Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Flash Report: CTs in Gary - Halloween Night by HrdnRdy

Doc here with a terrific first time report by our newest field reporter, HrdnRdy.  HnR was johnny on the spot when the "NOWWW" notification went out from CTs in Gary, IN.  He arrived, he saw, and he conquered... And then he reported.

Enjoy the first-time report of HrdnRdy on his trip to CTs on Halloween...
Sunday, October 31, Flash Report from CT's in Gary, In

Hi All - I thought I would contribute reports from time to time on the action in NW Indiana and the surrounding area.

I was watching a boring Sunday night football game when I decided to check my email and saw a CT's "NOOOOOWWWWWW" notice in my inbox. It was for a "Hot Spanish" lady/couple and the email was timed at 8:31 pm. Well it was 9:01 pm and I live about 40 mins away from CT's and was concerned that I might rush to get there too late, since a lot of times couples only stay for a limited time of an hour or less. I decided to take a chance and boy was it the right call.

I arrived at 9:45 pm to what appeared to be a very small crowd of cars in the parking lot. That is not normally a positive sign. I went into the store and the lobby was quiet and really dead. Again, not a positive sign. Pete was in back so I was waiting at the counter to pay my fees when a BBC regular I know came to the lobby from the theater. He told me that I need to hurry that the spanish lady was still in the theater but was going to leave at 10:00 pm or in about 15 minutes from now. I'm like cool, now where is Pete, I need to pay my fees and get in there before she decides to cut out.

Finally after what seemed a lifetime (about 1 minute, but I was nervous about missing her), Pete came out and collected my fees. Into the theater I went and saw a really hot spanish lady with dark hair, cute sexy glasses, about 5'0, approx 125 lbs and I would guess her to be in the mid-30's sitting in the front row with her guy and another BBC sitting next to her.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN

She and the BBC talked for about a minute then she went to the exam table (which I was standing right next to), and she spread her legs and the BBC started to go down on her to eat what appeared to be a very tasty pussy. He just started and she crossed her legs and got up from the table and told him, no that only her man could do that and she sat back down in her seat with her guy.

My thought was "great, something happened and now she is done for the night". The BBC and her talked for a minute and everything was cool, they must have been on different pages as to what they wanted. He only wanted to eat her out and since she did not want that, he left the theater.

Now there were just 5 of us left in the theater, the lady and her man, the BBC that I know and another early 30's white dude on the side, whacking as he watched the action and myself. So, I'm at the table watching her (actually about 5 ft in front of her as it is a very small theater) to see if I can get a feel for the situation. I did have my pants unzipped and was prepping myself in case I was going to be able to play with her. I noticed that she was staring at my hand in my pants with a look on her face of "oh please pull out that cock and let me see it". After about a minute of this I walked up to the empty seat next to her and said "hi". She took her eyes off my pants long enough to look up and say hi back to me, then lower her head back down just waiting for me to pull my cock out of my pants. I then pulled my 3/4 hard cock out of my pants and she instantly, softly grabbed it and began to stroke it all the while staring at it like a fox that is getting ready to get that first chicken from the hen house.

Now it was about 40 degrees outside so my cock was actually a little cold, she remarked how noticeably cold it was and that she would help me warm it up, she then put my cock into her soft, moist warm mouth and began to slowy, gently suck it. Ok, now I was rock hard and while she was working on warming me up I was moving my hand down her back side and rubbing her ass cheeks and her very nice breasts. After about 2 minutes I began to get worried that I would not be able to hold back any longer when she stopped and looked up at me and said "what do you want to do?". Being the gentleman that I am I responded "what would you like?". She said, "want to fuck me?" I said sure!

She then got up from her seat and positioned herself on the exam table with her legs up in the air and that tasty pussy spread waiting for me. Now it is fairly dark in the theater, but your eyes adjust and the exam table is in front by the TV, so the lighting is not too bad. I looked down at her neatly trimmed landing strip with one of the most attractive tasty looking pussy/lips that I have seen in months. I completely understand why the BBC wanted to go down on her... If it were not for her stopping him earlier I would have tried to taste the lovebox as well and I never do that in theater action because of the enviroment.

I put on the condom then rubbed my cock up and down on her clit  a few times then entered her and she let out a gasp that caught me a little off guard. She was very tight and mentioned what a big cock I had, now really I'm a normal white guy with about a 7" cock on a good night, but her pussy was really tight so maybe I seemed bigger to her than I really was, but I appreciated her comments. As I was slowly fucking her she lifted her top so I could play with those perfectly sized tits and sad to say I blew my load within 3 minutes so as not to be considered a pussy hog.

Too bad that the other guy in the theater did not want to play next, so I could have lasted a little longer, oh well! We finished up with a few minutes of small talk about where we each were from and that they do not like to post notice ahead of time, because she likes somewhat of a smaller crowd, which late on Sunday nights will get you.

All in all a great time at CT's for the last day of October.

Doc here again... Another outstanding first-time submission from our newest field reporter, HnR.  CTs in Gary is one of the theaters The Good Doctor can get to on a semi-regular basis (driving distance from The Scenic Valley near the small women's liberal arts college), and it's good to have another regular patron who can get there and report.  We look forward to HnR's next report.

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