Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flash Report! Please Welcome C.E.O. (Cum Executive Slut)

Doc here... On my drive back to The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college) tonight from The Park near the giant superhighway, my mind was wandering.  I wondered how I could possibly give you, the good readers of The Journal, something even hotter, better, and more resonant than Bob in Biloxi's walk-off grand slam report from early today (thanks Prof 7x6 for the analogy!).

Well, my answer came in the form of a report hitting The Good Doctor's in box at 9pm tonight. What I read (as I was sipping my cocktail) what may be one of the best reports to come across my desk in a long time.

This report's author, C.E.O., is a senior level female executive with a secret.  By day, she commands the attention of her staff, and serves her well known international company at a high level. However, outside the board room, and away from her PowerPoints, her executive summaries, and her Outlook calendar, lies her deep dark secret personna: That of a cum executive slut, who now ventures into this thing of ours.

All of the photos in this awesome Flash Report are of the real C.E.O. . Need proof?  Well, you just might spy with your little eye the mug of a middle aged Sicilian Dr. in one of the photos.  (Note: Click on the pics to ENLARGE them. You know you want to!)

Without further delay, I am proud to present to you the newest regular reporter here at The Journal, the lovely C.E.O. :


Greetings to the Good Doctor and all his loyal readers.   I’ve been a long time reader but this is my first post about my first experience, which occurred a few months ago, but definitely won’t be my last.  ;)   I need to start by telling you a little about myself, as it is important to understand as you read about my experiences with this thing of ours.

C.E.O. Doing Some Research
I am a Senior Executive in a very well known corporation which requires a lot of my time, focus, and energy during my normal day.  I lead a large team of people, and am required to be in charge all day long… constantly making decisions and telling people what to do.  So being in charge during my off hours is not my thing.  My favorite night out is when my husband tells me to put on something sexy, pack an overnight bag, and get in the car! And because I’m a good little Cum Executive Officer (CEO), I do what I’m told!

We were driving for quite a while having a great time listening to music and talking.  Because my husband knows me well, and is a great planner of naughty times for us, he has packed my favorite bottle of wine for our road trip.  He wanted to make sure that my morals were a little on the loose side given that he plans to push my limits a little at our end destination.

After several hours of driving, we ended up in front of Adult Pleasures in Toledo (which BTW is not couples friendly anymore as we found outlast weekend).  Since I have been reading the Good Doctor’s updates, I knew we were at the place where the sexy Nancy frequently visits.  My mind was immediately nervous, and a little scared! But my wet pussy apparently was very excited about our naughty little road trip!

My husband told me that now is the time to change into my sexy skirt that I packed.  Since I’m a good little CEO, I did as I was told!  I hopped out of the car, and walked into the store clinging to my husband’s arm due to the fear of the unknown.   But I was sure people could see the wetness dripping down my leg, and they would know how turned on I was.  Something about losing control really gets me juiced up!

We looked around the ABS for a little while, mainly giving me some time to build up my courage. Again, my hubby said it was time, and guided me to the back where the booths are.  The good little CEO did as she was told!  We quickly walked through small crowd of men loitering outside of the booths (which I did not expect)and finally found an open booth.  Once inside I felt a small sense of relief, but also a new added sense of pressure.  

I don’t think it took more than a minute and the door to the next booth closed and we heard the video start next door.  Innocent curiosity lead me to look through the hole, where I saw a man stroking his cock already.  This was so “dirty” and seedy, but I got wetter and wetter as I realized I was not only inside a glory hole booth, but Iwas watching a stranger stroke his cock. My husband instructed me to run my finger around the hole, and this CEO does as she’s told. 

Of course, the fantastic hard cock with a wonderful Prince Albert piercing was almost immediately through the hole waiting for me to suck it. It was so naughty seeing that stranger’s hard cock that it made my pussy practically drip.  I quickly slipped my lips and tongue around this wonderful cock presented to me, and began sucking on it like it was my job.  I wanted all of it… as much as I could take, and kept practically gagging by putting it so far into my mouth feeling that piercing hit the back of my throat.  I must have been doing a good job since I started feeling his cock swell in my mouth indicating he was about to feed me my delicious reward.  He unloaded his salty, gooey load into my mouth, and some on my chin, and some on my tits!  I was so excited and turned on, I could have just cum right there.  But instead, I thanked my anonymous donor like a good CEO, straightened myself up, and waited for my next visitor next door!

I sucked two more fantastic cocks and was given some great loads of cum… especially my Hispanic friend in the blue & white striped shirt!  His load all over my tits deserved a golf clap!  After three fantastic, erotic, naughty, out-of-control encounters, I needed to have my pussy fucked hard!  But sorry fellas,that is reserved for my husband… at least until the CEO is told to fuck a cock through a hole!  And I always do as I’m told!

I wonder what kind of trouble I can find during my next business trip.  Maybe I will try out one of the other wonderful theaters on the Good Doctor’s list.

The CEO – “reluctantly going back to her day job”

CEO’s Policy Update….. When you visit a GH, please make sure to trim up and  wash up (even in between booth visits – I came for cock and cum, not someone else’s saliva)!  


Doc here again... Wow.  What a start to the week here at The Journal!  I for one will be lighting candles, saying my prayers, and eating my vitamins, in hope that the next C.E.O. Flash Report hits my in box soon. And oh, more photos please!

A huge thank you to C.E.O. for bravely stepping out of the shadows and right into this thing of ours. An incredibly hot woman has joined our ranks... Welcome aboard!

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