Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flash Report! AL3X4ND3R TH3 GR34T @ Exotic Video in Roselle, IL

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, AL3X4ND3R TH3 GR34T. His report focuses on Exotic Adult Video in Roselle, Il (a northwest suburb of Chicago).
This is a detailed filled report, so hang in there...It's worth it!
Take it away, AL3X4ND3R...
This is not a flash report, (maybe?) but a "head's up" so to speak. A call to arms, or dicks, to help a sexy couple enjoy themselves at Chicagoland's biggest gloryhole secret for couples (since I never see any other couples here).
About 5 weeks ago I encountered the first couple I had ever (and still have ever) seen in the video arcade area at Exotic Adult Video, 514 Congress Circle North in Roselle, IL. It was on a Sunday night around 8:00pm. The next time I went to Exotic was 2 Sundays later, and in they came at around 8:30pm! 2 weeks after that, on Friday night, November 30, I was in town after flying back to Chicago for work and stopped by, hoping maybe they would make an appearance. Just MINUTES before I was about to leave, at about 8:55pm?, they showed up again! I couldn't believe my luck!
Exotic Adult Video
Roselle, IL
She is a white, slim, auburn haired, middle aged woman with an amazing (enhanced) rack, nice flat stomach, beautiful ass (though I have only seen it once), and an amazing smile that speaks volumes as to how much she enjoys her visits there. She has always worn jeans, a blouse, and sexy underwear. He is well dressed, well built, well hung, and sometimes records video of the action on his iphone (which, due to using the flash on the phone as a light, casts a shadow of the action on the floor of the arcade that can sometimes be seen outside of the booth, which can be hot to watch while you hear the sounds of them playing). They appear to be an upper-middle class married couple who have a hot sex life but who also experiment with a little kink. He has a good poker face, so not sure if she enjoys it more than him, but she is all smiles and a 100% willing participant. Granted he has more duties, like to manage the action, video tape, and be the lucky recipient of her blowjobs for guys to watch through the gloryhole in their booth.
Ok, so, here's the details:
They always enter the arcade through the store entrance after browsing the video section of the store. They head to the same booth every time (there's only 4 gloryholes in the arcade: 2 on the straight side, 2 on the gay side - they go to the one on the straight side closest to the entryway between the store and the arcade). Whenever I walk around to the other aisle and enter the adjoining booth and peek in the hole, she usually has her top off or blouse open, and she is always giving her fully unclothed guy a blowjob. Usually he is seated, once he was standing, either way, she is gloryhole level for a perfect show. Long licks. Lots of eye contact. Lots of smiling. She really enjoys sucking him. She looks into the hole, smiling, and inserts and withdraws a finger or two very quickly, then resumes her blowjob. I am usually stroking watching them play and am rock-hard instantly, but usually I wait until she beckons me a second or third time before I introduce my cock to her because the visual show is so hot. She gives amazing head. I can feel her taking me in her mouth, then running her tongue along my shaft on the left side of it (her man is always sitting to my right), obviously showing him what she is doing with it.
On one occasion I felt something rougher, like being rubbed against her jeans or maybe it was his hand(?). I felt, what I think, was her touching our tips together and licking them, then her rubbing his dick along mine, like sharpening a knife or peeling a carrot. I know, nice visual, right? But she basically goes all-out and gives my cock all the attention while he watches. When I have removed my cock and looked in, he's still sitting watching and she usually puts her ear to the gloryhole after looking in it (maybe figuring there'd be a good reason I'd stop or had something pressing to tell her). Which is good because I usually tell her how awesome she is, or how sexy it is to watch her blow her man, and she always giggles and enjoys the comments. This last Friday she was more vocal (more relaxed?) and we shared a few pleasantries before and after I put my cock through the gloryhole for her to service (with a smile). I have always given a knock on the wall when I am ready to cum and she takes my load in her mouth. She then continues to suck my still rigid cock for another 5-10 minutes or so, until I remove it or until it kind of goes half-hard and she goes back to playing with her man. This last time I only lasted like 2 minutes before I came and she loved it. They're not into the "suck a guy that won't cum for 30 minutes (because he probably came twice in the last hour with other people/guys at the theater)" game I have seen at adult theaters and arcades before (which sucks for everyone else waiting for a turn and must bore/insult the woman terribly).
