Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flash Report! Day 2 - 6/28/13 @ The Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi by G.K. Arbee

Doc here with Day 2 of G.K. Arbee @ Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater.  This is a page turner folks, and G.K. is just getting warmed up.

By the way, look for how being a reporter at The Journal gets you noticed and noteworthy...

Take it away, G.K.!


Friday, June 28th, 2013

Day 2 Biloxi, MS
Gulf Coast Adult Theater

G.K. Arbee reporting.

It’s Friday, and they say that the best days for playing at Adult bookstores and theaters are on Friday (and or the weekend). Guess what? THEY ARE CORRECT!

I did not get to spend the entire day at the theater as I had planned because I had some work stuff to take care of, phone calls to return, and work on the laptop stuff… however, I did get to spend a good portion of the day at the Adult Theater again and I really had no intention of going over to the bookstore up the street, as I’ve had horrible times there.

So I arrive at the Theater about 4:30pm. Come in, talk to the dude behind the counter to see if anything is going on, buy a water and pay my $10.00 again for the theater. The guy said that “it should be a good night for me as he had taken calls from several couples”. I enter the theater at 4:30 and it’s pretty dead. Just a few confused in the very back row (right by where you walk in the door). I sat for about 30 minutes, watched the movie, tick tock.. nothing going on, the confused were getting noisy and aggressive. I was out for a while, time for some dinner. I left for nearly 2 hours and came back to the theater just about 7pm.
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

The man at the counter said “no couples right now”, I went back in and picked a good seat and did what all good adult theater goers do, wait, wait, and wait for the couples to arrive.. The theater was pretty full at this point with all types of guys. The confused were still “confused” and doing their thing in the back row, ((Just stay away from that back row, right by the door, It’s nasty, sticky, and full of confusion juice-YUCK)).….

At 8:30 the theater door curtain opens, in walks a couple. The sit on the middle couch, just across from me. They do NOTHING, they just watch the movie nervously. Here is the part of the night that really pisses me off. Almost every dude in there goes over and surrounds this poor couple who obviously did not want to play like that and basically scares them away. The guy stands up and tells all the guys ((“or as I call them, the “Whack patrol”))to “get the fuck out of the way, if we had wanted you guys, we would have asked you to come over”. They got pissed off and left. ((They never learn))..

At this point, I was thinking, “I’m sure glad I had good luck here on Thursday” as it’s looking like tonight is gonna be another bad night at the theater. I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!

I look at my watch, 9:00 pm. I don’t know what it is about that hour but the theater comes to life. In walks a sexy older lady with her guy. She was blonde, dressed in a gold dress, ready to play. They took the very front couch by the screen, and within 2 minutes, he was eating her pussy. She was Very Vocal!! Of course, all the guys in the theater were doing the “whack patrol” and didn’t give them any space (will they ever learn?). I hung back, just watching and waiting. I tried to tell a few of the guys to hang back and “let it happen”.
He continued to eat her pussy, and as soon as she had an orgasm, she stood up, pulled her dress up and went out of the theater to the video store up front. Then almost ALL of the “whack patrol” followed her there. (now here is my favorite part of the night - She told the guy behind the counter that “all these guys were harassing her and they did not give her and her man any space, could you please tell them to leave me alone”)). I think that pissed off most of the guys, as you heard the front door chime go off over and over as most of the “whack patrol” left or were asked to leave.

So, about 15 minutes pass, about 9:30 now, and Ms. Gold Dress comes back into her guy who is still in the theater, and she brings in another couple. They all take up residence on the couches on the side wall. The other lady was a little larger than MGD, wearing a denim skirt and top, not dressed for play like MGD, she was accompanied by a big black man. At this point, I hear MGD say to the other lady “Hi Terri”, and the larger lady say “Hi Lisa”. So- Ms. Gold Dress is Lisa, large lady with large black guy is Terri.

Lisa leaves her guy and goes it alone on the front couch by the screen and starts masturbating with a vibrator. The “whack patrol” is pretty much gone now, and you can tell she is comfortable now at the theater. She really gets loud and vocal with that vibrator. The guys that were left, cautiously move closer, without crowding, to get a good view. She is very comfortable with this. Guys are behaving themselves.

