Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Few Minutes with Dr. Emilio: Halloween Parties Galore!

Doc here with a quick update on Halloween Weekend and this thing of ours'.

The Good Doctor has been in the pacific northwest all week, culminating in tonight's Halloween parties in Portland.  This is my 3rd night here in The Rose City, and so far it has been a bit underwhelming.  Hopefully this will correct itself tonight.

The Oregon, 1982
 In comparing the two Portland adult theaters (The Paris and The Oregon), my personal opinion is that The Oregon is more conducive to couples play with the general population. It is a larger old movie house, couches replaced theater seats, and the new couples section (more like a couples corral) is nicely placed within the old theater.

Tonight The Oregon is hosting a big Halloween party.  They tied with a local bar and a restaurant nearby to cross promote.  There will be prize give-a-ways as well.  The buzz is good leading up to the event.

The Paris is doing nothing out of the ordinary.  It should be a good night there as well with many downtown events nearby.

The Paris, 1982
  You, the good readers of The Journal, will be privy to a one-two punch of reporting.  Brent (from "Brent's Theater Tails") will be on-site at The Paris, adding comments to his Yahoo Group "Flag" posts.

The Good Doctor will be at The Oregon, live Tweeting.  You can view the Tweets at or my monitoring the Twitter feeds on the right hand side of the web page.

I will have a full write up next week, but if you wish to experience the evening virtually, pull up a chair and enjoy the show.  You'll get our best efforts.

I also want to request right here, right now, any of your Halloween adult theater reports from across the country.  The regular Journal reporters should step up to the plate and deliver.  Thanks in advance.

So strike up the orchestra...Let's see if we can dance.  The fun should start around 7PM Pacific Time.