Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flash Report! Snoils @ The Berlin News Agency

Doc here with a combination report for both the Journal, and Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group, from Snoils.

This report is focused on the Berlin New Agency, and the hot scenes that play out there night after night.

Here is Snoils and his report...


Hi Brent/Doc,

Never did this before, but was traveling in NJ and love to visit the various meccas of this thing of ours when I travel.  Thought I'd issue an after action report from last night at Berlin New Agency in Berlin, NJ. .

What a night at the BNA!  Saw the 8:45 Couple alert and was nearby, so decided to stop in.  Got there around 9:15 and saw there was another couple alert at 9:10.  'Night keeps getting better' I thought!

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
For those who haven't been there, Berlin News Agency is set up with a 'legit' magazine, lottery and cigar operation up front.  There is a wooden door that opens to a standard porn shop - movies (does anyone buy porn anymore) dildos and lingerie.  There is a booth section on one side (never been) and a door that leads to a theater area.  You slip a $10 spot into the machine and it opens to the fun zone!  They have an email alert system to let people know about couples or women entering the theater.

Upon entering, you go back a dark hallway. 
On the left there is a small theater showing gay films, then going down the hall there is a much larger 'theater with traditional theater seats which was showing some hot girl-on-girl porn.  Straight back and to the right are four rooms with a 5' high wall around them that all show straight porn, with the back two and the front two showing the same film.  They all have benches in an L shape and two have a large round padded 'table' in the middle of the room.  Porn in all theaters is shown courtesy of large flat screen TVs, the inventors of which single Handel saved or revived the porn theater world!

So I walk in and see a small crowd in the backroom where the table is. Heading there, I see the reason for the crowd.  A  tall slender blonde with a lot of ink is reclining on the bench while a young thin black dude eats one very tasty looking pussy!  She had her nice looking tits out and was playing with them as he ate her.

The other couple was among the crowd, watching intently.  They were well dressed middle aged couple, looking like they had just driven up from the Jersey Shore to have dinner and check out the scene at BNA. So after some whispering, they sit on the other quadrant of the L shaped bench, alternating between watching the couple and kissing and touching.

SO tall inky blonde climaxes, puts her panties and bra back on (DAMN!) and sits next to BF to return the favor.  She starts giving an epic BJ, lots of caressing and licks and long, deep strokes.  Eventually couple 2 begins giving a BJ to hubby.  He was trying his best to reveal her very firm looking tits to the crowd, but to no avail (curse you tight fitting tops and bras)!  Again, just looked like it was maybe an unplanned trip.

Then, to make matters better, Couple 3 shows up.  They were young looking (I can never guess the ages of women these days) incredibly hot blonde in a jean skirt and conservative top and BF with a fit slight build (swimmer or soccer player?).  They come in, head back to see what the crowd is doing, then head back to the main theater - some of the penis gallery in tow!  After awhile they take a quick look around, then make a b line for the door.  I figured shy first timers, and not ready for fun.

So we all continue watching couples one and two, but it seems like they are just going to play among themselves, with not much to see.  Seemed like cpl 2 wanted someone to join, but nothing really happened.
The penis gallery seemed content to stand back and watch.Then couple three returned, and went into the main theater.  A few of the penis gallery joined them, followed by couple 2.  Eventually cpl 1
joined them, followed by the entire penis gallery.  There was a hot girl on girl porn playing, so I think we were all expecting a little girl on girl action, but no such luck.  After chatting with cpl 3 for a
bit, Cpl 2 left (I really thought they'd be the players).  Cpl 1 sat on the bleacher seats while cpl 3 watched the movie.  Then cpl 3 left again, followed shortly thereafter by cpl 1, leaving nothing but the penis gallery.

So I'm thinking we crapped out, as did a number of the penis gallery,who left shortly thereafter (around 10:00 maybe?)  But, good things cum to those who wait!  Cpl 3 soon returned, and took up a position in the main theater.  I moved to about 4 rows in front (they were near the back row with a small crowd watching ) and soon my patience was rewarded.  He slid his shorts down and she went down on him.

After a few minutes, he got up and pulled his pants back up, so I thought maybe they would leave.  but instead they went to the very back corner room and resumed the exquisite bj for all to see.  The penis gallery of maybe 5-6 was very well behaved, so she climbs on top cowgirl style and he pulls up her skirt to reveal an incredible ass and no panties (so they did cum to play after all)!

So she rides him like a pro, and he removes her bra and top to reveal the most incredible pair or sex breasts!  Firm and round with amazing hard nipples.  I had to move around to look over the wall so I could get a good view of her amazing assets, and in doing so, I lost my place - which would cum back to haunt me later!

In an attempt to be able to say his hot girlfriend was completely nude in a sleazy adult theater while a group of horny guys stroked themselves, he tried to remove the jean skirt too but it wouldn't cooperate (curse you again tight clothes!).So he kept patting the seat next to him, but no one came over.  I was kind of blocked to the back or I would have moved in.  So she gets he to stand and he starts fucking her hard doggy style as she is softly saying 'fuck me baby,' and 'that's it fuck e harder.'  What an incredible scene.  By then couple 1 returned and was standing behind the wall watching the action as well!

He stops fucking this gorgeous angel and starts fishing around in his pockets and pulls out a condom.  He turns to look to the crowd and I was ready to go and tried to step up when she asked 'what the hell are you doing' and after some heated whispers, she basically says 'hell no.'  Thanks for trying buddy, but she gets to make the rules!

So he gets back in the saddle and works her good and hard for awhile and then he cums in her.  She quickly gets dressed, and they say they aren't embarrassed, just need a bathroom to clean up to which we all chuckle.  so they go into the bathroom, cleanup, and then make a quick exit.  I thank them for the hot show as they walk out (always use your good manners!) and they laugh and say 'you're welcome' as they leave!

I truly hope to see them again, and hope she decides to let others join.  Damn I wanted to just touch her hot sexy body, but since we were not invited, everyone respected their space.  Kudos to a very well behaved small crowd!

Sometime after they had finished, couple 1 disappeared, leaving nothing but the penis gallery.  I lingered for about a half hour hoping for more action, but no couples came!

So it was a great visit to BNA, and hope to get back soon!


Thanks again for Snoils for a great report from BNA.  Keep up the great work...