Thursday, September 17, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Part 2 of The Long Awaited Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports (w/ 2 HARDCORE VIDEOS!)

Doc here again, a man who some say knows his way around a pair of Indian clubs, with Part 2 of The Mother of All Hawaiian Eyeful Reports.

In this sequel to Monday's incredible report, pics, and video, we will take a gander at two long form videos of the sexy and naughty Hawaiian Eyeful as she fucks and sucks to her little heart's delight with her boy toys.

In Part 1 of her report (available HERE), the Hawaiian Eyeful detailed her erotic adventure that started from a SLS Meet & Greet, and then ventured to an adult book store for the monkey business you can see in that report, and below.

And now for some insight on Hawaiian Eyeful... Yes, she is that wild in person!  She gives off a sexual energy that is really off the charts, and these two videos give you a sneak peak behind Ms. Eyeful's velvet curtain.

So kids, without further ado, here are the last two videos from this adventure, and they are AMAZING!


Part 2, The Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports - 
2 Videos!