Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flash Report! The Loaded Gun Re-Loads @ The Barnett Avenue Superstore in San Diego

Doc here with a 2nd report from new contributor, The Loaded Gun.  Mr. Gun is in San Diego for work, and if this second visit is anywhere nears as good as his first, then we are in for a treat.

Barnett is one of favorite adult theaters in the country, and it may be one of The Loaded Gun's as well.

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

I wanted to give you the 411 on the remainder of my trip in San Diego most recently. 

As luck would have it my business meeting for Friday afternoon was canceled,  leaving me with an opportunity for a lunch time trip to Barnett Super Store.  After a quick stop at the hotel for a shower I was at Barnett's by 12:30 pm.   The parking lot was about half full, which got my hopes up.

Upon entering the back theater I stood against the wall while my eyes adjusted. While waiting a pleasant female voice started a conversation with me.   What awaited me was a beautiful blond with very large boobs naked in the third row.  She had two gentlemen with her, one by her side and another between her legs.  She gave me the rules; no body fluids exchanged, no oral,  and covered intercourse was on the menu  today.

I suited up and was ready for action, the gent between her legs relocated to allow me the honors of playing. Plugging right in without any fanfare I went to town for all I was worth.  The ride was very enjoyable and her boobs were firm and fun to play with (The Loaded Gun is a serious boob man).  After an incredible lunch time treat, I said my thank yous and wished them a great afternoon.

That evening I returned because of a Craigslist posting for couples / couples, I figured if multiple couples are going to be playing I should be there.  At various times there were 5 couples Friday night, two couples played together putting on a great girl/girl show, two couples just watched the movie, and the last couple that came in very late were HOT.

The last couple, she was very slim with a one piece dress on and around 45 years young but look a lot younger.  They sat in the back row for about twenty minutes doing nothing, no talking, no hand holding, nothing. In fact I thought she may have fallen a sleep.

All of a sudden, a very large  man  walks up to her with is cock out and hard, gently but firmly move her legs to the sides and stepping between them and pulls her head to his cock.  With out hesitation she goes to town on him, not stopping until he was empty.  I managed to be second in line, and was treated to a wonderful blowjob that left me with a smile on my face for some time.   Because it was late and I had an early flight I did not stay to watch all of the action.   

Until next time,

The Loaded Gun


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Loaded Gun for another quality Flash Report from San Diego.  Keep up the fine work, sir.


Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful on the Prowl in Portland (w/3 HOT NEW PICS!)

Doc here with a tasty treat for your Thursday... How about a scorching hot Hawaiian Eyeful Couple's Flash Report, with 3 brand new pics of Ms. Eyeful (remember to click the thumbnails to ENLARGE the pics).

Do I have your attention now?

Enjoy the incredible Hawaiian Eyeful and her latest adventure in this thing of ours.

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

Recently, we ventured into a small local business where we chatted up the owner. Knowing we are adventurous and that one of my many fantasies is to have sex in a “taboo” place, he locked up the establishment at closing so we could play. We made our way into the backroom, where I began removing my top and began playing with my breasts while stroking my pussy with my other hand.

Wet, with anticipation, I could hardly wait to have some hot and wild sex. Getting on my knees, I began to enjoy the manhood of my guy, circling my tongue on the head of his penis. Making a vacuum with my mouth on his head, I began to suck furiously. His moans escaping from him let me know I was giving him a very pleasurable ride.

As the store owner watched as we performed, he asked me if he was making me nervous by his watching. I laughed and replied, “No way, I enjoy being watched.” So he settled back in, having a front row seat and continued to watch the live unexpected x-rated show. Although he did not wish to participate, we left with a big smile on our faces, my honey aroused, (but knowing there was more to cum) this would be one closing the owner would remember. As we departed, the owner let us know that one day his partner wouldn’t mind being an active participant and was looking forward to meeting up with us.

