Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flash Report! The Green Door & Cupids in PA by Nakedwatchmaker

Doc here with a report from two PA adult theaters: The Green Door and Cupids in Pennsylvania.

New reporter The Nakedwatchmakwer checks in with his report on both.

Hello Doc,

I have been a long time lurker and have viewed your blog with some skepticisim. However I have learned something on a recent trip to Pennsylvania.

Traveling south on June 16th I figured I would stop at the Green Door in Bethlehem PA and check out the action there. Sunday afternoon around three, what else would a horny couple be doing but lo and behold only guys from the other side of the isle doing their thing. So I decided to continue south and stop at Cupids in Kutztown PA.

I entered and was informed that it is twelve dollars to get in, so paid my fare and entered. Inside for the entry fee you have access to both gay and straight theaters, plus booths with gloryholes but the movies do not work and the doors are fixed partially open. Stayed about an hour and only guys from the other side lol. Onto my destination to take care of business and headed north.

Kutztown, PA
On Wednesday the 19th, I figured on stopping at Cupids and give it another shot. It was late afternoon paid my entry fee went in and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness when all of a sudden this stunning figure went past me and sat down between two men. I assumed it was just a rather attractive CD in the dark, but as time passed and clothes came off, it turned out to be a beautiful twenty something girl with her significant other. This girl was beautiful and smoking hot she was giving both men hand jobs and then stood for her man to enter her from behind.

Other onlookers stood around and I was lucky enough to get to feel her nice firm ass along with some firm and smooth tits. What an honor that I was allowed to touch. One of the men she was stroking started to finger her and brought her to orgasm as she moaned with pleasure. Then her mate came up behind her and shot his load on her back. As quick as that they cleaned up and left, but before they did I thanked them for allowing me to watch and commented on how hot she was and that the show was hot as well .

To say the least, my skepticism is no more and now I believe what I am reading. Hope to get back there and maybe be one of the lucky men to receive more attention from her.
Well that's all I have, so keep doing what you do in this thing of ours.



Doc hyere again... I am glad we have made a believer out of The Naked Watchmaker, and that what you read here is fact, not fiction.  Keep up the good work NW, and we look forward to your next reports.