Sunday, July 10, 2011

Call For Reports!

Doc here... Saturday night, July 9th, was a huge night at some of the most popular adult theaters in the country.  Here are the numbers (from theaters that announce visits by couples/single females):
  • The Paris Theater, Portland, OR: 13 Couples (including Voodoo Girl)
  • The Oregon Theater, Portland, OR: 5 Couples
  • 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater, Melrose Park, IL: 10 Couples
  • CTs Adult Theater, Gary, IN: 4 Couples, 1 Single Female
  • Summit News, Warren, OH: 3 Couples (including Gloryhole Gurl)
That is a lot of adult theater activity, and speaking for the several thousand monthly visitors to The Journal, we would love to hear what happened last night.

The Good Doctor is in dire need of reports... As The Journal gets bigger and bigger, the need for reports grows.  So, let's feed this monster and submit your reports! Whether it's from the theaters above, or the countless adult theaters across the country.

Send them along to Derek Jeter The Good Doctor at I will gladly edit and format your reports, and you get the byline.

So be large. Be a reporter at The Journal. Your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.


Flash Reports: Sam Reports on a Trio of Adult Theaters

Doc here with a trio of Flash Reports from returning field reporter, Sam. Sam visited three adult theaters, and unfortunately lady luck was not shining on him.  However, in the effort to present fair and balanced reports from this thing of ours, I present these reports from Sam to you.


Hi Doc,

Got some time over the holiday weekend to get back to reports on this thing of ours.

My job took me to the New England area for a couple of  months. Unfortunately, none of these had any action when i visited over a period of two months, and so would not be back to these places again.

1. Art Cinema, Hartford, CT

  • Visited twice, once on a Saturday evening, and another time on a Friday evening two weeks later.
  • Spent almost 2 hours on each visit.
  • Its a huge theater from 70s or 80s era, with balcony for cpls.
  • During each visit, there were around 5-10 men during the entire time.
  • No couples or ladies despite some chatter on CL.
  • Mostly old movies on a old screen, so not inviting enough to even jerk off.
  • The place is too huge for an adult theater, not sure why the place still exists.
  • Entry was $12
2. Fairmount Theater, New Haven, CT

  • Huge theater again from 70s or 80s.
  • Visited twice, both on Friday nights.
  • Saturday nights are gay movies, so avoided that.
  • Around 15-20 men constantly, lots of CD and gay action.
  • Spent about 2 hours there, saw one 50s couple, but left after some time. Other than that no other ladies or couples.
  • Entry was $10.
3. Route 20 aka Adult World, Rensselaer, NY
  • Place has a adult shop at the entrance, and video booths and theater at the side. Probably around 10 booths and a 12 seat theater.
  • This is one of the stupidest theater setup I have seen, may be due to the presence of PD less than a mile away on the same road.
  • Several kinds of irritating sound alarms keep ringing constantly. One at the entrance, one as you move through a corridor between video booths and the buzzer for the mini theater.
  • Video monitoring is fine, but a video camera inside the theater, directly pointing in your face??Not sure if anyone is brave enough to play in this setup.
  • Video booths are spacious for one, cramped for 2. No gloryholes either. Several couples who came to the adult shop, had a quick look in the theater and just went away. Some of them briefly stopped in the video booth area as well.
  • Staff is intrusive and loitering near video booths is strictly prohibited.
  • Visited once on a Friday night, and another time on a Saturday night. Saw one old couple who played in the theater by themselves.
It was exciting to read other recent reports from other places around the country. I would definitely visit those places if I get a chance, however for these three places, I'm done with them.


Doc here again... Sorry to hear about this streak of bad luck, Sam.  I have had positive reports on all three of these adult theaters in the past, so this is another case of the dreaded feast or famine.

Keep the faith, Sam.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on The Journal of Adult Theaters?  Just e-mail John Shaft The Good Doctor at I will gladly edit and format your reports, and you get the glory.  Plus, I need reports badly!

So step up to the plate, adjust your batting helmet, and send a report out to deep left field.