The Real Hawaiian Eyeful
The next day we made a stop at Fantasy Video. This particular Adult Store can be a hit and miss when it comes to enjoying sexual exploits. We drove into the non-filled parking lot, crossing our fingers and were hoping that luck would be on our side this time. As I normally do, I made my way around all the booths to see what action, if any, was taking place.

During my walk, I noticed one room in particular where the door was open but occupied. My guy peered inside and found a gentleman totally naked stroking himself off watching the screen. My guy asked him if he wanted some company and motioned for me to come on over. As I made my way toward the door, the guy got up from his seat and took one look at me and pulled me towards him. With his mouth sucking my nipple and with one hand groping my double d’s, while his fingers from his other hand began to make their way towards my pussy, I knew I was in a place of seductive bliss. As I arched myself so I could see my guy while the stranger continued to suck my breasts I felt my juices begin to slide down my leg. I was so ready to be fucked.

I then situated myself so the stranger could continue to suck my breasts and my guy could pound me from behind with his hard long cock . Doing his magic on my now dripping wet pussy, I moaned with pleasure with each deep thrust. Cumming and well satisfied, I than finished off the guy stroking him until his load released onto my breasts. Cleaning up, we got dressed and departed, thanking the guy for sharing his room with us.

Now to this past Friday, we started off our date night meeting up with some friends to attend a local comedy club. Not to offend our friends, I didn’t dress in club attire. Compromising, I wore my blue denim mini skirt accented with a top that could be more seductive later on in the evening, should I desire to “play”. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the comedian was a lot better than his reviews as he had us laughing in our seats with all his sexual innuendos. As the comedy event ended, we said good bye to our friends and went our separate ways. Now, we had a decision to make what to do next? Fortunately for us, this particular comedy club is centered between both the Paris Theater and the Oregon Theater. Not feeling particularly horny, but not quite ready to go home, we chose to head to the Paris Theater.  
Based upon one of my past Friday night visits, I was somewhat apprehensive going back. However, we discussed that we would either play in the oasis or bedroom so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed with the Friday night crowd. As we checked in, I debated whether I wanted to have my Hawaiian Eyeful flag flown - knowing it had been quite some time since I had been there and I had said I would let the guys know when I visited next, I decided to let it fly. As I entered the theater, I was surprised to see the crowd of men was quite low for a late Friday evening about 15 guys and no couples. I imagine with the weather extremely nice, it being Mother’s Day weekend and a sporting event taking place helped with the crowd control.

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself as I fumbled my way into the couple’s room. I thought to myself, “Wow, is this what happens to me when I wait too long to visit?” Before I even settled in, I noticed a regular headed toward us. I made my way to the rail and recognized “The Mechanic”. I began to converse with him as my guy watched from behind. I can only imagine, what my guy was thinking – would I decide to stay in the couples room, head to the bedroom or head to my favorite place the arena table? After a few moments, debating in my mind, I announced to the men my intentions. Turning my attention back to my guy, I grabbed him and the sheets and we made our way to the front of the theater.  
As I removed my top above my head, I could feel the guy’s eyes move to my breasts. I could sense with anticipation what it was going to feel like to have so many hands begin to fondle my succulent breasts. I made my way onto the arena table where I knew that I was about to be pleasured by many. As I laid missionary style with my head at the end of the table, I placed my man’s cock forming a vacuum with my mouth and began to suck.

While sucking, I began to look around to see whose cock I would take next for pleasuring. In the meantime , someone had began to work their oral skills on my pussy with their tongue thrusting and swirling ever so methodically, while his fingers did a dance on my clitoris bringing me to heights unknown. As my ecstasy grew, I knew I needed to be fucked hard and deep. And in just that moment, I felt a tool enter my wet, sweet- tasting pussy, pounding me hard and deep until my juices begin to overflow. I knew this was the first of many poundings in my pussy for the evening as I felt the first load being released.

As my guy had moved on, I placed another man’s cock into my mouth, while my other hand was stroking off another. As my most deep intimate place was still getting its pleasure, I was definitely in my element for the evening and knew that I would be erupting like a Hawaiian volcano throughout the evening. At one point while I was sucking a gentleman’s cock , I thought wow this guy can cum and cum and cum. By that I mean, I felt him unload at least 4 times in my mouth before he stepped away.

