Sunday, August 3, 2014

UPDATE 8/4/14: Visit Cancelled! D&N at K&B Video in New Orleans

UPDATE 8/4/14: This visit is cancelled per D&N.

As you were...



Doc here with a Visit Announcement from regular contributors D&N about their upcoming trip to K&B Video in New Orleans on Saturday August 9th.

They were also kind enough to send along a pic to wet your appetite.

Here we go with D&N and their Visit Announcement.


A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Back from Hartford (& Exhausted) + #LIZARDO5TH Photo Contest Update

Doc here, a man who some say needs a good night's sleep and more Gatorade, with a Quick Note from my desk, nestled deep in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.

It's been a very long last 4 days for The Good Doctor.  I was on the East coast for 3 days of intense meetings for work and business dinners (for my day gig), and two intense visits to my home away from home, The amazing Art Cinema in Hartford. 

It was crazy trip that involved: a) a HOT photo shoot after hours at The Art with the very hot Stacy the Naughty Nurse, b) a nooner visit to The Art on Saturday afternoon to witness the smoking hot Babygirl in action on the main floor, c) a visit with my good friends The Sexual Athletes (also at The Art on Saturday), d) a visit to the hospital to visit a good friend post-surgery, and craziest of all, e) The Good Doctor *almost* being felled by a case of severe dehydration Friday night before the shoot (a big round of thanks to Nick and Tosho @ The Art for helping a brother out. I owe you one). Their remedy to help me out was a chair, Alka-Seltzer, Gatorade, a couch, and several small cats (don't ask).

I will have a report on the shoot with Naughty Nurse Stacy, and a short one about the nooner on Saturday at The Art. I will spare you the details of my "episode".

Photo Contest Update
The first wave of entrants for the #LIZARDO5TH Photo Contest are coming in, and I will start publishing them starting tonight. Remember, you have only until 8/22 to get your photos in. (Please Note: You need to e-mail the pics into me.  Not Tweet them.)

Thanks, and I'm off to drink another G2.