Lisa finishes masturbating on the front couch and goes back with her man (older guy). The large black dude with Terri starts flirting with Lisa, but she needs a few minutes to “cool off”. About 10pm now, the black man with Terri stands up and Lisa starts giving him a fantastic blowjob. Lots of gagging, slurping noises. Terri pulls her tits out, but has made it clear, she does not want to be touched at this point. Lisa sucked the big black dude for about 15 minutes, she then begged him to fuck her. Instead, the man with Lisa dropped his shorts and fucked her hard. The black man with Terri, then went over to Terri and the blowjob continued, but she made it clear to the guys around her “no touching now”.

 After the man with Lisa came inside his condom after fucking her, she was tired and needed a rest. She put her head on her man’s shoulder for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I was watching Terri suck a gigantic black cock until he exploded (also very vocal), in her mouth.

So… at this point, I’m thinking, what a great show I got to see tonight, I’ll be happy just to report this and go back to the hotel….

The night was not over yet. 

I decided to run out to the guy behind the counter and get Lisa a cold bottle of water to drink. Lisa was sitting on the couch and I could see that she was getting horny again. I gave her the bottle of water which she was very grateful for. She rubbed the cold plastic bottle on her pussy, she said it was on fire tonight. She said “thanks” and gave me a wink! The guy I was sitting next to on the couch watching all this, had started stroking his cock. She stood up and said to him “If you got a condom, you can fuck me with that cock”. He didn’t, but I had an extra in my pocket. He suited up, fucked for about 4 minutes and was done. He stood up, we exchanged a “high five” and he said, “You’re turn bro”.

I made sure it was ok with her man, he said “Go ahead”. Lisa looked at me, and said, “thanks for the water”. I told her I love to eat pussy. She said “by all means”. I licked and sucked her pussy for about 10 minutes she was totally wet, vocal and was really digging it, then I told her I wanted to fuck her. I suited up, then she said, “I want you to come on my face instead.” She started stroking me, licking, sucking… talking dirty. Well, in just a few minutes, I shot a load all over her face and tits. I am glad she had a towel for “cleanup”. She wiped me off, then wiped my jizz off her face and chest. I leaned down and gave her a small kiss, thanked her for the fun time and said that it was time for me to go...

Meanwhile..., another black couple came in, “while all this was going on”. And they started to get it on with Terri. I have no idea what they were doing as I had my face in “other business”.

Oh, and I guess I’m famous now. I have some guy in the parking lot chase me down and ask me if “I was the guy that was here last night from the Emilio Lizardo Adult Theater Blog”>>> I told him, yep that was me. We chatted for a while, I told him everything that happened in there tonight. He was one of the guys that got “kicked out” for crowding Lisa. I told him to “STOP DOING THAT”, and to try to tell the other guys to “Wait for the signal or word from the couples and you’ll have a lot more fun in theaters”!! I’m trying to spread the word!!!

OK, so, I’m spent now. It’s about 11pm, and I’m exhausted. The theater is still open another hour or so.. Well, at 50+, a bit overweight, and type 1 diabetic, the “recovery time” just isn’t what it used to be. I decide to drive up 1 block to the bookstore for the hell of it. I sit in the parking lot for a few minutes, contemplating on going in. I put the windows down and I listened to a couple who were leaving. They were complaining about how awful it was in there, about the place stinking and being bothered by the “confused” ((They didn’t say confused))….

Oh, and something that might help you in your future visits. Always carry a condom or two, and always bring the lady who is working the hardest a cold bottle of water!! It has worked for me!

Anyway, I decide to call it a night and head back to my hotel in Ocean Springs. That was enough for tonight.. besides… I have to have enough strength to hold up for SATURDAY NIGHT and SUNDAY at the BILOXI ADULT THEATER!!!

More to follow!!!!!!

 GK Arbee


Doc here again... A great job once again, sir.  G.K., at this rate you will make senior reporter by Monday.  Outstanding stuff.

And guys, I hope you noted G.K.'s advice, and something I have been preaching for years... Be patient in an adult theater. Take G.K.'s actions as solid advice. Guys that rush couples SHOULD be thrown out of a theater.  Kudos to the couple who complained and the Gulf Coast Theater's staff for tossing the offenders!

I cannot wait for Saturday night's report...