Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Couples Flash Report: Moaning Lisa's Salute To the Troops @ 15th Ave

Doc here with another outstanding Couple's Flash Report, this time from yet another one of my favorite patients, Moaning Lisa.  Once again, the scene is set at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in the western suburbs of Chicago.  It is Sunday night (AKA Football Night in America), and here with the play-by-play, is Moaning Lisa...


Special Edition Report:  For the Troops

Dear Doc,

My apologies for not getting a report to you sooner…I have been working hard and playing harder!
Last night the owner of 15th Avenue was gracious enough to open the party room for the
Bears/Vikings game, so J & I had to go!  The beer was cold, the game was great, and Hester was amazing!!!

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit the party room at 15th Avenue,  it is a large room with a bar, and a projector casts a large, clear picture of the game on the wall. The room also has a small stage and 2 small (9’x5’) private rooms.  The 2 private rooms are free while the party room is open.  Each room contains a massage table… just the right height… (well, I HAD to test it out… all in the name of being an investigative reporter, of course).

There were 4 other couples at the game, and a handful of guys.  After the game, some of the couples went to the private rooms in the spa, and we went to the theater.  I don’t think I can blame all my excitement on the game, but I found myself looking around for some hard cocks to play with.

I started off sucking a young guy who was in town for business, and within moments, other hot cocks were surrounding me.   As I quickly pulled off my Bears shirt, releasing my 40DDs, a tall good-looking older guy began fingering my pussy.  As his fingers pistoned in and out, hitting my G-spot, I knew I was in trouble. I moved down further in my chair, arching my hips up, and pulling my jean skirt up higher.  Seconds later, I began squirting all over his hand.  He kept finger fucking me and I came again and again, the juices now all over the chair and floor.  My “audience” really seemed to enjoy the show, as they cheered me on, and their cocks were all rock hard.
My expert “G-spotter” pulled a large, thick cock out his pants, and I immediately slipped a condom on him with my mouth.  After giving it a few deep sucks, I knew I wanted it in my pussy.  I turned my back to him and bent over, opening my cunt to him.  He grasped my hips and sank it deep.  He rocked me for a good 10 minutes before blowing a hot load of cum.  I turned around and sucked my juices off the condom, loving every minute of it.  I sucked a few more beautiful cocks, and had them cum all over my tits.  I smeared it in until it disappeared, then went to hit the showers.

As I was getting cleaned up, my husband J was talking with my “G-spotter” and found out he is a
Vietnam vet.   He also found out that A LOT of the guys that I have spent quality time with at 15th
Avenue are veterans… of Desert Storm, Afghanistan, the list goes on…I was rather surprised  (don’t ask me why, I don’t know) and very pleased by this bit of intel!!  I have always been so grateful
to the men (and women) who serve our country, and it was nice to know I had given a little back to them.

SO PLEASE NOTE:  Any servicemen (or women, you know I don’t discriminate) who are on leave and wish to stop by 15th Avenue, I will personally thank you if I am there!!! Or… for those of you serving in The States or overseas, be sure to swing by 15th Avenue on your way home, so I can welcome you back properly!! 

Patriotically Yours,
Moaning Lisa         


Doc here again... The Dynamic Duo of Lisa and Liz have combined for two great Couple's Flash Reports from 15th Ave in the last 24 hours.  They are two of the reasons why this terrific ABS/theater/spa/party room is thriving in the western burbs of the City Of Broad Shoulders.  They, coupled with a very clean environment, a steady flow of regular patrons of the arts make this one of my top 3 locations for this thing of ours in the country.

Thanks again to Moaning Lisa for her salute to the troops.  Old Marine Corps Guy would be proud of you!

Semper Fi!


Flash Report: Mr. Fun Maks A Quick Stop at The Apex Theater in Baltimore

Doc here with a quick hitting Flash Report from regular correspondent, Mr. Fun.  Mr. Fun found himself at The Apex Theater in Baltimore, MD (info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Here is Mr. Fun and his report...

The Apex Theatre
Baltimore, MD circa 2009

Hi Doc,

Got to stop in during the afternoon, not expecting much.  While walking down the aisle on the left to check out the partitions, an unexpected encounter:  a very nice looking black woman was standing in one of the partitions.  I started chatting her up, but sensed that she was there on business, and passed on the opportunity.

After sitting and watching for a while, it looked like the 'regulars' all knew her, but no one did anything with her.

Mr. Fun


Doc here again... Thanks again to Mr. Fun for a rare report from B-More and The Apex.  The Apex happens to be one of my least favorite adult theaters in the country.  It scores poorly on all the important factors in this thing of ours:
  • Bad neighborhood (if you know what a "blue light" neighborhood is, then you know how bad)
  • Awful parking (on street only, if you dare)
  • By far, the smelliest bathroom I have ever been inside
  • I have been there 4 times, and have seen a total of two couples
So kudos and a Purple Heart for taking one for the team, Mr. Fun.  Thanks again!