Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Call For Reports!

Doc here... I am sure you have noticed a slow down of reports here at The Journal over the last few days.  There is a good reason...

No inventory.

I have a few reports in the hopper, waiting for first-timers to provide a pen name (please do me a big favor, first-timers... Include a pen name with your first report. Pretty please, with sugar on top). There are some good ones too, but I need the byline.

In the meantime, I need you to put fingers to keyboard and send in your adult theater reports... I will edit and format for you, and even drop in a pic or two if you have none.  You get the glory and the byline.

Please send in your Flash, Field, or Blast From The Past Reports direct to The Good Doctor at

The Good Doctor is wrapping up the busiest traffic month EVER at The Journal.  We will hit 200,000 page views this month, and we are also standing at a worldwide rank of the 503,000th most popular website.  How cool is that?

But to keep this momentum going, I need reports from you, the good readers of The Journal.

Thank you again for making The Journal the #1 adult theater website on the interwebs.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Tampa Adventure

Doc here with a report from our good friend and senior reporter, Bob in Biloxi.  Bob's travels have taken him to Tampa, and this is his report.
Greetings Doc,
My business required me to travel to Tampa, Fl for a convention last week. Upon arriving at the hotel and grabbing a quick shower I headed over to Drew Park. For those unfamiliar with Tampa, Drew Park sports some of the wildest theater/ABS places in the country. One of those is Fantasyland I.
When you enter Fantasyland, you pay $19.00 for the run of the place. The place has a lounge area with several pool tables along with a theater and several “private” area mini theaters. One of the mini theaters is actually a voyeur room with a large window enclosed in glass. The others are more or less theme rooms, and all have locking doors. Then you have a large arcade area with most of the booths toward the back sporting gloryholes.
Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
Lady luck was on my side that Friday around 10pm, as a slim blonde with the right attitude and huge tits (read enhanced) was putting on a show that would stop traffic. I guess I was number 11 or so in line to receive her oral talents. Seems she was in the mood to be covered in baby batter that night, and this reporter didn’t let the community down. She was probably around 40/50 years old, long blonde hair, landing strip cut pointed the way to an otherwise shaved pussy.
Having taken up residence in the voyeur room and allowing two guys at a time inside she was soon on her way to becoming a major hit with the patrons. With her rubbing her clit and talking shit it was not long before she had what she wanted out of every man that stepped up to the plate. It didn’t matter if you wanted sucked or wanted to fuck her, as long as you covered her with cum.
I think most of these women that frequent Fantasyland are kept women. I say that because you can look at a woman and just know she takes care of herself, hair, fingernails, the way they dress, shoes, etc etc. You can also look in the parking lot, and when you see Jaguars, Mercedes, Bentley’s and BMW’s you get the idea this is a pleasant diversion to otherwise professional couples. I have no idea how long this lady stayed, but it’s a sure bet she walked out of there with exactly what she came for….
Bob in Biloxi
On Saturday night I arrived around 11pm, not long after that a young Cher look-a-like came in, minus the huge beak. She was dressed in a micro mini black skirt, black blouse, black high heels. She and her man sat and watched the movie forever, patience in this thing of ours is hard, but most of the time it pays off, if you can stay awake! Sometimes they would get up and walk around, followed of course by hordes of guys, and that was only to go to the bathroom. Soon the crowd began to not follow her to the bathroom, but then I had to go one time at the same time, Lady Luck smiled again as we both met in the hallway and I complimented her on her outfit, we talked for maybe a grand total of one minute before she invited me into one of the private rooms (mini theater).
She asked me to sit down on one of the couches as she slowly stripped, she pulled her top off, revealing “A” size tits (that would later prove to be as sensitive as a hair trigger on a pistol, AND the very button that would set her off into La La Land) taking her time. She turned around and slowly peeled off that mini skirt, revealing a perfect heart shaped ass! Ever so slowly she began to give me a lap dance (totally nude, sans the heels) while I had my cock out. She would graze my cock with her ass and pussy, before finally dropping to her knees and engulfing me. She sucked my cock while her man was behind her licking that honey hole, when she finally came up for air, she asked me if I had a condom. Really? Do you think I wouldn’t have one? Producing the special condom I purchase because of latex allergies, she did something I never thought about, she turned around, bent over, and while looking between her legs, she took my cock in one hand, the condom in the other and with one smooth motion, inserted both into her pussy!!! As she rose up I could see the condom was on my cock perfectly as she continued to ride up and down while sucking her man in the front! She fucked me reverse cowgirl for at least 30mins before I blasted away!! This lady had practice at pleasing herself with a cock!!
Fantasyland II
Tampa, FL
After I thanked her, I headed over to Fantasyland II, because I heard it was a much nicer place, it is!! The theater is just right, the theme rooms have gloryholes and are large. Problem is, no one was there? At least not when I arrived, so I sat down and watched the screen, this place is much cozier, the screen is not nearly as bright and harsh on your eyes as ONE, nothing but couches adorn the place. Soon the door opened and a young blonde walked in with her man. It wasn’t five minutes later the place was packed!! How do they do that? She took a couple of guys in one of the theme rooms and fucked them. Then the place cleared out again. I’m thinking, was this a scheduled meet? It was late so I headed back to the hotel.
On Monday during the morning, I dropped by FL #1, there was a tall blonde in a see through mini playing pool with her man. I watched for a while and then left. Seems she was into playing pool and showing off, and that’s nice, but it doesn’t relieve any pressure on my part.
On Wednesday I decided to see if the ole term ladies night out still stood firm, it does not, there was only one couple in FL#1, but she was showing off, fucking and sucking those she deemed worthy. I was not interested so Wednesday was a bust for me.
On Thursday, my luck changed again, I checked out both FL1 and FL2, nothing but confused folks. But I remembered a fairly new place right down the street from FL1, called X-Mart. It’s an ABS with arcades and some of the booths have gloryholes. Seems to be a pretty clean place, as my eyes adjusted I could tell there was only one booth lit up (out of 20 or so) I also noticed when I pulled into the parking lot there were only about 4 cars there. So just to make sure I checked in to the adjoining booth and peeked through the hole, low and behold and little blonde chick was on her knees sucking her guys cock!!
Feeding some money into my machine and bringing out my hardware, there was soon a painted fingernail was circling the hole, my lucky day! The little blonde would lick, suck and engulf, after awhile I could tell her man moved around behind her and started pounding her (her head kept hitting the wall) Times like this, you need to be able to cum quickly, because it has been my experience in the past, that after the man is finished he pulls the chick is pulled off your cock and they leave. Armed with that bit of knowledge and trying to blast her as soon as I could, she made the mistake (or was it?) of engulfing me at the right time, and I unloaded directly into her throat. It seemed she didn’t even know it for awhile until she came up for air and the last squirt hit the back of her throat. She must have turned around to show her man my baby batter on her tongue, because I could hear her giggling and the man saying well done you little slut!! Yep, well done baby!!
Caught a fast mover the next morning back to the ole homestead, I got to thinking, if you’re in Tampa and can’t get any pussy, either you’re dead or not looking. These ladies have figured out what it’s used for and they use it too!! Nice place to visit, Doc.
Doc here again... I agree Bob, Tampa can be a lot of fun!  Fantasyland I and II are so clean, they almost have a restaurant atmosphere in the theater. Thank you sir for another terrific report!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater (w/19 PICS!)

