Thursday, August 5, 2010

I-Team Report: Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 7

Doc here with Part 7 of Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut.  In this chapter, Nina gives a nice birthday present to a female Jefferson Theater patron.. Take it away, Brent (the author of this chapter)!
The lady who looks like Nina Hartley came in with her husband. They have become regulars. They should buy the place. I would apply for a job and ask for benefits.

Nina came up to me and I sort of kind of told her to suck my cock. God, that felt good. Now those are benefits! She started sucking on some of the other cocks that were nearby. I moved out of the way. I watched another couple play. She was a big girl with a nice body and an all over tan. She and her husband were looking to get together with another couple, especially another woman. It was the big girl's birth day. She was very nice looking with red hair that she had sort of tied back. She wore a sweater and white jeans. She sucked her boyfriends dick. She did other stuff, but mostly she got a nice birthday present from Nina. Nina came over and introduced herself and soon the ladies were making out.

The Birthday Girl was shy and self conscious, but with encouragement from Nina and all of the men in the audience, she soon took off all her clothes. Her body was better looking when she was naked. It was big but she was a tall woman and was very well put together. She had no reason to be shy or self conscious. The two women kissed each other and touched each other in that soft, tentative way that only two women can.

They went down on each other and discovered new, yet familiar places with their fingers and tongues. The experience caused the Birthday Girl to have a wet shattering orgasm or two. Or three. It was her first Jefferson Experience and it was a good one.

End of Part 7
Thanks to Brent in Portland and his extensive archive of past stories and reports.  And of course, and a huge thank you to Nina and "B" for providing many of the unseen before today images that accompany this series.
There will be more to come...