Saturday, January 12, 2013

Flash Report! The Watcher Hits 15th Avenue in Chicagoland on 1/10/13

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Watcher.

His port-o-call this report is the excellent 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western burbs. Daytime activity at 15th Avenue is on the rise, and The Watcher was there, and submitted this report for our review.

Take it away, Watcher!


Hey Doc!
As you know, I frequent CT's in Gary and 15th Avenue in Melrose Park.  I've heard rumors of lunchtime activity at 15th Avenue, and finally got around to seeing what the mid-day crowd was all about.  I've heard that Thursday can be a good day for Noon-time action, so I set the GPS for 2125 N 15th Ave and arrived around 11:15am.  
15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
Melrose Park, IL
Just before Noon a regular couple came in and immediately headed to the spa.  They were an older couple, and heavier than many of the guys like.  They played a little in the TV area, and then bounced back and forth between the spa and their private room - playing with one guy who knew them well.
A few minutes after the first couple arrived, a second couple showed up.  They were in their mid 30's to early 40's - both slender.  She was a dirty blonde with a 70's style hair-do.  They got a private room in the spa area, locked their stuff away and headed to the theater.  They (D&T) sat in the couples area and started to make out - only staying for a few minutes before heading back to the spa.   They looked around at the guys available, and seemed to be making their selections.  I heard from another regular that this couple had been there many times before.  They usually play in their room, and the guy (D) picks out the person who gets to come in to join them.  
After a few minutes alone in their room, D opened the door and pointed to two of the guys standing in the hall.  I watched and waited as contestants #1 and #2 disappeared behind Door #4.  Several minutes later, the guys left, but the couple stayed.  A short while later, the door opened again and another lucky fellow got to go in.  I'll give you two guesses who that lucky fellow was - and your first one doesn't count.  D welcomed me into the room, and resumed fucking T from behind.  He told me to sit on the bench in front of T.  
Private Rooms @ 15th Avenue
Doc, having been married before (that's a sad story for a different day) I know how to follow directions.  I disrobed, and slid in front of T.  As D pounded her from behind, she worked on my shaft with her hand and encouraged me to grab her breasts.  As D pulled out, T asked me to touch her.  I reached between her legs and felt how wet her incredible pussy felt.  It became clear that there were going to be certain limitations to our play - and that's fine. T wasn't giving oral, just manual stimulation.  After a couple of minutes, D laid T down on her back and fucked her missionary.  He told me to jack off and shoot it all over her.  This was what this couple was into.  I was more than willing to give her a load wherever she wanted.  However, I didn't realize I was on the clock to finish the job.  
After just a couple of minutes, D said he needed a break, and asked if I could give them a couple of minutes.  No problem.  I had fun anyway.  I got dressed, and left them alone.  From the sounds coming from the room, they continue their fun without me.  After a little while longer, they showered and left.  While I didn't get to give T a load, it was still a pretty nice mid-day trip to 15th Ave.
Take Care Doc!
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Watcher for another top shelf report!  15th Avenue has pretty consistent weekday and weeknight visits by couples, in addition to the usual Friday and Saturday night crowd.  It's one of the reasons 15th Avenue remains close to the top in The Good Doctor's Power Rankings week in/week out.