Saturday, January 18, 2014

Please Welcome Sati and Her New Blog (w/ 4 PICS!) to This Thing of Ours.

Doc here, a man who some say can influence sexy women with his "Cannoli Mind Trick", with a special announcement here at The Journal.

For the last year or so I have been talking with Sati, a very sexy woman who has her own website called (it's a great read by the way!).  Sati also loves to jump into the darkness of this thing of ours, and has asked my advice over the last several months on specific theaters.

Well this week, Sati informed me that she had just launched a brand new blog on Blogger called . She was looking for an easier way to communicate with her fans out there, and I was able to give her a few tips on incorporating different elements to the blog.  It's still a work in progress, but it's shaping up nicely.

I have asked Sati to contribute to The Journal of Adult Theater on her adventures at theaters, and she will be sending in reports as they occur.

Field Report! H- Man Adds His Two Cents on the Fairmount Theater in CT

Doc here with a follow-up to Calico Jack's report on The Fairmount Theater in East Haven, CT. H-Man's view mirror mine personally, as I have been to The Fairmount and didn't like it at all (Spring 2013).
Here is H-Man's take...
Hey Doc!
I just read Calico Jacks report/update on the Fairmount Theater.  Although the appearance has changed for the good…my sources tell me the clientele has not.  Although I am not trying to beat up on the place…I think because of the years of negative feedback, the lack of cleanliness, and the below average patrons….it will take quite some time to turn it around.  Again, I have not been there personally…but some who I see at the ART Cinema say it may look pretty but it is mostly a male audience with very very few couples. The Reputations may follow them for awhile.

Field Report! Calico Jack at The Fairmount Theater in East Haven, CT

Doc here with a Field Report from senior reporter Calico Jack.  he has an update on the Fairmount Theater in East Haven, CT.
FAIRMOUNT THEATER, January 11, 2014
Hey there, Doc.  It looks like I’m managing to get another report in for you and for all of your readers who enjoy “this thing of ours.”  This time, I’ve got a report from the Fairmount Theater in East Haven, CT, where I stopped this past Saturday night as I was making my way through coastal Connecticut.