Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flash Report: "Memorial Day Weekend at The Paris" by Brent in Portland

"Brent, @ Home, Wrapping Up Another Paris Report", circa 2010

Doc here with a brand new report from Brent in Portland.  Hailing from Parts Unknown, Brent is the Grand Marshall of  the "This Thing Of Our's" parade.  You always get your money's worth from Brent, and this report is no exception.  Phone the neighbors...Here comes Brent's report from The Paris in Portland:
The Paris Theater is a private theater club for adults. It's located in downtown Portland Oregon near the corner of Third and Burnside, wedged between a smoke shop on one side and the world famous "Voodoo Doughnuts on the other side. Across Third Avenue is the night club, Dante's. Hundreds of people walk by
The Paris every day. Most of them have no idea what delightful mischief might be going on behind its double doors and that's good. The Paris Theater experience may not be for everybody but it may be for a lot of people who don't even realize it.

Because The Paris is a members only establishment and because people are advised that sexual activity may be going on, it is less vulnerable to the capricious whims of local politicians and law enforcement. Translation: The cops can't come into The Paris unless they join the club or have the permission of the owner. The good old Fourth Amendment is in full force at The Paris just like it is in your home. (wink wink nudge nudge).

To all the new members in the group, especially the ladies and the couples, I invite you to join The Paris Theater Club It costs almost nothing for single ladies and couples. After you get your membership card, go inside and make yourself at home. Relax ,get comfortable and, if you are in the mood, enjoy the intricate pleasures of adult theater sex, Paris style.

Some nights at The Paris are better than others for theater sex action . The unexpected and unplanned moments are the most memorable. That's why the" in and out" privileges that your membership offers you can be so useful. (he says with a straight face) You may find it dead and dreary at 8:30 and alive with couples and singles fucking and sucking all over the theater at midnight. When is the best time to go to The Paris for action? When it is open. When is the worst time to go to The Paris for action? When it is open. When are you most likely to meet at The Paris Theater, the attractive person or persons who will send you tingling to a lust-filled, wet-cunt,hard-cock, slithering, trembling, body-slumping orgasm? When it is open. When are you most likely to see, at The Paris Theater the person or persons that remind you of a Wal Mart check out line? When it is open.

This past Friday, I finished my shopping at Wal Mart and headed down to The Paris Theater to see what fun the beginning of The Rose Festival and The Memorial Day Holiday might bring. Around 9:30 a couple came into the theater. She was an attractive blond in her thirties dressed conservatively western sexy in designer jeans and boots. They sat and cuddled. At one point she bent over and gave him a blow job. Another couple came in. She was also dressed sexy but conservatively . She had dark hair and was pretty like Sydney Penny. She straddled her man. He pulled down her pants just far enough to play with her pussy. She was wearing a black thong .Her ass looked pretty good or at leas what I could see of it. She kept herself covered with her back to the crowd .He had her shirt open and played with her breasts. She grinded on him and was getting turned on but was hesitant to go any further. They left .It was quiet for a while.

Then a couple that I hadn't seen in a while came in. He is a big, bald headed guy who has been called Mr. Awesome by a few of the ladies. She is a nice looking, sexy woman who visits and enjoys the theater scene once in a while. I thought about saying hi to them but decided not to. (It's not all about me)

Another couple arrived at The Oasis (That's the couples section at The Paris). She was a little heavy but well put together. She had long hair and was wearing jeans and a shirt. She reminded me of "Lynn The Glory Hole Babe", who was one of the all time great glory hole girls. He looked like one of the members of Bare Naked Ladies. It was their first visit to The Paris. They kissed and cuddled and groped and grappled. She looked eager to start playing.. Meanwhile Mr. Awesome removed his ladies slacks and gave her a gentle finger massage between her legs. The two couples checked each other out from opposite ends of the
couples section. The new girl was naked,, Her body was soft and full. She sat very close to the entrance to the couples section and turned towards the guys so they could see her bare naked
pussy. She sucked his dick. He finger fucked her. They cuddled for a while. On the other side Mr. Awesome gave his woman "what fur?" with his slippery tongue.

