Sunday, April 21, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper @ Airport Video in Everett, WA (w/6 PICS!)

Doc here with a fantastic report from senior reporters Bambi & Thumper.  As one of our "go-to" Pacific Northwest reporting teams, I am always looking forward to their next adventure.

This report, complete with pics from the actual event, are top shelf (click to ENLARGE the thumbnails).  I think this will start your Sunday morning off with a bang.



Hey Doc,

Sorry for the lack of reports. Life has had its way with us lately, and we have had no free weekends. We did squeeze, as you can see by the attached pics, a trip to the Airport Video in Everett on Friday, April 19. We had made a stop at a Love Boutique in Bellingham on our way south and Bambi picked out a see through hoodie, and a fake style leather basque/style clincher. Changing into a new red skirt, and black mules with the ever present anklet.

We arrived around 8:30 pm and paid our standard $10. We made our way into the main theater, that had its furnace on full blast, making for a warm arrival. We sat on the left side, facing the screen, in the second row plastic chairs.

Doc, it was a strange "vibe" that night. We noticed no action, even in the back where the confused regulars hang out. In fact there was probably 10 -12 guys, and no other couples. No fly's were open. It was like they were in a trance. Eventually one gentleman moved to the sit next to Bambi, who was showing off her anklet and tops of her stockings. Her large breasts were barely contained in her basque.

We kissed for a while and our hands rubbed certain spots with no response. Even the one seated next to her just placed his head in his hands are stared at the screen. Feeling less then excited, we moved to the booth area. This time with my trusty beat up koolpics camera. We walked along until finding a clean booth which had only one glory hole that faced the front of the store.

The next door neighbors that rotated through were an entertaining collection, as shown in the attached stills (numbered from 10 to 60 for you doc, with 50 and 60 being my favorites from the night).

The central theme remained the same with a guy walking into the next booth, to find Bambi in some form of action. Blowing me, showing her tits and leg, and then after a while gesturing with painted nails for their manhood. The one thing that most of them, 6 in total I believe, is that they were done in a rather quick fashion.

Bambi was quite vocal that night, over the sound of the movies, and the sound of the clerk paging over the p.a. "lit them up fellows', which always caused Bambi to giggle. I tried to take some video, but it was too dark with out the flash or source of light. I will hopefully master it at some point. The last guest got to see my seated in the usual green garden chair as Bambi bounced more like Tigger then a deer, I held on for dear life and grunted after a short time. Pretty sure everyone in the front of the store heard her as well.




We are still trying for Mecca (The Paris in Portland), perhaps end of April, early May. If you were in the main theater that night at the APV, please add your comments to explain why it was so quiet....

PS Doc you rock!!!!


Doc here again... Why thank you Bambi & Thumper for the compliment, the outstanding report, and the pics!  Keep cranking them out, kids!