Saturday, March 11, 2017

TONIGHT! "Get Lucky" St. Patty's Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 3/11/17 @ 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Doc here with the last update on tonight's HUGE St. Patty's "Get Lucky" Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. 

The river has been dyed green, and the parade has wrapped up. The next big event takes place at 15th Ave. tonight starting at 8pm and running until 1am!  And we cannot wait to welcome you!

The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and leaving for Chicago shortly. Plus, I am having an outstanding hair day.

Everyone is chomping at the bit for this party!  Khaleesi & Khal, Stunt Slut Simone, Amber Foxxx, and Slut Diane collectively have ants in their pants!  

Here are some notes on making this a great evening for all:
  • This is a BYOB party. Please check in your booze with Natalie upon your arrival. 
  • M/F Couples, Single Females: If you would like a tour of the facility, I will be personally giving them between 7:45pm and 9pm. Just ask for Doc.
  • There is M/F Couples preferred parking in our rear lot (until it fills to capacity.)
  • Please note: There is no parking at the Sports Complex across the street! It's posted as No Parking, and they mean it. Please park in our lot, the auxiliary lot, or on 15th Ave.itself. The Sports Complex will tow you if you do not comply. 
  • There are no cell phones, smart watches, or cameras allowed in the Party Room or throughout the facility. We will be mentioning this when you check in, but this is a zero tolerance policy. You can check your phones outside, but not in the facility.
  • Guys: Be respectful of other couples and singles. Anyone not is going to have a conversation with security, and it won't be a good one. Couples/SF's/T's... If anyone is bothering you, notify security immediately.
The Lizardo Lantern ignites at 8pm sharp! Take the oath! 

See everyone tonight!



Doc here with an update on this Saturday's HUGE adult theater party in Chicago at 15th Ave. Adult Theater

First up, how about a sneak peek at the swag bags for "Get Lucky"?  They are pretty awesome...
Next, how about an announcement on three awesome couples that will be coming in for the party?

First, the legendary gang bang queen of the Midwest herself, my good friend Stunt Slut Simone and her hubby, Mr. S!  She's ready to mingle...

Next, making their Lizardo Party debut, the Queen of All Squirters herself, Khaleesi (along with her hubby, Khal).  Splash guards highly recommended. 

Another Lizardo Party debut is the lovely Amber Foxxx! I have many great things about her, and I'm looking forward to meeting her and her guy Saturday night!

As always, the Good Doctor will have swag bags for the first 50 M/F Couples in the door, starting at 8pm!  Get there early so you do not miss out on these fun bags!