Two more couples showed up. The guys were bald and well put together and their wives were hot cougar types, dressed in skimpy dresses. One was a petite blond who looked like Amanda Detmer.

The other woman had a very sexy body that had just starting to turn a little which, to me made it even sexier. She reminded me of a hot Tatum O Neal. The four of them played with each other as soon as they sat down. Both ladies got fucked by both guys and sucked both guys in return. The one who reminded me of Tatum got on one of the benches close to audience. She was on her knees  getting fucked from behind by one of the guys. I heard her say "You fuck so good" and "I am so wet" . Then I heard her say in a voice dripping with lust,"Touch me". I reached up to stroke her inner thigh but there was already aflurry of hands on ,in, and around her wet pussy She reached through the slats and grabbed the nearest hard dick, stroking it while she continued to get fucked.

By now all four couples were fucking and sucking. The girl in the corner was getting fucked doggy style by her man, the two hot cougars were getting fucked by their men and Mr. Awesome had the misses bent over. It was the highlight of the night, just the kind of four couple spontaneous adult theater sex action that makes The Paris such a fun place to visit.

The rest of the night was quiet. A few more couples came in but there was very little action that I remember.

I heard that after I left,, the hot red headed girl who looks like Alicia Witt and has a body like Marilyn Monroe came in. I was told that she put on a great show. The highlight of her visit, at least for one guy, was the hand job she gave him after he brought her a pillow. He offered her his pillow. She offered him her pillows.

She and her man came back again Saturday. She wore a black dress that showed off her great legs and world class tits ,They're "Cs" but they deserve an A Plus. She was there with many other couples. Saturday was a "Where did all these hot women come from?" kind of night at The Paris Theater. I also heard that The Oregon had a good turn out for couples, at least five showed up and, according to my sources all of them played.

I arrived at The Paris at 7pm and left at 5am. There was action from the moment I walked in until a little after 4am. The reason I didn't leave then was because there were still two couples in the couples section and I wanted to see if they were going to play or, better yet, play with the boys. i was dog tired yet at the same time I was exhilarated by all of the great heterosexual, bi sexual, and cosmo sexual theater action I had witnessed and participated in.

To start things off, around 6:45 a young couple came into the theater. He looked like a combination between Eminem and Jim Norton. She had brown hair, glasses and a soft young curvy body. I thought "Sarah Palin's trashy daughter". They were in and out of the theater most of the evening. She got naked and make a lot of dirty noise while they fucked and while he ate her pussy. He kept laying her down next to another woman who was in the couples section . I prayed to the theater gods that one of them would reach out towards the other one.

The other woman was a classy and sophisticated lady who reminded me of Condoleeza Rice or Diane Carroll. She and her man, a tall Tony Curtis type played for four hours, Saturday. She had a great body, small and fit. Her breasts were like olives with pimentos. Her legs were strong and shapely. The highlight of their visit, in my opinion, was when they stood against the wall of the couples annex,and watched a cute 19 year old newbie, entertain a number of guys on the exam table. Diane stroked her mans dick and watched the young girl. She had a dazed look of lust on her face. The guys hovered near her with their dicks in their hands- just in case. Nothing happened, but the sexual tension was palpable..

Eminem and Sarah Palin's daughter also came to The Paris on Monday evening. They sat on one of the couches in the main theater. And watched a lady get fucked bareback by a stranger directly in front of them. The lady is a regular visitor to The Paris, She loves to get fucked and filled. She is usually there on a weeknight. I think of her as "The Librarian" or The "Assistant Principal." She has a big, sexy body, big tits and strong legs. She will spend an entire evening ,fucking, until there is no one left to fuck. Monday, the younger couple must have been inspired by her activities because he ate her pussy and made her scream while the guys stood inches away from them.

Back to Saturday. The pretty 19 year old on the exam table who was taking on all comers had started out with her man in the couples section. She was a big lioness type with nice big babingas and an ample assarooni. She reminded me of Kate Winslet, or an English school girl. They sat in the couples section on one of the benches directly in front of "reach through row" and watched the sexy black lady get her pussy eaten etc.

