Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flash Report: The Paris Theater in Portland on 1/7 by Brent

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior field reporter and excellent driver, Brent in Portland.  As the dean of documenting this thing of ours', any opportunity to have two reports in the same week from him is a treat.

So here we go...


The flag postings for The Paris Theater are helpful and maddening at the same time because you always wonder what you might be missing. Still, I've been fortunate enough to enjoy a lot of good theater sex action in Portland.

This past Friday I was called up to The Exam Table at The Paris to lick Joyous' pussy for a few minutes. How did I do? It's like riding a bicycle, with your tongue. BTW, Joyus also got her sweet pussy fucked by three or four hard wrapped and readies, including her escort. Fun Fun Fun. She and her companion also enjoyed two couples together in the couples section.

A woman who looked like Lynette Carolla got a good belt thrashing by her husband who later fucked her, yelled at her in a nasty disciplinary way spanked her ass. He was a great "mean daddy". I wouldn't want to fuck with him. It was the real deal.

So there he was, making this beautiful, submissive intelligent woman wet and squirmy. Another hot couple was naked next to them. The lady of this couple is a tall pretty long haired come slut with a thin sexy body. It wasn't long before the wife of the control freak was face first between her legs, licking away being driven deeper by a thrusting cock behind her. The other guy was getting his dick sucked by his wife (getting her pussy et, like Jethro said).  And J was in the corner getting her P licked (again) by T. Alphabet letters have so much fun.
Before things got too crazy at The Paris, the two couples that had put on such a wonderful show for the crowd decided to go back to the first couples' hotel room for a private party. Room service?

Later, the second couple came back to the theater. He led her down to the gloryhole/ bukakke area where she sucked and swallowed a whole mess of cocks and got covered in cum. And I'm not even counting the loads she swallowed. I wonder if she would ever consider bareback fucking with lots of loads in her sweet pussy? With proof that you are clean and safe, possibly?  I even got my dick sucked by her and almost came until I started to worry that I wouldn't be able to come and shut down.

Damn because her face looked so pretty framed by her long reddish blond hair, her eyes excited and giving. When her mood is right she will suck and fuck anybody. All that is required is you be hard and wrapped and if she sucks you, get your nut and move the line. She just may be the prettiest, best built,
friendliest, sluttiest, come guzzling theater girl making the rounds at the theaters and bookstores today.

And I mean that as a sincere compliment.

Doc here again... Awesome report as always from the poet laureate of adult theater sex.  Thank you sir.

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