Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coming Attraction Tonight! - Studs Theater in West Hollywood by Capt. EO


Doc here with a Couple's Visit Announcement for tonight, Saturday September 15th, at Studs Adult Theater in West Hollywood, CA.

Here is Captain EO with all the details:


Hey Doc,

Just wanted to see if you could pass this info along about a couple that will be visiting Stud's Theater on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA tonight - Saturday, the 15th - around midnight or 1am PDT.

A couple I have played with in the past has alerted me they will be there around that time, most likely starting out in the straight theater. The wife is looking to service any and every cock, and her husband is a submissive cuckold who will also be available to do the same.

Stud's is a primarily gay theater, but couples do cruise by once in a while, so if any of your SoCal readers want some action at one of the dirtier, fun fuck huts - this is it! I've met up with them there before and they are legit and play nice and safely. The space itself is pretty safe, and if you don't want to hang in the theater(s) right away, you can just hang in the lobby until you see the couple roll in. Enjoy!



Doc here again... Thanks to Captain EO, here is a great lead for you to follow-up on for some late night LA fun.  And lets get a report or two from this landmark adult theater!