Doc here with another fantastic Couple's Flash report from that southern rascal, The Bayou Boudreaux. His latest visit to Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater sounds like it was wild, and you have a front row seat.
If you like your reports with filthy detail and tons of pics from the actual event, you are in luck.  This report has both in spades.
Good Morning Doctor,
As promised, I took the lil slut to the Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS Saturday night.  We arrived, the parking lot was overflowing into neighboring business.  It was a good sign the lil slut was going to get a belly full of cum and a nice workout!

As usual, we entered and found a place to sit.  It wasn’t where we wanted so we watched some of the movie until ‘our spot’ became available.  It is interesting to watch the people preposition themselves for either a good view or to get in line quickly once the action starts.  And any regular there knows that it isn’t long before the lil slut begins her tasks of taking all the cum she can. 
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

Once settled in I began to play with the lil sluts cunt and it was getting a bit wet.  A gentleman you may know Doc, The Oral Reporter, asked if he could taste the lil sluts pussy.  Well, who am I to deny a gentleman his nourishment!  Oral Reporter dove into that pussy like he hadn’t eaten in days.  And from the reaction of lil slut, the moans and hip twitching, I’d say he was doing a great job.  Lil slut, being the cum eater she is, started reaching for cock and there were plenty to oblige.  OR was eating her cunt, she had one cock in her mouth and was reaching for another.  It looked like the Oral Reporter wasn’t the only hungry person there.  Lil slut took one load, gulped it down.  She was stood up, spun around and getting fucked from behind, a cock in her mouth.  I could hear muffled groans as the guy behind her pounded her cunt.  He came, pulled out and another took his place.  The cock in her mouth fed her the sticky goo lil slut loves to eat. 

Lil slut sat back down and the cocks lined up, one after another lil slut milked them of there seed and gulped every bit down.  One heavy set gentleman spewed such a large load, even lil sluts trained gulp didn’t contain all his cum, what a wonderful sight!  He actually came back two other times and she sucked his cock and took his gooey donate like the greedy lil slut she is.  She said his is a double cummer, he would cum a heavy load, keep fucking her mouth and about a minute later shoot another large load down her slut throat.  Between blowjobs from this gentleman, he got a friend with a nice size cock and brought him to the theater.  He fed the lil slut cock, spun her around and banged her cunt from behind, before spinning her back around, laying her back and power fucking her until he came.
The line continued for about 2 hours, lil slut taking gooey load after load, sucking the cum out of all cocks that wanted it. 

Like usual, one most of the cocks were satisfied, the action slowed way down.  Lil slut and I watched some of the movie and an occasional cock would wonder up, little slut would milk the cum from his nutsack and continue on.

We were about to leave, actually getting a little bored since she had taken care of all the cock in the theater, when a couple came in.  Doc, let me tell you, she was a hottie, a blonde bombshell.  Great tits, nice sexy ass and a great set of legs, pure eye candy!  Well, it appeared she was quite the shy type, I mean her man sat down beside lil slut, she wiggled that sexy blonde bombshell ass between lil slut and her man, and she was on his cock in no time at all!  I was quite impressed and pleased.  And Doc, it just got better, lil slut and blonde bombshell started working her man’s cock. 
After a few minutes, blonde bombshell sat up, leaned back towards me, I grabbed a handful of those sweet tits and it was on!  She sucked my cock, lil slut was riding her man and we were all just having a great time.  I dropped a hand to blonde bombshell’s pussy and it was soaked.  I had to have some of that!  She mounted me and we rocked together for a bit before I want more.  I spun her around, took her from behind and she worked my cock with her pussy like there was no tomorrow.  I shot my load deep inside her and looked to lil slut, cleanup time. 
 Lil slut, just climbing off the cock she was riding dove between blonde bombshell’s legs and worked her pussy over.  From the sounds she did a great pussy cleaning job.  Lil slut laid back and blonde bombshell went to work on her pussy, then we showed them the mini vibrator lil slut keeps in her slut purse.  They had fun with that, lil slut laid back over blonde bombshell’s man, they were both working her pussy over.  Blonde bombshell took another cock from behind, sucked a couple of cocks, and may I say, she is quite the cock sucker, and the fun continued. 
All of a sudden, the lights flashed and it was closing time!  Where the heck did the time go?  I don’t know, but we had a great time, met a really cool couple and we’re already talking about our next trip.

