Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flash Report! The Traveling Man on 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater - 7/23/12

Doc here with a 3rd Report from 7/23 and the visit made to 15th Avenue in Chicago by Kate and Len.

Here we go with Round 3...



In Chicago for a few nights, and was trying to decide between CT's ( where I struck out on a Friday night about a month ago- hoping to see hot Asian Girl) and 15th Ave. Bookstore.  Since my hotel is only 15 minutes from15th Ave., that is where I headed. I got to the theater around 6pm, and was quickly informed a mid 20's couple was there and left about an hour earlier.  I later found out she was a white girl with long brown hair, and a small BBW.  She and her boyfriend apparently put on quite the show, fucking and sucking in the theater, in the booth area, and also in the spa are.  She didn't touch anyone, but she also didn't mind guys jackng off right next to her head as she was giving her man some of her special oral talents.

Around 7:30pm, I was in the back area when I heard a woman's voice.  The spidey senses had perked up and I went up front to pay my $10 entry to the spa.   As I paid and received my towel, the couple entered the theater along with a regular who was showing around, giving them a guided tour of all things 15th Ave, and the couple seemed very comfortable with him.  She was a hottie MILF with medium length brown hair, about 5'4" tall, and a spinner.  She had nice natural breasts, about 36 C bordering D and firm.  She had nice legs, what seemed like a nice ass, and was very attractive.

They sat down on the theater, her man on her right (he kind of reminded me of Jason Straham), her in the middle and The Tour Guide on her left. This was the middle of the Couples section, against the wall.  She proceeded to rub the crotches of both men which got the immediate attention of the Watchmen.  After a few moments of casual conversation (she seemed extremely comfortable, pretty cool, and VERY horny) she took both their cocks out and was doing the two fisted "Shake Weight".  I sprung to attention and was standing at the row openly stroking as she slid to the floor and greedily sucked the cock of The Tour Guide.  If Carlton the Doorman was there, he would have been very jealous.

After about 15 minutes, they entered the Spa and proceeded to go into a private room, where the three of them put on an incredible aural display.  The Mrs. knew how to handle two men at a time!  Unfortunately for me, she didn't seem interested in me as she had her hands full.   I remained in the hallway, and she, The Tour Guide, Jason, and I had some conversations when they opened the door to cool off some.   Jason seemed as if he was interested in me pleasing the lady (gut feeling), but I never got the chance, as TTG must have had reinforcements on the way.   The three of them exited the room and sat down in the common room by the large tv, and spoke about life in general.  After about 10 minutes, the reinforcement showed up in the form of a light skinned thin black dude with a dreadlocked pony tail.  For arguments sake, we'll call him Scottie Pippin.  Pretty much as soon as he arrived, they got up and went back to the room, all four of them, where with my xray vision I could see Scottie long dicking her as she sucked off The Tour Guide.  Every now and then, Jason would smack that ass HARD.   Rachel was in her glories.   Okay, I don't really have xray vision, but it doesn't take a genius to know what is going on when you are four feet from the action, even if the door is closed. 

They completed their little orgy around 9:30pm, and I am sure that is one newbie couple who will be back with a vengeance.   Traveling Man didn't get any tail or head that night, but it is always nice to see a sexy lady, and knowing she has been well taken care of.  I had to laugh as they exited the room, and I noticed her blue shirt with "Bang This" written across the front in small type in sequins.

Next up... Portland.. See you all at the Paris!

Travellin Man


Doc here again... In the spirit of full disclosure, and for those playing at home, The Good Doctor was The Tour Guide, Len and Kate were Jason Straham and The Mrs., and Mocha Pickle was Scottie Pippin.  The interesting part of this report from The Traveling Man is while his x-ray vision wasn't quite accurate (see the prior reports from Mocha Pickle and your narrator), his mind's eye was filling in the blanks of what the audio was telling him.

By the way, who watches The Watchmen?


Flash Report! Old Marine Corps Guy on The Jolar

Doc here... A title I almost went with was "Old Marine Corps Guy Hits Paydirt", but I think I may have used that one before...



Sunday – Jolar Adult Theater and ABS in San Diego

Since this was Sunday, and most people have to be at work Monday morning (ahh, it’s great to be retired….who gives a shit what day it is!),I went in early, about 9:00PM.  I’m glad I did.

There were only three guys in the theaters AND two couples!! Both were young and both had skirts on,but one was in each theater.  I went into the far theater and sat across from one couple who was sitting in the front row.  They were not far into their twenty’s and were not doing anything except talking, pointing at things on the screen and giggling.  My experience with most young couples doing this says that they are not going to do anything, so I got up and went into the other theater.  I sat across, and one row down, from the other couple where I could look back and see her and a lot of her bare legs (she had them crossed and her skirt was riding REAL high up to her hips).

