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Flash Report: Cupids Theater & Bookstore, Kutztown, PA by EJ

Doc here with a flash report from Cupids Adult Theater & Bookstore in Kutztown, PA by prolific and intrepid reporter EJ.  Last time out, EJ reported on Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Let's see what Cupids has to offer.  Take it away EJ!
Cupids Theater & Bookstore
Rt 222 and Kempsville Road, Kutztown, PA

EJ here with another field report from the great northeast. After my last visit to Cinema 309 in Wilkes - Barre Pa, I ventured down to Cupids theater/ bookstore southwest of Kutztown Pa.

While not marked or visible from the highway, the theater is on the corner of Rt 222 and Kempsville Road just past the Berkleigh (I was northeast bound towards Kutztown) Country Club which is well marked. I used google earth before hand to get an idea of it location which worked great. The theater is a yellow concreet block building with no daytime visible sign but a small lit sign after dark.

Inside they had the usual books, mags, dvd's and assorted toys and such. I paid the $12 admission and went into the first floor theater which was rather small with 5 bench seats with a capacity for around 20 to 25. They were showing some good hardcore action on the small screen and was quite dark in the room . A few males were there along with a cd who was talking to the guys.

After getting my eyes focused to the darkness, I walked up the rather tricky stairs to check out the upstairs theater which had gay male action on the screen. This was the busiest of the two with a dozen of guys up there doing their thing. I went back down the stairs and watched the very nice looking cd and a male customer trade blow jobs for 45 mins or so. As with Cinema 309, it was evident this was more bi/ gay oriented place.

I spoke with the cd and she stated that she frequents the theater and said it was very rare that a couple comes in but has plenty of gay male and cd action (as I saw as the theater is open 24/7 and has a good late night crowd). I thanked her and told her about the "Journal", so if you read this, thanks from EJ .

I returned out to the store area and went to check out the booths which was packed with guys waiting for others to come in. A little to busy for my straight likes so I hung around the store hoping to get a chance to speak to the clerk but he was busy talking to customers and the locals. A couple did stop in and bought a few items as I was leaving to get back on my trip south . The parking lot was full and it was only 9 pm and I was there around an hour and a half. All in all it was an alright stop, and Cupids is a bit on the rough and rustic side but seemed to get allot of male action.

Hope this report was useful and that your theater experiences are exciting in "this thing of ours" !!

EJ is quickly becoming one of our top reporters at The Journal.  I like his writing style, and he paints a good picture of the atmosphere at the different theaters he has visited.  Keep up the great work EJ!
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I-Team Report: Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut, Part 14

Doc here with Part 14 of Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut.  In this chapter, there is play aplenty at The Paris Theater, and there is also a bit of dogging down by the Willamette River.  Sit back and enjoy "B"'s recounting of this Nina visit to Portland.

Another weekend heading down to Portland to partake in the fun and games at the Paris Theater. We always take time to do a little flashing on the way down, usually at one of the rest stops. We always get a late start so it is usually around 11pm by the time we pull into the first rest stop along the way. At this hour there are normally not many people around. I told Nina get your tits out in case anyone wants to check you out while I’m in the rest room.

When I came out and headed towards the van I noticed a couple of guys trying to act nonchalantly around the area where we we’re parked. I purposely stopped and watched to see what would happen. The two guys were acting like they were not paying attention to what was going on in the van but I could see by the way they were stumbling around that they were very interested. She really put on a show for these guys, brushing her hair with the little mirror light illuminating her big beautiful tits, acting like she wasn’t aware they were watching her. I finally walked over there and acted like I was just a fellow gawker wanting to watch. We gave each other approving smiles and watched for a while. Boy! Were they surprised when I got in the van and drove away.

We moseyed on down to Portland and to the Paris. We settled in to the couples with benefits section, and commenced to get on with the festivities. Nina was wearing a corset with her tits hanging out, no panties, garter belt, stockings and heels, hiding under a long wool coat. I always enjoy watching the guys when she takes off her coat. You can just feel the anticipation rise in the room.

She went over to the rail and let the guys who were close enough feel her up, she then laid down close to the rail and sucked one guy off while several other perverts had their hands all over her exposed lady parts. Just to liven things up a little I asked Nina to walk out front and down the aisle down towards the front of the theater and back. This always gets the boys excited. She stopped a few times to let some of the guys explore her for a little while then back to where we came from. We invited a couple of guys in to investigate further possibilities’ with Nina. Of course they got right down to business with one guy doing her doggie style and the other standing in front of her getting head. While this was going on a older couple came into the couple #2 section. They watched Nina for a little while then they invited a couple of guys up and proceeded to copy what Nina was doing. I didn’t notice at first that they were pretty intoxicated, however she did a pretty good job of mimicking what Nina was doing. The girls put on a very hot show for about 20 minutes.

We had been in the theater for about 3 hours and it was time for a break. When we got outside I thought since we were out lets air out the dogs. As we started back to the parking lot, we ran into our old friend from Seattle. He asked where we were going and when told he wanted to tag along. We like to take the dogs down behind the Omni center along the Willamette River. While I walked the dogs Nina and Tom went on down the cement path that runs between the Omni building and the river. I let the dogs do their business, put them back in their crates and hurried to catch up with Nina and Tom. By the time I caught up Nina was already in the process of giving Tom one of her special blow jobs. It is now about 3AM and nobody around but janitors and security guards. I’ve never seen them outside of the building but the building is nothing but windows and I always see them inside.

I quickly scanned the building for possible lurking security guards and did not see any. The last thing we need is to get our names in the newspaper, this is not the kind of 15 minutes of fame we are looking for. I did see a janitor at the other end of the building but no security guards. Tom was really enjoying himself making enough making enough pleasurable sounds to raise suspicions if anyone was around (security guards). When she was through with him he was spent and I was relieved that we didn’t get caught. As Tom zipped up and Nina cleaned herself up, I looked up on the second floor and saw two security guards with big smiles on their faces giving Nina and Tom a standing ovation. Needless to say we hurried back to our van and headed back to our motel room where it is my turn to enjoy the many talents of Nina the Bakery Slut.

End of Part 14

Doc here again...Great stuff as always from "B" and Nina.  Thanks!

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