Doc, if I may take a minute of your time.
This was blonde bombshell’s first time to actually play, and there were a couple of fairly ‘aggressive’ guys.  It was a real turnoff for her.  She was not against pleasing them but there were just too aggressive.  Luckily that was handled.

One other thing Doc.  Lil slut was sucking a guys cock, his phone rang and he took the call!!!  Well, needless to say, he was booted to the back of the line.  If your life is so busy you can’t silence your phone during a blow job, don’t get in line.
Over all, with the exception of a few, the Biloxi Adult Theater is a great place, the regulars try to help when some get overly aggressive and it is overall a very friendly, accepting atmosphere.

This is Bayou Boudreaux signing out, until next time Doc!
Photo Gallery (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE the pics)

Doc here again... Many thanks to The Bayou Boudreaux for another terrific report and the accompanying pics from the event!  Keep up the great work, sir!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flash Report! Sunday Brunch with Hawaiian Eyeful @ The Paris Theatre (with Exclusive New Pic!)

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from the incredibly hot Hawaiian Eyeful.
Last Sunday morning, as The Good Doctor was enjoying Bloody Mary #2, I saw a Hawaiian Eyeful Flag pop up at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR at 10:35am. This was unusual, and sparked my interest in what was being served at this brunch.
Now we know.
Here is the incredible Hawaiian Eyeful and her report...
Due to flight delays, we arrived at the Paris Theater much later than we anticipated.  We were hoping to catch the crowd left from Saturday nights’ activities, but had also been forewarned that Sunday morning could be a bit sparse.  Of course, knowing that this was also the day for the AFC and NFC Football Championships what could one girl expect competing against one of men’s other favorite past times? 

I made my way to the front of the theater and began to lay out the sheet for the arena table.  It was then I noticed a couple of men in the back.  I could feel my pussy beginning to get wet as I knew the pleasures that were about to cum.  I slowly began undressing myself, fondling my girls while I began to suck my fiancĂ©’s already hard cock.   Climbing onto the arena table, I continued to suck his cock and lick his balls.  I begged for him to enter my pussy as I wanted to be pounded till my juices were overflowing. As he entered my most intimate place, I waited until I could wait no more and released my juices until we were both wet with cum. 
Exclusive New Pic of Hawaiian Eyeful
As I began to clean up my cum from his cock, I felt someone sliding their hand up and down my leg, edging closer and closer towards my pussy.   Someone had finally joined us.  I could see that he must have been enjoying the action that had taken place as his cock was already out and ready for me to partake.  As he began to finger my pussy and my fiancĂ© continued to bite and twists my nipples, I took the gentleman’s cock and began stroking and sucking it ever so gently.  With each continued stroke, I could feel his cock growing harder and longer as it began to fill my mouth.  His cries of pleasure made me want to fuck even more.  
Before I knew it another man had joined in on the fun.  He began to lick out my pussy with vigor which sent me into another world of ecstasy.  Realizing who had just joined us, I knew that the “mechanic” would enjoy the sweetness of my cum as my juices began to overflow onto his face.  He continued to pleasure me and I knew I needed to be fucked once again.  I began to suck his cock, swirling my tongue over the head.  In just a matter of time, he entered my wanting pussy, fucking me missionary style like there was no tomorrow.  I was a lucky girl.  Cum to find out, he had enjoyed the previous night at the Paris Theater, however choosing to come back Sunday morning once the “Hawaiian Eyeful” flag alert had been posted.
After the ‘mechanic’ pulled out, I climbed on top of my man and began fucking him.  The mechanic then asked if he could DP me.  Never having done so before and with some trepidation, I was willing to give it a try.  After all, what girl has never fantasized about having two men in her at the same time?  As he began licking my and finger fucking my virgin ass, I could feel myself getting more excited with anticipation of what was about to cum.   What a sweet decadent feeling being sandwiched in between two men feeling both their hard cocks.  What girl wouldn’t explode with cum after enjoying two hard cocks pumping her at the same time?
Of course there is the ultimate…. a cock in my mouth along with one in my pussy and ass.   Are there any guys available to rise to the occasion?  I am not quite there yet, but know that as adventuresome as I am, my time will cum.   When I am ready, will I have enough volunteers to fulfill my desires? (ed. note: The line will be longer than VoodDoo Donuts next door).
As we were finishing up, another gentleman had arrived. he was visiting from quite a ways out of town, and had heard of me from the blog (ed. note: How cool is that?). He considered himself one lucky guy as he was thinking what is the chance of meeting up with me on a day he decides to visit (I guess football doesn't keep all men away). :o)  I was thrilled to know that I would be able to fulfill this man's fantasy.
While I lay on the arena table, stroking my pussy and catching my breath, the guys continued to jack off.  Before I knew it, someone was asking if they could unload on my tits.  I thought, “heck, why not”.  As his load hit my tits, I realized another man right next to me, was ready to unleash his load on me.   His moans of pleasure as he released were unrecognizable.  Unfortunately, not only did his load hit my tits, some got misplaced and hit my face.  With the exception of the stray squirts I received on my face, it was an experience to remember.  Wow, what an awesome feeling to receive the warm loads on my body.

