Saturday, August 6, 2011

Coming Attraction for Tonight @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a last minute Coming Attraction!  Here are the details:

M & M

Selective Couple looking for respectful guys.

Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Ave., Hartford, CT

Saturday August 6th, 2011
Starting at 6:00-6:30PM EDT

Quote From M&M:
"We are going to be at the Art tonite around 6-6:30. She is fit, curvy cyclist, will be in short skirt, no underwear, sheer shirt, no bra. She does NOT want to be crowded or fondled. With interested guys stroking around her, we will choose one or two to enjoy her mouth, then (safely) fuck her from behind as she is bent over the seat, one at a time. After she gets her fill of pussy-stuffing, she will sit down, open her shirt and invite those ready to shoot to spew onto her tits, one at a time."

Wish us luck, hopefully we will see someone review the scene for The Journal. These pics are from an adventure in Providence RI.

The Photos:

Doc here again...A report would be GREAT on this appearance! 


Field Report: The Playhouse Theater in Tampa by Enzyte Bob

Doc here with an update from senior Journal reporter Enzyte Bob, and his review of what was once the mecca of all adult theaters in the US, The Playhouse Theater in Tampa's Drew Park area. If you search through the past articles here at The Journal, you will find my take on The Playhouse as well.

Here is Enzyte Bob and his review of The Playhouse...

The Playhouse
4421 N. Hubert Ave, Tampa, FL

Good afternoon my Good Doctor,

I have checked The Journal and love the new database.  Allow me to provide some information on The Playhouse in Drew Park, Tampa.  I have not been there for any length of time in almost a year, although I have popped in to see what is up a couple of times.  I was not impressed, really.  Playhouse has fallen from what it once was.  As you enter, the first thing you notice is the aroma; it is a mixture of stale locker room, covered by bleach.  It is just an overall unclean environment.

As you walk toward the main counter, there is a booth area off to your right and a "maze" off to the left.  The maze, although an interesting idea, usually has some degenerate-looking male types laying around in it, looking to give an anonymous blow job or take it up the ass through one of the glory holes cut in the walls of the maze. 
There are two large theaters on either side of the counter as you enter.  The theater on the right is the straight theater and the theater on the left shows gay porn.  Both theaters have vinyl love seats in them that allow three people to sit on them.  They have fallen into disrepair and need recovering.  I have rarely ever seen females or couples in the theater, and cannot speak for the gay side as that is not my cup of tea.  All in all, Playhouse is not my preference and I usually go to Fantasyland I or II.

I will let you know if I hear anything more...

Enzyte Bob


Thanks again Bob for your usual 5-Star report on The Playhouse.  I have been to The Playhouse on several occasions, and have yet to see a couple there, or many people at all there.  There is a gay club located on the left side of the building that seems to get traffic. But as for the theater, no dice.

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