Thursday, June 1, 2017

Field Report! B&B Hits the Renovated Pleasure 365 in Monclova (just outside Toledo), OH on 5/30/17

Doc here, a man who some say gave the best years of his life to auto glass, with a brand new Field Report from just outside The Glass City in Monclova, OH from contributors B&B.

Pleasure 365 has been converted from an ABS with booths to a 2-floor / 2-adult theater facility.  The location has a huge parking lot, is discreet, and provides another solution to the void left by the closing of The Westwood Theater in Toledo. 

Take it away, B&B...


Hello Doc,

Pleasure 365, The details..............

The store is completely flipped around from what it was. Where the glory holes used to be is now the retail area. The theater is where the retail used to be. The theater is no Westwood (we were spoiled) in size, but is spacious enough. One couch, several tables with chairs, an exam table with stirrups and a wedge bench. That makes up the general area.
Pleasure 365
9410 Airport Highway, Monclova, OH
The couples area is L shaped with a huge couch, exam table and a few tables with chairs. Very clean! This is separated by a wall with glass on the upper part for viewing the movie and for the guys viewing the couples. This area is raised from the main floor by two or three  steps.