Saturday, April 6, 2013

Flash Report! Peeper at Cinema L'Amour in Montreal

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from north of the border. No, not Michigan... I'm talking about Montreal, Quebec.
First time reporter Peeper has submitted a quality Flash Report from Canada's top adult theater, Cinema L'AmourThis report has everything a great report should have: exposition, links, a personal POV, great detail, and a recommendation.
Enjoy the ride kids, and fasten the seat belts.
First time reporter but a long time participant of this thing we enjoy.
Last Thursday I had the opportunity to visit Cinema L'Amour in downtown Montreal. Since I have not seen many reports from here I thought I would offer an update.
I will try to detail the whole experience so those non-French speakers can feel comfortable about visiting this great old theater. The cinema in an area of town that is very active with restaurants and bars. The street is very busy and parking is a challenge at night. They have parking meters on the street so if you find a spot you can pay at the meter and you are set for 2 hours. You need to feed the meter if you plan to stay but they stop checking at 9:00 PM.
Cinema L'Amour
Montreal, Quebec
I arrived about 7:30PM and was greeted by a female clerk who was very pleasant. She spoke English very well. The place is an old time theater with many seats (still in good shape and clean). They have an area in the center of the theater, 2 rows that are set up for couples only. There is plenty of room to play in that area without unwanted visitors.
Thursday night couples get in free after 6:00PM. Check the websites for times, specials and prices. About 8:30PM a 40"s couple entered and went straight to the couples area.  The gang sat in the row in front to try and get a good view but there wasn't much action. They left the main theater about 30 minutes later.
About 9:15PM a young 20's couple came in and sat in the general seating area. She didn't take long to dive in for a taste of her man but the flock surrounded them and she was unsure she wanted that much attention. They got up and moved to a safer area, the couples section. There she quickly sucked her male escort enough to get the guy hard. She quickly dropped her pants and sat on his cock. She rode him reverse cowgirl for a little while. They swapped after about 5 minutes and he took her from behind and he banged her pretty hard. Suddenly the first couple reappeared next to them and she started sucking her guy. Seems like they wanted to hook up with the young couple but no luck. The young couple stayed on pace and he finished off with both of them moaning in great pleasure. They quickly dressed and left. The other couple left too right after the young couple did.
Later a third couple came in and sat in the couples section. They left in less than 5 minutes.
Later I noticed a bunch of guys standing down in front looking up so I had to find out what was going on. I went down to take a look and I found out you could see the couples VIP section in the balcony from the front. I guess the first couple was up there playing alone. You can't see much from that far away but you could tell they were playing.
I left around 10:30PM since the place was emptying out and they close at 11:00PM.
If any of the theater fans out there find themselves in Montreal you need to stop by this place. With all the clubs in the area this place has to have regular activity. I will certainly visit again my next trip.
Doc thanks for hosting this blog. It is a great source of information and it is always fun to hear about all the other theater fans experiences.
Play safe,
Doc here again... Many thanks to Peeper for the great Flash Report from Cinema L'Amour. We are looking forward to many more, sir.