Friday, May 24, 2013

The Big Shield's To Protect and To Serve Tour - Part 3 - Meeting Velvet Skye in Tampa

Doc here with Part 3 of The Big Shield's To Protect and To Serve Tour of adult theaters across the US of A.

This report finds TBS in Tampa, and by sheer accident, so is the lovely Velvet Skye.

What happens when the immovable object meets the irresistible force?

This report happens.


Hey Doc,

Your trusted front line warrior is back on the front line forging ahead with the Serve and Protect Tour.  As you are aware,  it's baseball season and it is hotter than a firm perky nippled titty with hot sauce on it in Tampa, Florida - my temporary locale.  

With increasing temperatures - my bat is warming up and I'm bringing my season Adult Theater batting average back in line with my career numbers.  Today on the mound was the stunningly attractive Velvet Skye.

I arrived in Tampa via one of those metal birds from parts unknown mid- morning and immediately checked the good Doc's twitter account - only to find that the lovely Velvet Skye had already completed round 1 of her soirĂ©e   at Fantasyland 1 the evening before.  
 Scrolling down to other tweets, I noticed that she said that she would be coming back - but of course to build up the anticipation she did not mention when.  

Deciding that I had a bit of time before I could check in at my hotel, I did a quick Fantasyland drive-by thinking that there was a chance that Velvet might want to have some lunch time fun.  When I got to FL1, there was nothing to see so I decided to check-in, check and respond to work emails, change into my signature UA active wear, grab a bite to eat and head back over and see if there might be any afternoon fun to report back to Doc and the fine readers of this here blog.

Returning to FL1 about 2:30, the parking lot had about 9 cars or so in it, but with 4 guys hanging out front and no tweet coming across my portable electronic device from Doc - I figure I'd listen to the Tampa Bay Rays game on the radio and just wait to see if anyone showed.  What I didn't see was Ms Skye sitting next to Mr V in the vehicle in front of me to my left.    

Mr. V exited the vehicle and then I saw the passenger side door (which was partially obscured from my view) open and out comes a surprisingly tall blond in a hot pink - short and hugging - dress.  

When I say tall,  I mean tall.  The Big Shield stands in at 6'5" and in her heels she was every bit of 6 foot 2 or 3.  Velvet and Mr. V went in and everyone outside in Florida seemed to follow.  

Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
I got out of my car, followed, like the masses - but at a much slower pace than the others.  Velvet first went to the booth hallway and then decided that her afternoon fun would at least start in a private room back in the theater.  I paid my $19 rent to enter the theater  and by that time,  Velvet and Mr. V already had their room selected and Velvet was down to the clothing that she had on when she entered the this world.  Fortunate me - ran into Velvet as she and her birthday suit were coming out of the bathroom.  I introduced myself as The Big Shield we said our hello's and back into her private room she went.

The room next to Velvet's room shares a gloryhole and that room was occupied by a 30ish year-old dude that was in real need of a shave, thus the nickname scraggly.  Now of course with the rooms being private,  you do not know what type of activity is taking place, but whatever pitches (hand, oral, vaginal, anal) Velvet was throwing, dude was taking is old sweet time looking for that perfect pitch that he could drive over the wall for a home run.  Finally he got his pitch and he was done.  

Next up was a guy in his 40's. He probably wasn't that short but when the average person stands next to someone that is 6'5" they tend to appear short.  At any rate. The number two batter got in, found a pitch to his liking, apparently drove the pitch long,  and was on his way.  

Now standing in the batters box and expecting to lift his 2013 batting average was me - The Big Shield.  I though that I would be at the plate for some time because it had been less than a 24 hours since discarding what was seemingly a gallon of the patented Serve and Protect juice in a none adult theater environment.  

But let me tell you, Velvet Skye is all business!!!!!!  How serious is Velvet about her business?  let me put it this way - in 25 year in this thing of ours I have never ever ever been not the first in line and been in and out as fast as I was that is serious business!!!!

Velvet smiled at me through the hole and I fed the lazy and limp Big Shield through the hole.  It took Velvet NO....and I do mean absolutely NO time to get the Shield growing and expanding with her hand.  Once the Shield was on the rise, Velvet took the head into her mouth and that caused the growth rate to increase exponentially.  With the Shield still not at Max size - Velvet began to stroke and suck on the Shield and before I knew it I went from "damn this feels so fucking good" to "damn I'm coming" to "damn I came hard".  Total time from locking my door to unlocking and letting the next very lucky guy up to the plate may have been 10 minutes being generous to myself.  

How much of the protective juices were left following yesterday's fun in parts unknown and where the juice was deposited is only known by the sexy Velvet Skye and Mr. V.  Maybe they took a picture and will share at some time in the future. Either way if they do or they don't,  I have the satisfaction of knowing that today the beautiful and sexy Velvet Skye met and played with the Big Shield and while in the batters box the Shield took a full count pitch and went deep......raising his batting average just a bit in the process.  

Well Doc, the tour has to continue to roll.....therefore I'm be looking for a restaurant that serves Peanut Butter and/or Oysters for dinner so that I have more to give this evening if any couples or single ladies come out to play.

Until next time, may the Shield be with her, whomever she might be.
 The Big Shield


Doc here again... Congrats to the Big Shield for another terrific report, and for meeting the lovely Velvet Skye (Canada's #1 Natural Resource). Keep protecting and serving, sir.