As we were preparing to leave another man had arrived.  Even though the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49’s game had already started, we stayed a bit longer.  Who was I to deny myself the pleasure of blowing another cock?   So to my delight, I enjoyed myself sucking and stroking his cock while I got mounted again by another doggie style.    As much as I enjoy sex like the next girl, I also do enjoy my football, so we finished up, packed it up and headed out. 

What can I say about the Sunday Brunch Crowd?  Even though low in numbers, the pleasures and adventures I was able to enjoy could not be repeated.     Thank you gentlemen for providing two new “firsts” for me.
Aloha until my next visit  :o)

The Hawaiian Eyeful       


Doc here again... I, for one, cannot wait until your next report and pics come.    Thank you again, Hawaiian Eyeful!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flash Report! Nanner at The Jolar Cinema in San Diego, CA

Doc here with a great Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, Nanner.

Take it away, sir!


Dear Dr.,
I found myself out running errands on Thursday night and passing by good ol' Jolar in Eastern San Diego.
Well I figured why not pop in and spend a few minutes, I had 30 minutes or so to spare.  So I dropped in and purchased a $10 4 hour pass from the clerk.  Thursday night's clerk is a friendly lady who is nice to engage in small talk with.
Anyway, I popped into the theater and found a crew of guys in the straight section and a second crew of guys in the confused/gay section.  I always check out both upon arrival and tonight illustrates why.
I found a seat back in what has become known as the straight section and within 15 minutes I hear the sound of the theater door being opened for a longer period of time, as if more than one person was entering, and then a couple walked across the front of the straight theater and straight into the confused side.  The couple was led by the male, holding the hand of the female, and walked at a quick pace. They were younger, I wouldn't be shocked if they were in their late 20's, and she was a shorter, thin, attractive Latina.
The Jolar Cinema
University Avenue, San Diego
After a few minutes I headed over to check out what was going on.  I observed the couple sitting in a middle row, and the female was quite interested in fondling the males lap.  A theater patron sat right next to them working his own junk.  Well the couple got up after a few, didn't seem offended, but departed the theater.  Not being interested in either the gay porn, or the tranny porn, I headed back to the straight side.  
A few minutes after returning to the side with good porn, I departed the theater and walked the booth area.  I located one booth and determined that was where the couple had wandered to.  I could tell she was on her knees pleasuring him, and could hear moans and sounds of a belt clinking.  I remained in the area monitoring things, both the couple in the booth, and if any more couples were arriving (none did)
After about 10 minutes the couple left the booth and made a bee line straight to the theater.  I gave them a minute, not wanting to be hot on their tail, and then headed back into the theater myself.  I found the couple in the back row of the gay/confused side again her playing with him.  There was a lot of interaction between the two of them.  Some kissing, some jacking off, even a little oral action, but then they got up and departed the ABS completely.  They seemed to be interested in the open play aspect of things, just a little new.  Hopefully they return and open up a bit more.
All told I was there for less than 45 minutes.
Doc here again... Many thanks to Nanner for another quality report from the front lines of this thing of ours.  Keep up the great work, sir!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Upcoming Visit! The Bayou Boudreaux at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater 1/26/13

Doc here with an upcoming visit announcement from that southern rascal himself, The Bayou Boudreaux.

When he shows up at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater, fun will be had.

Here are the details on his next visit with his 'lil slut to the beautiful Gulf Coast...


Good Morning Doctor,

I will be taking lil slut to the Biloxi Adult Theater Saturday night, January 26th.  There will probably be at least one other couple there, and hopefully more.  All I ask is that you are respectful, clean, horny and hard (cocks) or wet (pussy).  Ladies, don’t be shy, as she likes pussy almost as much as cock.
If you see us there please stop by and let me know you saw this online.  I’ll be wearing a blue button down shirt and blue jeans.  I am interested in seeing how many people show up from reading this posting.  Tell us "Doc sent me."
The Bayou Boudreaux
Doc here again... Get out and support both The Gulf Coast Adult Theater, and The Bayou Boudreaux and his 'lil slut.  And remember to tell them "Doc sent me!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flash Report! Brent from Portland's "Thanks for the Mammarys" @ The Paris Theatre

Doc here with another great report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.

Monday was a day at The Paris Theatre in Portlandia where single ladies came, saw, and conquered the USO Show on MLK Day.  And luckily for us, Brent has the skinny on what happened.

Take it away, sir!


Ah yes. All the ladies that came to The Paris, Monday were singing a version of Bob "Double D" Hope's " Thanks For The Mammarys."

I heard the first girl that came to The Paris, around noon on MLK Monday drew a pretty good crowd. O Richard wrote about her in a previous post (at Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group). She was very active for a couple of hours.

Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
The second girl was a blond woman with glasses and a nice set of tits. All around she was very shapely. After getting naked and masturbating in The Paris couples section, she invited a few guys in to eat her pussy and suck on her tits. I saw at least 4 Paris Pals do this. I did not see her suck, fuck or jack anybody off, but that could have happened while I was away.

The third lady came in, got naked, let a few guys play with her on one of the couches, jacked a few guys off, then, at the suggestion of a pleasantly persuasive fellow, went down to The Arena where a small crowd ( 4 or 5 Hose Twirlers) whacked off on her ample breasts. I left in the middle to check my phone and make a few calls.