Kate pulled up her shirt and lifted her skirt so the buys could reach through and play with her tits, ass and pussy. Her old man wondered if the guys could get up a little higher so she could get her mouth around their dicks. I suggested they move to the couples annex. Faster han you can say "stirrups" she was on her back on the exam table, sucking off one guy and getting fucked by another awkward lad. For the next hour her fat wet pussy was penetrated by penis after penis while she sucked and swallowed the choads that hovered near her face. Some of the members of The Paris gang also ate and fingered her succulent English muffin. I don't want to leave that part out.

It was her first visit to The Paris. I hope she had a good time.

As you can tell by now, Memorial Day Saturday was incredible. The guy who looks like an Indian Bob Dylan was there with his lady, a petite woman with brown curly hair. They got naked, fucked and enjoyed the action that was happening around them.

The California Blond came in to the theater. She is golden beach sexy like Christie Brinkley, Jennifer Annis ton and Sandra Bullock. She wrote about her visit in a previous post. Saturday, She wore classic theater slut clothes- black dress, black thigh highs and "come fuck me high heels" She moved her shapely ass towards us. What a sight; Her long legs were spread apart. Her naked ass and bare wet pussy undulated suggestively .

I reached in and put a finger in her vagina. She was wet and slippery. She turned towards us. We played with her tits while her husband fucked her. They played with another hot couple that had just arrived. We got a chance to watch her take a load of jizz all over her perfect tits. We watched her jack off one of the boys, the lucky stiff.

Next time she visits The Paris I hope she'll play with all of us so we can lay her on the bench, feel her body from the small of her neck to the bottom of her feet, slide our hard cocks against her smooth tanned skin and shoot our thick loads all over her breasts.
Doc here again... You can check out the rest of the report at Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group (link located at the Link-O-Rama).  It's a must read!

Thanks Brent!


Flash Report! The Summit Street Theater/Bookstore in Warren, OH

Doc here with a quick review from the Summit Bookstore and Theater, as reported by a poster from Yahoo:
Summit Street Theater and Bookstore
645 Summit Street
Warren, OH

Wow what a great time at the Summit last night (June 4th). We had six couples there. We had halfpint, railroader,byggunz, Timmalory, Joanie, and a couple that frequents Summit ,Akron and Foster. Mostly known as the Cum Queen. She loves to do oral and then have guys cum on her tits. I met Joanie and was she ever a hot sexy lady. Three of the couples played and the other I think were just waiting for a chance for the couches. Wish they had more couches. But it was a great night, and this member left quite satisfied.
I have added The Summit to the June Power Rankings because:
  • This past week they have implemented an alert system on certain nights, ala The Paris "Flag" system and CTs "NOWWW" alerts. 
The Good Doctor will have to schedule a "House Call" to that area sometime soon. 

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Please e-mail The Good Doctor at


Justa Reply is Back! The Kansas City Scene in the 80's

Doc here with another outstanding report from Just-Reply, our intrepid reporter on the Kansas City market.  Take it away, Justa!
 Back in the 80's there were several adult theaters in Kansas City. The Old Chelsea, The Dove and The Strand (which still exists, sort of) were the major ones. They would sometimes advertise in the back pages of the sports section of the Kansas City Star.

Come the 90s and there was a concerted effort to legislate all such businesses out of existence, yet at the same time the popular culture in general became much more coarse and debased. It's a phenomenon I find curious. Wish I could put my finger on the "why." Maybe in decades past women knew men were just going to be men, regardless, and let it be (and a few took advantage of it). Nowadays we've been stomped with the iron boot of Feminazism and ridiculous, overreaching efforts to "protect the children," even though prime time TV programming flows like raw sewage, "sexting" is the current epidemic, and girls with their ubiquitous "tramp stamps" casually hook up as the in thing to do. If she doesn't, she's like, so gay, girlfriend.
Visiting the Old Chelsea was like a trip back in time. You had to traverse a long, thickly carpeted hallway to reach the theater entrance. The hall was adorned with many large, faded, framed photographs of strippers who had worked the stage in years past; beautiful women in alluring poses wearing see-thru-nothings proudly sporting full muffs and '60s and '70s hairdoos. As is my usual luck, I missed the heyday of that scene, but had a good excuse-- I was a little too young then.

