Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 11 - The Kid

Doc here with a First Time report with a different twist... Up to now, all of the first time reports had been in the pretty decent past, at a time when things were much different in this thing of ours. Maybe it was the 70's, the 80's, even the 90's. 

This First Time report from first time contributor, The Kid, is from just a short time ago.  Everyone has to have a first time sometime, and here is someone just starting his journey. 

So enjoy The Kid's First Time Report, and I'll catch you afterwards...


Hi Doctor,

I found your site a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it.

I was thinking I would share my first time.  When I first started driving, I would go by Theataire X in Clarksville IN and I always wanted to know what happens in there. The big sign out front says LIVE GIRLS, so about a week after my 18 birthday I skipped school to do something, but I drove passed and stopped in.  It was a weekday just passed lunch. I was scared (not sure why) but I must of looked it bc they ID'd me first thing. Then after walking around looking at tapes and mags some other guy ID'd me again.

At this time my cock was harder then it had ever been. I asked where are the live girls, and he told me they only work Friday and Saturday night and I should come back.

After a few more weeks of thinking about how I could walk in and see girls and I could jack off in a booth and it would be ok, I ventured back to Theataire X.  It was very late around 1 or 2AM, I asked if I could go back. The guy working told me yes but she was off in 15 mins or something. It was 5 dollars to go in.

After getting in the booth there was holes on both sides and both the guys beside me was getting down, I could not see any girl in sight. Then one guy said "yea stroke it". I looked over and seen a lady's hand jacking him off. I watched this, and then she laid down maybe 2 feet in front of me. She picked up a very big toy and started sucking it (at this time my zipper was about to break), so I pulled out my cock. She looked over at it and said I'm thinking of you baby and started fucking herself hard and fast. After about 5 minutes she came and it looked like she had squirted.

Then said that's all boys and walked off. So I put my hard cock up and walked out to see a older man and woman in the movies, so I walked over to get a better look. She walked away from the guy and was coming right to me (I was not sure what to do... I didn't even look up at her, then she walked back over by the guy). I could hear him ask her "what about him?" I never heard what she said, and then they both walked out the front door.

I was calling it a night and started to walk to the back door when I seen them both come back in. I stopped and looked at the mags thinking "OK, something is going to happen they are looking for something or wanting to do something." But after looking around 15 mins or so they just walked around by the movies and looking and pointing a few guys out. I called it a night, and walked out.

I was about to get into my car when I hear someone say "holdup son, let me ask you something." I looked and it was the older guy. He walked up to me and told me how he was not able to get hard and his wife was a slut (not kidding) and she loved sucking cock. They had been looking at guys for her, but she was not sure (he said it was the first time they had done anything like this and I told him it was also my 2nd time).

Then he asked if I would be ok letting her work me over... I looked at her standing by the door. She was younger then him (not by much) but not bad looking. She was smaller lady, and had nice boobs for cougar.

I told him I could help them out, and we walked back into the theater.  I really didn't even know where we were going, as there turns out they have 2 theaters.  We go into the theater, and there was one other guy in there. We walked to the front, and I sat in between them. She asked me if it would be ok for her to get it out, I told her yes.  Then he asked if I would like to see her tits, and being a boob guy I said I would! She stood up, dropped her dress and her tits where great! They had to be fake, but they were awfully nice! She then dropped down at started blowing me.

I had always dreamed of some hot girl at school giving me my first BJ, but I believe this was better! I still have not had one the same, but her guy never looked away. Every time I was about to cum, she would stop, look up and tell me to hold it.  She was having fun, so she would rub and suck my balls for a minute, then get right back on it.

After what felt like hours, her man held her head down and I blew my load into her mouth. I told them both thanks, and she got up and told her man how big my load had been.  She had never got one that big before, so I said thanks again.  I was feeling good about myself at that point, and I got up. She said I would love to go again if you will let me (like I was going to say no!).

This time she rubbed me for about 10 minutes, then started again this time really sucking hard and fast. I bet she went at it for quite awhile, stopping for air at times.  I told her she could stop,  I was never going to cum again.  She looked at me with a mad look and said she never stops before she is done! If I had time, she would make me cum again.

After the longest BJ ever, I did and we all got up.  I kissed on her tits upon leaving, because I had been wanting to all night. Then I walked out at this time... It was around 6am,  and the sun was up before I made it home. However, I had never felt better.

Since this visit, I have went back a few times.  But so far this is about the only time I have got lucky.

The Kid


Thanks to The Kid for an excellent recounting of his First Time at an Adult Theater.  It looks like he had a good teacher in his lady friend, and that will hopefully keep him coming back for more.  And with more visits, hopefully will be more reports from The Kid.

Do you have a First Time in an Adult Theater report you'd like to see on The Journal?  Just e-mail me with the title "First Time" in the subject line, and I will edit and format your report for you.

The Kid did it...So can you.