I returned around 11pm when I saw a red flag on my LG . The man was a Dom and his BBW semi Bridget Nielsen tattooed blond sub was doing whatever he told her to do. The single lady was still there, along with one of the guys she had played with earlier. They watched this new couple play. She was sucking his dick. He invited the single lady to play with her. The single lady gently stroked her back for a while then started playing with the tattooed blond's pussy while she sucked her master's penis. This went on for a while and, just when the lights came up indicating that the theater was closing soon, the dominant led his lady naked into The Annex where he proceeded to fuck her doggy style while she sucked off a young George Michael type who had been watching them play.

 All in all it was a pretty good Monday for positive theater sex at The Paris. I think the ladies, who all came to play, were not disappointed by their experience and will definitely come again.

 By the way, I'm still hoping to read the beautiful Hawaiian Eyeful's report of her Sunday morning visit to The Paris, either here, Dr. Emilio Lizardo's site or both places. I'm curious to know what it's like at 10:30 am on a Sunday. Is the crowd wearing it's Sunday best? Is the Sunday paper strewn all about. Are the results of the previous night's theater orgy in the sports section?


Doc here again... A huge thank you to Brent for another classic report from the epicenter of the adult theater scene, Portland, OR.  Please make sure you check out Brent's Yahoo Group HERE if you are not a member for the latest from The Rose City and abroad.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flash Report! Boatload at Berlin News Agency 1/11 & 1/12/13

Doc here with a detail filled and entertaining report from Boatload. Mr. Boatload visited the Berlin News Agency, and apparently received the proper medical attention needed by one in his condition.

LizardoCare. Catch it!


My Good Doctor,
I have followed your prescription and finally visited the Berlin News Agency this weekend (Friday, Jan. 11 and Saturday, Jan 12).  My body’s need of a great blowjob has been met and I am well on my way to complete recovery of Blue Ball Distress or Vasocongestion (which I believe you can bill for since I am cured).  But enough of this medical stuff…lets get down to what interests us all---SEX and who did what to whom and for how long. 

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Friday about 8pm I entered the beloved Berlin News Agency.  At the time there was a transvestite giving a blow job to a young man standing by her side.  Soon after I started watching, he finished with a sigh and she kindly reached into her bag and pulled out several wet wipes and cleaned him up nicely.  She got up and walked around the rest of the evening but apparently didn’t find anyone else that she was interested in assisting.

Soon thereafter, Cindy, a nice looking blond and her escort came in and immediately undressed and started a blowjob on him.  Then he pulled out a condom and entered her in mish position.  That was followed by at least an hour and a half of sucking, fucking, sweating, big Os and a bit of “Oh my Gods”.  My cock found its way into her hand and mouth as others crowded around her and fucked her, fisted her and played on end with her great breasts.  I had to leave before she was finished and I wondered if she could walk out under her own power, or it they had to carry her out.  She didn’t cure my blue balls, and in fact through no fault of hers, perhaps made it worse.  I really did enjoy several face fucks with her.  Since my condition remained I felt it necessary to return the following night.
On Saturday, following several posts from the BNA advising of couples coming into the theatre, I once again visited. about 8:30 and found 20 or so guys watching a guy named Sam assisting a dark haired girl putting on a strap-on.  She then proceeded to fuck another woman in mish to the delight of both women and the mass of men watching. 

Following that exhibition, Sam, who brought two of the ladies with him and is their Master, started playing the trumpet on his two ladies.  The audience never heard a sweeter sound than his mouth or their cunts.  The high notes were hit and were only exceeded by the screams of the ladies in their glory.  Half the crowd dispersed to follow another young couple who decided to play.  I also went to see what action there was, but quickly returned to the room with Sam and his women.   That’s were I was cured.  I suggested to Sam that one of the ladies should suck me dry.  And one of them did!  Spent, I needed to leave and get back to Atlantic City.
I should mention that I have visited three of your top five spots.  Before I found your great site, I had visited 15th Avenue and CTs.  Both of those places have given me fond memories too. 
Thanks Doc!


Doc here again...Many thanks to Boatload for an entertaining look at a weekend at Berlin News, one of the hottest locations for this thing of ours in the country.

Keep sending in reports, Boatload!  The Good Doctor is in need of them.

Speaking of reports, The Good Doctor is in need of reports! You know the deal: Email me your report at, and I will edit and format your report, and even drop in a pic or two.  You just supply the pen name (for first timers) and we are off and running.
Be large. Be a reporter here at The Journal.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Call For Reports!

Doc here, inventor of the dance craze The Shy Tuna, with a Call for Reports.

Regular readers may have noticed that January is on pace to have the highest number of reports posted in a single month. The Journal is on pace for 60+ reports this month. With that number of reports posted, the more reports that are needed to fill the perv pipeline. 

This is where you can help The Good Doctor... I am looking for Flash Reports (recent visits by couples and singles), Field Reports (scouting missions and review of an adult theater, which are critical is building our database), and of course Blasts From The Past (highlighted visits to adult theaters from days gone by).  All are important here @ The Journal, and in high demand.

Here are the guidelines:
  • First time contributors: Please include a pen name you wish to use for your reports moving forward.  Also, make the pen name something fun, but not too long either.
  • Make sure you mention the date of the visit, the name of the theater, and the city it's in.
  • If possible, please take a pic of the outside of the theater/ABS. That helps with the illustration piece of your report.
  • Lastly, please run a spell check before you hit the send button. 
Following these 4 items will make The Good Doctor a very happy MD. And with your 2nd submitted report, I will create your own custom logo to go with your subsequent reports.

Please send your reports direct to me at, and we can get started.

