Monday, April 5, 2010

Hot Flash Report! HEB in Seattle

The tsunami of Seattle information continues to hit the Control Room here at The Good Doctor's office. Now we have a Flash Report from a visit this afternoon by Sable at Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle.  Sable's boyfriend offers the following blow by blow report:

Well, I am Sable's boyfriend and I have to tell you she was awesome at HEB this afternoon. She wore a nice pull over blouse with a black sweater and a very short black skirt with stockings and a thong. We had never been to HEB before so neither of us knew what to expect.

When we walked into the theater we were in the main room. I didn't care too much for the bondage movie playing so we went into another room and had a seat. It wasn't long before Sable said it was too light and let's go back to the main room. Sable is a fairly conservetive woman so when we sat down she was a bit nervouse. Well that didn't last long. She was the only woman in the place and every guy there was checking her out. I reassured her she was safe and to start thinking slutty thoughts. She did and started unbuttoning my jeans, I slowed her down a bit and had her open her legs so I could play with her bald pussy and let the guys take a peak . She then started giving me head. Now she really had their attention as the guys started rooting her on and moving in to enjoy the show. Sable is a very attractive woman, tall blonde and a great set of tits. about three guys were standing in front of her and I had her sit up and asked the guys if they'd like to play with her tits. I opened up her blouse and pulled her tits out of her bra. Two men started feeling her up at the same time. Another older dude started running his hand up and down her thighs. It was quite a show for me to see her getting the attention of three men at the same time. She then started sucking my cock. I asked her to straddle me and she moved on top of my lap and got my cock in her. The guys were digging this. The plastic chair I was sitting in cracked and sable said to fuck her from behind. She stood up and bent over the broken chair as I dogged her in front of about seven guys.I couldnt believe how much she was getting into this whole scene. We then sat down and I wispered in her ear that she should stroke someone off. The one gentle men was standing on her right by the wall with his dick in his out of reach and she asked him to take the seat on the right next to her. Well anyway she got up on her knees in the chair and bent over to continue sucking my cock. This lucky guy had Sables ass right in front of him and went to town feeling her ass. When I asked him how he like her pussy he said he just came and wished his wife was like Sable.

Truly a day to remember for her and I . She got right into being the center of attention and the guys all respected her boundries. We are planning a trip to Portland in the near future and check out the Paris.

Doc here again... As I mentioned in my last "House Call" blog entry, HEB is a place that can yield some hot coupes fun.  Our Time-Life operators are standing by, waiting for more reports.  Do you have one?  If so, e-mail The Good Doctor at