As I sat up to take my first break for the evening, I recognized another gentleman from another place we shop frequently. It was a “shock” to my system to see someone that I knew outside this things of ours, participating also. Of course, one should expect this was bound to happen sometime. I had no problem sucking his cock a few minutes later.

After refreshing myself with water and visiting with the guys around me – I offered up myself once again to the growing crowd. Offering my pussy at the end of the arena table, I found myself once again in the land of bliss exploding my sweet tasting cum onto those all around me. As my juices continued to flow, I felt someone begin to clean me up with his tongue. This took me further into bliss and before I knew it I was squirting more cum into his mouth. As long as there is a cock in my mouth, a cock in my pussy and someone sucking my breasts this Hawaiian Eyeful can release her juices like a volcano releasing her hot lava from beneath the hidden depths below.

I continued to suck and fuck all the men in the theater. I mean, after all it had been awhile since my last visit to the Paris. So you women out there, if you ever want to delve into a man’s tool box and find the tools of your choice, the Paris is one of the places to be. What would a girl like me do without the men and their tools?

After a great evening of sex and awakening the next morning still feeling a bit frisky, I wondered what trouble we could get into. I knew we had a busy day ahead and wouldn’t be able to find trouble till later. Dressing in my burgundy ruched mini skirt with a low cut black sexy shirt, we left for the evening to see what trouble we could stir up for the evening. We decided to make way to another frequented local shop. As we entered the store, the owner’s eyes lit up as he recognized us from the Paris. I’m sure he was wondering if he’d get lucky that evening. Little did he know, that’s what we were hoping, too. Our timing couldn’t have been more impeccable as once again it was close to closing time. We waited patiently as the employee let the last patrons out the door and locked the door behind him. We than moved to a more discreet place where we knew no one could see us and proceeded to get down and dirty. Unfortunately, not thinking ahead, none of us had condoms on us. So as much as I wanted to be fucked by him, that wasn’t going to happen. However, it didn’t stop us entirely.

He began to lick out my pussy and as my juices began to flow, & he caught what he could in his mouth as I squirted. I’m not sure who lasted longer, him or me. All I knew I was enjoying the moment! After that orgasmic fill, I positioned myself so I could enjoy deep throating my man’s cock. Meanwhile, the employee began slapping his hard cock on my ass making me want more. It was at that point, I’m glad I had a lot of control, because all I was thinking I wanted that cock in my pussy soooo bad!

Being so horny and my pussy once again overcome with sexual ecstasy, where we had been was now drenched in my sweet tasting cum. I don’t know if it was more torturous for him or me not being able to fuck. So we settled for him cumming on my breasts knowing that the next visit we’d be better prepared. Giving me a hug and kiss (on the cheek) good bye we left once again realizing that another of my conquests was satisfied.

Until my next known adventure – Sweet Sexy “wet” Dreams.

The Hawaiian Eyeful


Doc here again... At no other point in my life have I wanted to be a shop owner in Portland. Can you imagine Hawaiian Eyeful walking into your store with bad intentions.

As always, many, many thanks to Hawaiian Eyeful for another 5-Star Flash Report!  Your legions of fans here at The Journal will be patiently awaiting your next report and scorching hot pics. 

In Hawaiian Eyeful We Trust.


Flash Report! The Big Shield's To Serve and To Protect Tour: Part 3 - Berlin News Agency & Memphis

Doc here with Part 3 of The Big Shield's To Protect and To Serve Tour. 

In this report, he covers quite a bit of ground, so please take notes.  You may be quizzed on these facts later.

So without further ado, from parts unknown, weight unknown, it's The Big Shield.


Hi Doc,

The Big Shield here with a quick update on the Tour - from 35,000 feet up en route to who the heck knows from wherever parts unknown happens to be.