The first time I played with them, after she sucked me a few minutes she stopped. I took my dick out of the hole and looked in. She asked if I wanted to join them in their booth. I was like "Sure!" I went around, knocked, they let me in. She had slipped on an eye mask (sleep mask?) to obscure her identity and was all smiles. She stood in front of me wearing jeans, high heels, and a bra. He gave me some brief instructions and videotaped us while she unbuttoning my shirt and lowered to her knees. I was in the process of taking my hard dick out of my pants when she kneeled and my tip touched her nose and lips. She immediately grabbed it and began giving me head. I pulled her hair back a little for the camera. The skin on her neck was so soft. And slightly damp from perspiration (it kind of gets hot in those booths, especially when you're turned on!) This was a HUGE turn-on for me as I once had a girlfriend that would perspire on her neck slightly just from the excitement of giving me head. Which of course meant that her pussy was also generating moisture. Either way, this wonderful woman was pleasuring me while I held her hair and caressed her neck and shoulders.
I played with her nipples once and she kind of jumped when I touched them. Her man was silent, hopefully enjoying the show, and videotaping it. While this was happening a large cock poked through the hole. Her man took one of her hands off my cock and tried to put it on this third guy, but he slipped it out and she only felt the bare wall and hole, while still sucking me. She put her hand back on me and the guy poked his finger through the gloryhole. LOL Seriously? So I leaned over and poked my finger through the gloryhole. Her man gestured for me to forget it and enjoy my blowjob. Suddenly the dick came through again and he put her hand on it. She turned and sucked him for maybe 10-15 seconds while her man showed me the live video on his iphone. It looked so sexy. She stopped and resumed sucking me, the third guy removed his dick and was watching I guess, and I told her I was ready to cum. She gave an "mm-hmm" in a positive tone and kept sucking, squeezing my dick harder at the base. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and got another "mm-hmm".
She took a breath through her nose and postured a little more vertically, arching her back, giving me a great view of her tits. I felt her hair again and held it for maximum video viewing and pumped her mouth full of cum. She paused with my in her mouth until my orgasm had stopped, then continued to suck me. After a while she removed her mouth from my cock, and still slowly stroking me, let my cum drool out of her mouth and down her cleavage. Her man stopped taping soon after and helped her clean up, asking very gently if she was ok and enjoyed herself, etc., while I dressed. Her responses were "mm-hmm"s. I guess at that point she wanted to keep her identity and voice a secret, which is fine, it made it that much hotter for me. I thanked them for letting me be a part of their fantasy and for them being part of mine and made my departure. They did the same with another guy and I hung around and listened. After this lucky guy left their booth I walked around and peeked in. He was playing with her (eating her?) from behind. As I left the store I heard her screaming in pleasure (orgasm?) at the top of her lungs. Damn! What a couple!
The other two nights I saw them at Exotic they just played through the gloryhole and didn't invite anyone in with them. So maybe they didn't enjoy it, had a bad experience, or left the eyemask at home or something on their subsequent adventures. Either way, all three times I saw them they probably serviced a total of 4 other guys besides me. Total! Over 3 times! So twice I gave her two orgasms and once I gave her two orgasms but was serviced three times. The guys at Exotic's arcade all seem to be gay and several would walk into the adjoining gloryhole booth, look in the hole, laugh, and leave the booth. There were no other takers.
The first time I saw them they spent an hour there, the second time two hours, and the third time I left before they did. It's a crying shame that such a playful, lovely lady and her man can't play with more than 2-3 cocks over an hour or two (while like 10-12 guys wander around the arcade and, knowing the couple is in there playing, just play hide-and-seek games with each other). There should be a line around the store to get into the adjoining booth and join in the fun with them! I'm sure they'd love a line of guys to entertain.
So all fans of "this thing of ours" within at least an hour drive of Exotic and that have a nice cock (he's hung, it's probably what she's used to and enjoys), or better yet OTHER COUPLES, stop by between 8:00pm and 9:00pm on a Sunday (or apparently Friday, also?) and look for them. From personal experience I guarantee if they are there it will be worth your while! I know I'll be there hoping they stick to their schedule!
Doc here again...Many thanks to ATG for a terrific Flash Report/Call To Arms on Exotic Adult Video.  Keep up the good work, sir.  And if the couple spotlighted here reads this blog, I'd love to hear from you!  My direct e-mail is

Flash! A Gloryhole Nancy Update - New Video and Pics!

Doc here with an update from our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.

It's been awhile since we had some new images and/or video from this brunette vixen, but that ends right here, right now.

T was nice enough to send along a new video of Nancy taking on a big cock through the gloryhole, and even nicer allowing me to share it with you, the good readers of The Journal.

So step up to the concession stand, order your popcorn, and enjoy this short clip and new stills of the awesome Gloryhole Nancy.