Monday, August 30, 2010

I-Team Report: Tales of Nina, the Bakery Slut, Part 12

Doc here with Part 12 of "Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut".  In this chapter, a possible road trip gone bad turns out to be nothing more than making lemonade out of some lemons. Take it away "B" and Nina:
Nina and I ventured on down to Portland with a friend of our's and his girlfriend. On the way down I told my friend Nina and I have gotten to know quite a few people in Portland (most of which we met in the Jefferson).

As we pulled into town and while waiting for a light to turn green, we were greeted on the sidewalk by a guy we knew from the Jefferson. This was just happenstance of course, but it sure impressed my buddy by this isolated occurrence, as he thought we knew everyone in Portland.

We continued on to the Jefferson. My buddy’s girlfriend is no prude she has been involved in many wife swap situations and had a pretty clear idea on what goes on in the Jefferson by my earlier briefing on the way down. I still forewarned her about running the gauntlet while maneuvering into the couples section. After navigating thru the throng of dick wavers and gropers she was totally freaked out. Nina didn’t even have time to get her big beautiful tits out or suck her first dick of the night before my buddy’s girlfriend wanted to go home. I didn’t realize he was so pussy whipped; I told him lets unload our stuff out of our car and you guys can head on back if you want to. We asked if we could stow our suitcase and Nina’s toy bag ( it’s a 60 pounder ) in the little room behind the counter, the clerk said it was ok.

They drove off in our car headed in a northern direction. So here we are 150 miles from home, no car, no hotel reservations, what are we to do. We did what every sex crazed couple would do, we went back into the couples section to continue our sexual pleasures!

As we settled back into the couples section we were approached by three different guys we knew from up our way, offering us a ride home. (of course they knew this was a absolute guarantee of a blow job or a piece of ass). Nina spotted Brent in the crowd and motioned him to come over, he is one of our favorite people in this little subculture that we so enjoy. She offered him a blowjob, but he said there was so much going on in the theater this night that one of her blow jobs would cause him sexual amnesia and he would not be able to remember what went on and have total writers block for his next posting. He did take a rain check and collected on it, I think, the next night.

It was a very busy night, the couples section was full. Nina went over to the chain and started making the guys hanging around that area happy. She was wearing her usual mini skirt, sans panties, garter belt, thigh highs and tits hanging out of a low cut blouse. This ensemble is always a crowd-pleaser and you know Nina she aims to please. I was trying to keep count but lost track while watching what was going on all around me. After coming back from a short break outside we went up to the front of the stage to watch the lady Brent calls Dildo Lady perform. She stands up on the stage with a bag full of dildos of different sizes and demonstrates their uses. I swear we saw her take an 18 inch dildo three quarter the way up her pussy.

When she was through I took Nina up and invited four or five guys to thoroughly molest my poor little girl. The molestation went on for more than a hour or so and all participants were thoroughly drained in more ways than one. All five guys limped off the stage and Nina was like Minnesota Fats in "The Hustler", she drank a little water, slapped on a little lipstick, brushed her hair and was ready to go again.

Our friends from Seattle were ready to go so we had to call it a night for the Jefferson. We gathered up our suitcase and Nina’s toy bag, loaded it in Ron’s PT cruiser and headed for a motel that he knew about that would allow him to check in at 5 AM and you are good for the following day. Ron and his buddy are a salt and pepper team who come to Portland to watch the Trailblazers and people like Nina perform at the Jefferson (they are also are hilarious, bantering back and forth).

End of Part 12
Doc here again... Another chapter in this ongoing series, and it keeps getting better and better.  Thanks again to "B" for his contributions!

Nina's Acceptance Speech - Top 3 Adult Theater Women

Doc here with the first acceptance speech from a winner from The Good Doctor's Top 3 Adult Theater Woman awards.   Nina the Bakery Slut tied for 3rd place with Lynn the 3rd Grade Teacher in a tightly contested race to the finish.

So, without further ado, is Nina's acceptance speech for 3rd place:

"I could not believe I did so well in the Top Three Adult theater Women poll. It definitely did wonders for my ego. I would like to thank the Good Doctor for his great Journal and especially for those who cast their votes for me. It's like my husband says "Not bad for a old broad." I hope to one day see you in the theater.

Doc here again...Thank you Nina for the years of showing us why you are a top theater slut in "this thing of our's".  Those lucky to have spent some quality time at an adult theater with you can attest why you are so special. 

Hopefully we will be receiving one more acceptance speech...From our winner, Tina from CTs.  As soon as it hits our news desk, it will get published.