As you know I cover a lot of real estate as attested to by my reports from coast to coast. Following my surprise encounter with Rocky and Bullwinkle on I-15 en route to SIN CITY (May 8th and 9th), I decided that maybe this Tour should be full of surprises with unplanned stops to some of the finer establishments in this thing of ours during unannounced times to get an even better feel for what are scene is. 

A tad sore and somewhat jet lagged from Vegas to parts unknown to Wilmington, Delaware on Friday May 10th, I decided that if I could finish up business early enough that I would venture over to Berlin News Agency (BNA) in Berlin, NJ for a couple of hours before once again being elevated above the ground for a few hours. Prior to Friday's visit, I had only been to BNA one time (last December) and that visit left me not just highly unimpressed but down right disappointed because of the ranking it had on this here blog which is highly respected - at least by The Big Shield.

Having finished up with work with time to drive to BNA, I make a quick change into my UA active wear and headed over.  I arrived just before 2pm and I budgeted 2 hours to give BNA a chance to change my opinion.  There is no need to describe the set-up in. BNA as it is well documented in previous reports archived in this blog and there was no action to speak of during this visit as there were only homo sapiens of like body (and unlike mind) compared to myself, but I ended up staying for two and a half hours just talking with the staff whom were absolutely kick ass cool

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
I signed up for their Yahoo Group which sends out notification of couples and single ladies entering the bookstore (even though there is no way in hell that it will benefit me from home) .

The running joke was that as soon as I left or just before I boarded my plane,  a couple or single lady would show up.  Again there was no action to speak of while I was there,  but wouldn't you know it that as soon as I got to the airport - DING "a couple just entered BNA" and it was only the first of several couples that night.  The end of the story regarding BNA is that following my visit I find myself actively attempting to manipulate meetings on my schedule to be in Berlin, NJ for an entire weekend (don't know if I can swing it but I'm trying like hell).  Like I said in my last report - you never know what you are going to experience or who you may meet in this thing of ours.

Onwards to Memphis To Serve and Protect on Mother's Day.  Should've known - Bible Belt.  Theaters of the adult kind were closed as tight as a straight guys anal sphincter.  No service and no protection of all southern Memphis belle's on Mother's day.  However, I did have time on Monday before my flight out, to swing by the Paris Theater and Love Zone.

The Paris Theater had several unsavory folks milling around outside and there was no parking so I bypassed it (I had neither the time or the patience to try to go in) so ventured a few miles away to Fantasy Zone.  This place is ok - if for no other reason it is cheap as hell.  The Theater admission is $5 for the entire day with all day in and out privileges.

The theater is a large room (if I had to guess - 30 x 40 feet) with a large wall sized screen with surprising clarity of picture even though not Hi-Def.  There are 6 rows of 6 movable chairs (most were sturdy wood chairs with cushions but there were a few Walmart plastics ones scattered here and there.  There is a bathroom in the back which comes in handy.  I learned that couples tend to come in on the 4th Friday and Saturday of each month and wouldn't you know that TBS would just so happen to have business in Memphis on the 4th Friday of June.  The booths do not have doors but never the less there is one booth with a gloryhole.  Again nothing but 3 legged humans so I look forward to seeing a couple or single lady when I return.

So Doc as of Tuesday, May 14th, the Serve and Protect Tour being 2 weeks old - The Big Shield: owes Doc and the readers of this fine blog - pictures of Xposed in Dallas and the two theaters in Memphis, has covered an unknown number of miles, has been to 8 theaters in 3 different states, and has Served and Protected 2 women.  That is pathetic, but quite alright because it is baseball season and just like in baseball where the big hitters sticks usually don't warm up and really begin laying the wood until Memorial Day.

THE BIG SHIELD hopes to lay a bunch of wood in a couple of weeks to bring my 2013 average back in line with my career average which is about 0.650.  That being said, unless I happen to come across a theater somewhere in the world that I may be this week TBS will have a little down time until I find myself in the Drew Park area of Tampa,  Florida on May 22-25.

Until next time, may the Big Shield be with her, whomever she may be.