Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Field Report! The Captain Resurfaces at Fantasy Zone in Memphis

Doc here with the return of that crusty old sea dog himself, The Captain!  Life on the high seas can be tough, but Cappy has returned with new information on an existing ABS with a mini-theater in Memphis called Fantasy Zone that eluded The Good Doctor's database (info is now updated on the dB).
Here is our good friend, and at the wheel of the Wally Power Yacht, The Captain!

Fantasy Zone
2532 North Watkins
Memphis TN 38127
  • Small Theater and bookstore
  • Open 9-11 p.m. Monday to Saturday. theatre closes at 11 p.m.
  • Video arcade recently renovated this month Oct 2012
  • Right off I-40 exit 2a
  • Pic attached of front door - been there since at least 2002!
  • 2nd hand report of a couple there on 10/12 about 8:30pm playing with gen pop.
  • Report of an impromptu BBW gangbang on 9/19 and another couple played with gen pop evening of 9/21
  • An interesting twist is the theater has special monthly invitation only events, some are gay, some bi, and some couples only. Have to attend theater on a regular basis to get an invite due to an ever vigilant bible belt branded LEO. Heard you can get on the list if you call theater as well, but this being an election year they may be coy.
Through some Googling I found one of the events is a "blackout party" for gay men. 2 hours of total darkness in the theater from 10pm-12 midnight on a Sat once a month - not sure of the details beyond what I read.
I'm trying like heck to get to Art Friday night 10/19 around 7pm!


Doc here again... I have added Fantasy Zone to the dB.  Thanks again to The Captain for the info, and for checking in.  Don't be a stranger, sir!