Meanwhile, there was Erotic City~~~

By the time I discovered Erotic City it had already been in full swing for several years. Located in a battered former convenience store, it sported the usual racks of movies, magazines, dildos, lotions, whips, smoking papers and other assorted flotsam common to seedier adult book stores everywhere. It also had a separate lingerie store, a big video booth area in the back, and a second-rate tittie bar upstairs.

The place was in a small slice of unincorporated county between Kansas City and Independence, an area the locals call "Dogpatch," which was home to a couple of junkyards and several run-down gas stations and houses. K.C. and Independence city ordinances did not reach there, which is how the place was able to operate as it did.

Even the hired help was seedy. A string of terminally bored and obnoxious women worked there through the years, some missing teeth, most of them pregnant off and on. Then there was a guy who sat the counter in the evenings. He was probably fifty and looked 70, had unkempt, scraggly slicked back hair, a complexion like burned oatmeal, and always wore a plain white, dirty t-shirt. He looked more like he should have been manning the coatcheck in Hell.

The thing that set Erotic City apart was the freewheeling video booth area. It was pretty much anything goes, and pretty much everything did go on back there. The booth area went through several iterations over the years. Very early on it had a small area of cocktail tables where people could meet and greet. The tables disappeared but then the booth variety got better. It had a mixture of small, one or two person booths, and larger "group" booths. For a few years some of the bigger booths had small, knee-high doors between them which were just big enough to step through and join people on the other side, and certainly big enough to play at if you wanted to remain separate. Several of the smaller booth pairs had glory holes, which appeared and disappeared periodically depending on LEO and county prosecutor focus.
Erotic City was horndog heaven. A constant procession of couples and very, very occasionally, single ladies passed through. There was so much pussy traffic that if you waited for a couple of hours, anytime of the day or night, something would come in you could doink. Many times you never had to wait that long. I went there over my lunch hour for years and if I showed up every day at noon I reliably soaked the sausage on average twice a week, and sometimes more often.

The standard M.O. was~ couple comes in, goes into a booth and shuts the door. You then would ascertain how things were progressing by putting your ear to the door crack. Incidentally, if you arrived late to the party you could usually tell if there was pussy in the booth just by listening at the door crack. Straight movies playing? Check. The booth light turned up a little bit (seen from the door crack underneath)? Check. A chick talking over the movie soundtrack? Check!

Then all you had to do was fight for a place in line and wait for the door to unlock. If the couple came to play, once they got sufficiently warmed up (a few minutes to a few hours later) the door would unlock, you'd go in and partake of whatever flavor of goodness they were up for, and be on your merry way. Repeat when horny.

It seems all good things must inevitably come to an end and so did the video booth heaven at Erotic City. By the mid-nineties several factors combined to run most of the couple traffic off. First, the always present gay crowd began to view the booth area as their personal playground, not to be sullied by the likes of women They'd tell the management the ladies were charging money and get them thrown out. Second, they hired a gay security guard, who, in cahoots with his gay buddies, ran lots of women out of there. Third, AIDS became a nagging worry which scared many off. And fourth, the rise of the Internet made it possible for people to hook up online.

The death knell sounded when some guy began bringing his underage stepdaughter in for gang-bangs. Must've been a phase they were going through as after several episodes they quit coming in. Actually it was like that with most couples. You'd see them frequently for a few weeks or months, then they'd be gone, never to return. Anyway, several years later the stepdaughter outed Mr. Stepfather as to what they'd been up to years earlier during that brief period. Mr. Stepfather went directly to jail, did not pass go, nor did he collect his 200 dollars. That was enough to finally galvanize the county into action and laws were swiftly enacted which effectively killed Erotic City. A sleepy ABS still exists in the original storefront, but the booth area is closed for good.

Gone but not forgotten, as I'm sure many a local hobbyist would attest.