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Flash Report! ATrampboy at Pleasures on Platte in Co. Springs, CO

Doc here with an interesting Flash Report from regular contributor, ATrampboy.  He and his girl, Tes, hit Pleasures in Colorado Springs, and this is their report
Take it away...
Hi Doc,
Latest adventure with my best girl Teslam in Colorado Springs. Sadly the Eros Theater has closed it's doors with no clear replacement in sight. We had heard rumors of the void being filled by one of the other adult establishments in town, we figured we needed to check it out! 
Pleasures on Platte
Col. Springs, CO
Pleasures on Platte (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) was rumored to be picking up the slack from the Eros closing and reportedly had three theaters on premise. Well, I guess some could very generously call them theaters but I sure am not that guy.
Interesting idea though, you pay a flat rate to go behind the curtain where the 'theaters' and the booths are located, the entry fee ($6) cover unlimited viewing, no feeding the peeps. The 'theaters were essentially curtained areas with one couch and a TV, one straight, one gay and one he/she. The booths have only curtains, no doors, apparently by ordinance, and most have glory holes. The straight theater was occupied by a couple guys just watching and there wasn't much room on the couch for us so we went to the H/S theater to make out some and figure out what whether we wanted to stay or write off the $12.
We opted to hit the booths as Tes hadn't experienced them before and we figured at worst we'd watch some porn. So we found one and selected a movie and started making out some more. Tes doesn't necessarily want to play with others, especially strangers, but she does like to show off and she DOES like watching guys stroke for her while we play. See her take on our first visit to the Eros before it closed posted some time ago.
Well after some serious albeit reserved play in the booth the 40Ds came out, my cock came out and she was alternating between sucking me and rubbing my cock across her awesome tits. Since we had no door our play wasn't subtle and the place was pretty full, soon we had an audience trying to sneek a peek. Tes was really into it and was putting on quite the show, lots of noisy sucking and moaning, I was right there with her.... Soon one brave gent was holding the curtain back, openly watching and rubbing his cock, though his rubbing was though in his pants. 
He soon began to comment on how hot Tes was and how much he'd like to feel her tits and ass and on  and on, but we weren't there for that, and he wasn't even enticing her by showing her what he had to offer. She politely declined his offer and continued to work on me while the group of onlookers milled about our open curtain. Once everyone had decided they weren't getting a piece of her they moved off and we decided we would see if we could find another, more promising place to play.
Before we left though we circuited the 'theaters' one more time thinking that maybe we would use the couch in the straight 'theater' so we would have  more room and everyone else would have a better view but when we got more or less put together and moved to check it out we found a gay 3some going on in there and no straight movies to be found. So we went searching around Colorado Springs and ultimately ended up home where we had a great time!
CS needs a new adult theater! Or any of y'all who can suggest a place we don't know about please share the location! Tes is way into it and I love it, we just need a place to stretch out and play!
Doc here again... Many thanks to ATampboy for another solid report from Colorado Springs.  Keep up the great work on your reports, sir.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Case You Missed It: The Art Cinema's New Website

Doc here with an "In Case You Missed It"... This past Tuesday, The Good Doctor along with his partner in crime, Looking Glass Alice, were pleased to announce the brand new web site for Hartford's awesome Art Cinema. is the new internet home for information on one of the countries best adult theaters for couples (and singles alike).

In the words of internet superstar Cathy from, "More couples need to know about The Art Cinema. It's ideal!"

Make sure you check out the web site, and in particular information on a special Valentine's Event on Saturday February 9th @ The Art Cinema, including a special appearance of a certain internet Doctor and his partner in crime.  More details on the site and in the days to come.


Flash Report! Nanner Hits Barnett Avenue Superstore in San Diego

Doc here with a terrific Flash report from senior Journal scribe, Nanner.  Nanner does an excellent job of covering the San Diego scene, and this report does the job of painting what the SD scene is all about.

Take it away, Nanner.


Visit Date 1/16/2013
My Dear Doctor:
Hope this message finds you and your readers well.
I ventured out tonight to the Barnett Theater in the Midway District of San Diego.  I had stopped by earlier in the day during a late lunch break and picked up a 4 hour ticket.  At that time the theater crowd was all male doing the normal shuffle between right and left theaters. No action other than the two guys playing with each others parts in the back row of one theater.  I left noting the sign stating couples free on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Now, as I have learned before a little east at Jolar, couples nights are the best night to stay away from the theater because many couples do the same.  Regardless, I left work and had a hour or so left on my ticket, so I stopped back by Barnett.  Upon arrival there as a group of fellas sitting around the theater.  One older gentleman was snoring in the middle row and sort of killing the vibe with his loud occasional snores.  Fortunately theater staff announced a ticket check and came in checking expiration times.  The sleeping fella opted to just leave rather than produce a ticket.  So kudos to management for patrolling every once in a while.
Well as it was approaching 7 PM I heard the door click open and in walks a couple.  He was dressed in a suit, and she was  thin, blonde, mid to late 40's, and wearing a long coat.  They went into the theater next to the one I was in.  As I was giving them a few moments to get settled in another couple arrived and surveyed the theater I was in.  They looked as if they were a while from playing so I decided to check out the suit guy/blonde couple next door.
I walked into the next theater and found the woman sitting in lingerie in one of the front seats.  Her man was adjusting a front row seat, and positioning a pillow in front of his seat.  He had his lady stand up and then kneel on the pillow in the front row.  He sat in the chair and she buried her face in his lap beginning a lengthy blow job.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you this was the most attractive woman I have ever seen playing in an ABS.
She continued her blow job as as the penis gallery watched from a respectful distance.  The couple from next door even came over and watched for a few before they headed out the door.  Now I had a dilemma, watch a BJ being given (and hoping that something may be shared) or head off to watch my SDSU Basketball team play UNLV (and unfortunately lose).  Since I had taken care of myself a bit earlier I had basketball on the brain and had to jet as it was getting near tipoff.
Hopefully a few other readers were present for the remainder of the Barnett story and can fill us in about what happened after my departure.  Sorry I had basketball on the brain.
Doc here again... Many thanks to Nanner for another quality adult theater report.  Keep them coming, sir.
Speaking of reports, The Good Doctor is in need of reports!You know the deal: Email me your report at , and I will edit and format your report, and even drop in a pic or two.  You just supply the pen name (for first timers) and we are off and running.
Be large. Be a reporter here at The Journal.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Field Report! Deja Vu in Hollywood by Captain EO

