Saturday, September 20, 2014

TONIGHT at 7PM! Back to School Party at Hartford's Art Cinema on Saturday Sept. 20th at 7PM

Updated Saturday at 3PM!: Doc here with the last update prior to tonight's huge Back to School Party at Hartford's mighty Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Ave, Hartford.

The Art Cinema Swag Bags are done (check out my Twitter feed HERE for a picture of them), and the stage is set for a great night.  

Here is a sample of the shoot from the theater last night:

You will notice the new blue spotlights on either side of the balcony, and they are amazing! I guarantee you that there will be couples under the blue lights ALL NIGHT!  The new water light on the main floor will also get plenty of attention.

The stage is set, and the orchestra ready.  Now will you dance?

School is in session!



Updated 9/15@ 8AM: Doc here with the 5-day warning and update on the huge Back to School Party at Hartford's Art Cinema.

This is going to be a big one folks. I spoke to the owner of the Art Cinema yesterday, and he said the word of mouth about this event is CRAZY. He and I are both expecting a record turn-out for this event, so as previously mentioned, please get to The Art early to ensure you get your swag bag (to the first 40 male/female couples only).

Once again, the entire balcony will be open for our male/female couples to enjoy. If you have not experienced the blue lights shining on the balcony landings, you are missing a very cool and sexy experience.

5 Days and counting...