This couple was also in their 20’s.  He looked Latino, late 20’s, kind of a“banger” look to him, but not dressed like a banger.  She was also Latina, very early 20’s, dark shoulder length hair, a little chubby, but with the chubby in all the right places.  She had kind of the, “I play in the schoolband” look.  She was wearing a blouse and a short, pleated skirt.

They were kind of cuddling, and the guy was rubbing her legs, but nothing much more than that. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, kind of like Sharon Stone did in the movie, Basic Instinct.  I love looking up a woman’s dress (OK, so I’m a pervert!! ) and I was stroking my cock so she could see that she was achieving her “turn-on-result” with me.  But they didn’t do anything else!!!

After about twenty minutes of this, I went outside for smoke.  I was out there for about 10 or 15 minutes and then went back inside. Well, when you first go thru the theater door you enter a short, maybe 20 feet long, hallway before you turn into the theaters.  The couple that had been showing her legs was leaning against the wall in the hallway all by themselves.  There is a glass window in the wall between the hallway and the first theater so that you can stand there and still watch the movie.

As soon as I opened the door I could see that she was standing close behind him and reaching around to rub his cock and he was reaching between them to play with her pussy. When I opened the door they both quickly straightened up but when he saw that it was me he relaxed and pulled her close to him again and they went back to the cock and pussy playing.  Well, I figured if they were that relaxed with me there that I’d just see what I could get going.

I stayed in the hall and stood close, but not too close,behind her and started stroking my cock. She looked back and saw me playing, and said something to her man.  He looked back and kind of shrugged and went back to watching the movie and rubbing her pussy.  I have always said you can’t hit a homerun unless you get up to bat, so I moved up close to her and started to rub my dick on her ass, through her skirt.  She didn’t seem to mind that until I kind of half kneeled down to get my dick up under her skirt so I could rub it on her bare ass.  I guess that was a no-no because she reached back and grabbed my dick to (I thought) push it away….but she kept a hold of it and started to give me a hand job!

She was giving her man and I hand jobs at the same time.  I tried to rub her ass and her pussy, but both were taboo.  All she wanted to do was give a stranger a hand job. So I just relaxed and enjoyed it. She worked on my cock for about 10 minutes until I came.  I put my dick back in my pants and said thanks; she didn’t look back at me but said, “De nada”. The whole time I was standing there with them, she never looked at my face, just my dick that one time.  It was like all she wanted to do was have two cocks to play with at the same time.  Well, I’m real happy that I got to help her with what she wanted.

Semper fi!


Doc here again.... There's more in the hopper from OMCG & San Diego's adult theaters... Stay tuned!


Field Report! Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC by Anaconda

Doc here with a quick Field Report on Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC by Anaconda.

Annabelle's quickly got on the map when CVE in Gastonia, NC was having it's zoning issues.  A flurry of reports followed, and all seemed right with the world.

So without further ado, here is the Anaconda and his report...


Hey Doc,

 A quick report on another theater I popped into during my
abundance of business travel.  This week I find myself in the
mid-Atlantic and decided to stop into Anabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC
to check it out. 

I showed up around 7:30PM and there were A LOT of
cars in the lot.  I wasn't expecting much so early on a Wednesday
evening, but hey...sometimes you might get lucky.  As it turns out, I
really didn't. 

I browsed around the video/toy area for a few minutes
just to check things out and get the lay of the land.  Apparently the
theater has just been redone.  I can't testify to this myself since it
was my first visit, but there were a lot of signs up around the store
stating as much.  I paid my $10 entry fee and headed back to the
theater area.  There are 2 theaters, one gay/alternative and one
straight/couples.  I walked into the straight side and let my eyes
adjust.  It was clean in there and pretty well lit by the 2 large flat
screen TVs playing 2 different straight porn movies.  There are about
6 - 7 leather sofas and a few leather chairs as well.  I walked right
in on some action taking place, but was disappointed to see it was
just the guys playing with each other.  There is also a stripper pole
on the straight side right in between the 2 big screens.

The $10 admission includes in and out privileges for 8 hours (not sure
if you can leave the store and come back though) and 5 "tokens" which
are actually paper coupons for the booths.  However for the life of
me, I couldn't figure out where the booths were located.

After I had hung out in the theater for about an hour, I went back out
and browsed some more hoping to get a chance to chat it up with the
cute female clerk, but she was engaged with one of the other
customers, and I am not one to barge in on another persons
conversation, so I left after about 15 minutes of browsing.

I hope this place gets some couples once in a while.  It's a nice
comfortable and clean theater and set up well for playing.
Check in with you another day.  More travels are coming up in the next
few weeks, so I'll undoubtedly try to hit some new places.



Doc here.... Keep the reports coming in Anaconda.  Thanks for a great job on your Field Report!