Doc here with a Field Report from senior reporter Captain EO, and the new Deja Vu theater in Hollywood.

Take it away, Captain...


Hey Doc,

Hope all is well! Just wanted to update you that a new theater has opened up in the LA area. Deja Vu has opened a new strip club in the heart of Hollywood off Hollywood and Vine. With it, they've opened a small theater in their Love Boutique.

Unlike the Ontario Deja Vu, this Love Boutique is small, and the theater is smaller, and I didn't see any booths. There are 3 rows of 3 comfortable movie theater chairs for 9 seats total. There is plenty of standing room up front and off to the sides and they have 5 screens running 3 different movies. It's new, so it's nice and clean, but not a lot of people know it's there, so it was empty when I went. It's $10 to enter and per the guy working the register, unlimited in-and-out privileges. Like Ontario, it has a light flash system to alert if anyone is entering and you have about a good 10 seconds to get it together before the door can open. Deja Vu's have always been play friendly from my past experiences and since it's not on the Tiki side of Hollywood, it seems to be safe and fun for play.

The only major downside is the place is only open nights: 6-6 daily, 8-4 sunday... and being in the center of Hollywood is parking is difficult on weekends. Playing Sun-Weds probably won't be an issue, but Thurs-Sat, you may have to pay to park or walk a few blocks. It's not discreet, but it's Hollywood, no one really cares. So I just thought I'd pass the word along to encourage anyone looking for a couples-friendly theater that is off-put by Stud's (since that is in a more gay-centric part of town and is less couples friendly) or the Tiki Theater (since that is in a dangerous part of town and is not really friendly, period), this can hopefully become LA's little secret place for fun!



Doc here again... Thank you Captain for this update.  The new location may not be like the old Ontario location, but at least it's something.


Flash Report! Koral's Cumplay/Gokkun Party! (w11 XXX Pics!)

Doc here with a mind blowing Couple's Flash Report  from senior reporters, Koral & Sam.  There is alo a gallery of 11 brand new pics of Koral at the Cumslut Party.
Here we go!
So here it is Doc. The long awaited story and photos of the CumPlay/Gokkun party Koral and I attended this past Oct. in Washington State.  It all started when Koral became online friends with another woman who shared her extreme fetish for man-sperm. Yes, another Cum-Slut. 
After about a week of the two of these Cum-Sluts emailing one another and sharing stories and desires, I was informed that we were invited to Washington for a party we would never forget. A Cum-Play/Gokkun party.

  The Party was set one month away, and Koral and I would have to get a complete STD/HIV test. Also, I would have to save my sperm and freeze it for the rest of the month, and bring it to the party. All male participants (8 guys in all) would have to do the same.

  The morning of the party we packed up the SUV and headed north. The party started at 3pm and was located at the residence of Korals Cum-Slut friend and her husband.  On arrival, Koral was very nervous. She always is when meeting new people. But it was only a matter of minutes after meeting the other couple and the six single guys before we could tell that we were going to fit right in with them all. Right away the two Cum-Sluts went to the bedroom to get dolled up, and after a little conversing with the guys, I was surprised to find out that they all knew one another and have played/partied with each other in the past. 

  I gave the husband the sperm I had been saving and when he put it into the freezer, he showed me the collection of cum from all the guys.  Needless to say, I had the least amount (a container the size of a baseball full).  Some of the other guys’ containers were 1 liter containers. In all, we had over 4 liters (give or take) of man juice for the woman to play with.

  The girls came out of the back bedroom and let me tell you, they are both freakin sexy and dressed to play. The host/husband handed out 3 digital cameras to the guys and told them to take as many photos as possible and to share the duty of photographer. Then he guided us to the garage, where there was a sex swing set up. The hostess jumped onto the swing first and a few of the guys got busy with her. Koral was still a little shy, so I instructed her to get a cock in each hand and let nature take its course from there. The host then pulled out a Sawzaw with a dildo attached and began to fuck his wife with it. Koral was on her knees and sucking dicks, one after the other.  A great way to start a party.

  After a while we returned to the living room. There was a big mattress on the floor, and the Cum-Sluts got comfortable. The host went to the kitchen and returned with the first run of cum. The guys were fucking the woman, and the women were sucking cock. Everyone was rotating and taking turns with the cameras.  It was very nice knowing that we were all recently tested and we didn’t have to bother with protection.  The host/husband began to chip chunks of frozen cum from the first container and was putting it into the women’s mouths. It was a great feeling having my cock in a mouth cold with frozen cum. As it thawed, the woman let it run out of their mouths and onto their tits and rubbed it all over themselves as we took turns fucking them. 

