present anklet to dangle. With the seats being separated by a large space, any one wanting to get closer has to kneel or stand behind the seat. After a while one guy knelt to the left of Bambi on the floor, and started stroking her. Given the rules, he continued to grope and feel.
After a while we had another guy standing off to her left, sucking on her tits and one standing behind her. There first two were given their choice (stockings or tits) and both blew their loads on her stockings (mine and hers favorite) I then stood up and enjoyed her oral skills while a third guy blew a very, very large load on her tits. The guys were polite and their were no issues. We left shortly after cleaning up. 
Bambi & Friend

Saturday night we made it to Mecca West, The Paris. Parking was a bitch. Being a long weekend, there was a lot going on. We paid $10 to park across the street. The fact that it was not raining and given the amount of people out and about, Bambi did not feel out of place crossing the street in her five inch mules. Entering the theater I advised the clerk we were first timers. He checked, but did not record our out of state I.D and then gave us a quick tour.
It was full, or at least looked very busy. The couple area was small, but clean. There were a number of couples in the couples only area, and only four guys standing in the "penis gallery". I found out later that this was because Ms. Fullswing was in the house, and was the reason the area in front of the stage was packed. Two of the couples moved out and made more room. Bambi, dressed in the same outfit from Friday night wasted no time. She bent over in front of me, hiked her skirt and went to work.
After a while we took a quick break, stepping out into the lobby. That's where we met Brent. We asked about using the "arena" ( hope I got that right). Its the area off to the right of the couple's only area. The clerk obliged by moving out anyone alone in there. It was at this time that the real Gemini dropped by on her way back from the lobby. She is one pretty lady!!  I spoke with her briefly while Bambi was making new friends. I believe another couple were also in an area off to the side of the stage. She was a pretty blond that Bambi met in the washroom. She was from out of town and wearing white shorts (Candi O'Leary). Not sure if they are fans of the blog or not. 

After a while viewers from the penis gallery were offered the opportunity to release on her its. A total of five guys took us up on the offer, while a large group of about ten watched and offered encouragement. Taking two at a time, Bambi played with their balls and offered them dirty words of encouragement. One guy, once done, said "it is going to be one hell of a night". which made Bambi laugh. Once things slowed down, Bambi bent over in front of me and our evening ended on a bang. 

Doc, I know you have been there, done that, and designed the T-shirt, but that was one very interesting night. I can only imagine what some of the places back east are like. Thanks to Brent for holding our hands, and to the lovely Gemini! I am hoping some one else from that night posts a report, because most of it was a blur for me....

Thumper and Bambi
Doc here again... Many thanks to Bambi & Thumper for an awesome report from the front lines at two different adult theaters.  They hit a night for the ages at The Paris, and hopefully it won't be their last.