  Then the host announced it was time for a gargling contest. Both the woman lay side by side on their backs and opened their mouths wide, and the host began to slowly fill their mouths with cum. He would make sure it was thawed by their mouths (the proper way to thaw semen-do not microwave or heat it ever) before giving them some more. Eventually, both of the Cum-Sluts mouths were overflowing with cum, and the contest began and they started to gargle. Baby batter was splashing all over both of their faces and began running down their cheeks and chin. After 5 minutes of gargling, and both girls not willing to give up, we called it a tie. The host instructed the Cum-Sluts to swallow their mouthfuls, which they did without hesitation.  This was followed by more fucking and sucking, and more frozen sperm deposited into the women’s mouths to thaw and hold.

  Then the host came into the room with a contraption called a dental dam. Dentists use this plastic ring to hold a person’s mouth wide open and their lips stretched open even farther. We inserted the dental dam into the women’s mouths, and then proceeded to fill them up again with now half frozen sperm.  A honey bottle of thawed sperm was also provided to us for sex lube, which we all enjoyed squirting into the Cum-Sluts pussies as we took turn fucking them.  It was amazing the way that felt to my dick, I really enjoyed that.  It wasn’t long until the two girls had mouthfuls of cum again, and thanks to the dental dam, there was even more of it. As the guys took turns fucking the women, the women were pulling out handfuls of nut and covering themselves with it.  It was getting everywhere.

  Then the Sluts were instructed to remove the dental dams, and out came a clear tube about 2” in diameter. The Cum-Sluts were instructed to each put a mouth on either end of the tube and to use the tube to transfer the cum in their mouths back and forth to one another.  The first transfer was messy, beings that there was more cum than one mouth could handle, and the extra cum ran down the hostesses face going ever where. After that it was clockwork, and back and forth they transferred the mouthful of cum through the clear tube.  Then they were instructed to split the cum and swallow it, which they did.

  Then the host provided both Cum-Sluts with a smaller clear tube similar to a drinking straw, and they were instructed to suck up as much spilt cum as possible and swallow it. Both girls went straight to work, on their hands and knees sucking cum up from the bed and surrounding area. The whole time they were being fucked doggy style by all the guys.

  And as soon as I thought I had seen it all, the host whips out a couple of diving masks. I notice the clear lenses have been removed from the mask. The Cum-Sluts were then instructed to put the masks on and lay on their backs again, which they did.  By this time, the cum that was collected and frozen was mostly thawed. The host pulled out the larger of the containers and slowly began to fill the inside of the diving masks with the thawed white gold.  I know from experience that Koral is not a fan of cum in the eyes, and all I’m thinking is that she better close those eyes tight.  Eventually, the mask fills up with cum and I can’t even see her eyelids through the white goo. Every time either of the women moves their head right or left, cum spills over the edge of the mask and down their faces. 
  Then the host instructs the Cum-Sluts that they are having another contest. The contest is to see who can hold her eyes open under the pool of sperm the longest. I am in pleasant disbelief.  One, two, three, now open………. and there eyes opened.  After about 5 minutes and both girls not wanting to give up, we called it a tie again. Then they were instructed to remove the masks, and the pool of cum that covered their eyes ran all over both their faces. the perfect mess.

  By this time, it was pushing 7pm (4hrs of mind blowing fun) and the host announced that it was time for the last contest and the grand finale. He entered the room with two giant goblets, both full to the rim with the remaining saved cum.  He instructed the Cum-Sluts that they had to drink it all. Again, another tie, for they both gulped it down without hesitation. 

  The hostess then disappeared to the back room to clean up and Koral (still getting fucked on by the guys) was told to join her whenever she was ready, no hurry. I then remembered seeing a pillory style box in the house. I instructed Koral to put her head in it, and I locked it down confining her head in a dark void and her ass in the air. I then cuffed her hands to the straps on the side of the box, trapping her to do as we wish with her. All the guys took turns fucking her for about 30 seconds before giving up the pussy for the next guy. One after the other we kept the line moving. All the while we were squirting her pussy full of cum from the honey bottle. I have always wondered what a creampie gangbang would feel like for my dick, now I know.  Let me tell you all, it feels GREAT. We were spanking her ass HARD and we were fucking her hard, and we could hear the light muffled screams coming from Koral through the box. At one point, I told Koral (through the box) that I was going to get pizza and that I would be back in a half hour. She screamed “NO”, but I just went silent pretending I was gone.  Then the host got out the Sawzaw dildo, and we began to rapidly fuck her cummy pussy with it. She was wiggling, twisting and turning, screaming my name in hopes for an answer. I stayed silent. I’m sure she was going crazy in her head wondering what she got herself into.

  After a while, we set her free. She was very relieved to see I had not left her there with people we had just met 5 hours earlier.  One by one the guys said their goodbyes. Koral cleaned up a little, enough to get to the hotel a few miles away. 

  After returning to the hotel, Koral fell quickly asleep. I was so high on perverted thoughts; I stayed up and looked online to see if there were any adult theaters or gloryholes we could visit on the way home the next day.  I was very surprised to find out there was an adult theater (APV North) only a few miles away. By midnight, I was waking Koral up and telling her we were going out exploring.  She’s such a trooper, she pulled back her still cum dried hair, put on a slutty outfit, and out the door we went. I already wrote about that experience for the Lizardo readers a few months ago.  I had to wait for my copy of the CumPlay/Gokkun pictures before I could share this story with everyone…..I hope it was worth the wait.
Sam & Koral
Party Photo Gallery  (click to ENLARGE the thumbnail images)

Doc here again... A huge thank you to Sam & Koral for this great report and smoking hot pics of Koral at the party!  Keep up the great work, guys!