Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Flash Report! West Man @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater on 12/15/12

Doc here with a terrific first time Flash Report from West Man. WM visited 15th Avenue Adult Theater this past Saturday night, and had a mixed bag of both fun and frustration.

Please note, that included in West Man's report is Couple #4, who was profiled yesterday in the Freeze Frame report featuring ToyLovingMilf.

So I encourage you to relax, pop open a Fresca, and enjoy West Man's report from 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Melrose Park, IL.


I had the whole night free on Saturday (12/15) and decided to spend it at 15th Avenue Adult Books in Melrose Park. It's been a long time since I've had a free weekend night to enjoy what I hoped to be some hot visuals and play, and in the past a Saturday night at this place has never failed to deliver.
15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
However....the vibe last night was different, and a bit off.
I arrived at around 7:30pm to find the parking lot already almost full (a good first sign) but as I got out of my car I noticed lots of the other cars had guys sitting in them, obviously waiting for the usual T-gurls or couples to arrive.  I went in, paid my $30, stashed my things in a locker and went into the theater to watch some pretty good porn.  There were a couple of guys in and out of the theater, but nothing going on.  
Around 8:00pm things started to look up as I walked back to the arcade and saw not one, but two couples at the front desk. I walked through the arcade and was about to head back to the the theater there was yet another couple at the front desk. YES!!!  Couple one was a middle aged, not very well dressed (looking like they had headed straight to the theater after a long day of chores at home) and unfortunately reeked of cigarettes.  
Couple two was attractive. She was a tall, mid-40's conservative, teacher-like woman with long red hair wearing a long black raincoat and fuck me heels.....very promising.  Her man was a tall, grey haired guy.  Couple three was SMOKING HOT!  She was a sexy early 40's woman with long, dark hair and was wearing skin tight black attire which showed off every curve of her body.  Her man was muscular and held on to her tight, along with a large duffle bag which made it look like they were ready to settle in for a night of play.  Couples one and two went into the theater and couple three went into the spa, into a private room, shut and locked the door.  I guess they wanted to warm themselves up before doing anything else.  OK by me.
Private Rooms - 15th Avenue
By now the crowd of guys in the theater had grown and couples one and two were in there, surrounded by guys eagerly waiting something to unfold.  Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.  Nothing.
Couple one got up and went into the spa and a crowd followed them (including myself).  They walked through the spa area and I overhead them ask another guy "where are all the couples tonight?".  They then walked out of the spa and went outside (I guess to have yet another cigarette).  I went back into the theater and as I sat down, couple number two got up.  Again, the crowd followed but we all watched them walk out the door (they never returned).
I was headed back to the theater and saw couple number three exit the spa. She had changed from her skin tight blacks to skin tight white and hot pink.  SMOKING!  The went into the theater and settled into a seat and proceeded to do nothing but watch the movie.  Except for him sucking on a bottle of water, there was no movement from either of them.

Enter couple number 4...a younger couple...looked kind of like soccer mom and dad.  They were dressed like they had come in from a day of Christmas shopping but they were attractive and they settled into the couples section of the theater.  They watched the movie for about 15 minutes and he had his hand in her jeans and then pulled her top off and started to play with her ample breasts, sucking and pulling on the nipples and putting on a great show. This got the guys really worked up and they were enjoying the gallery.  Their show went on for a while and then they headed into the spa.  A crowd followed them (again along with me). Some of us got undressed and followed them into the shower where he proceeded to continue his work on her tits.  After about 10 minutes he turned her around and started to work her pussy with one hand while the other one kept at her topside.  There was a crowd outside the shower room with their faces pressed against the glass door, including couple number 3 who I thought might join the fun....not to be.  I looked around and there were 7 of us in the shower, naked, hard and stroking our cocks.  She never once gave evidence of any interest and he never did anything except use his hands on her (he never got a hard on...).  He fingered her to climax. The hot water ran out. They got dressed and left.

I was about to give up when the legendary P and F arrived.  I've seen them there on a couple of other occasions.  She's a sexy MILF, 40, busty, pretty, long hair.  He's a nice looking guy and takes good care of her. They're legendary because they are always really friendly and open and they ALWAYS play.  They immediately headed to the spa, got undressed and when into the steam room.  They chatted with us guys and she started to play with his cock, while he played with her tits.  She got him hard and got down on her knees and started to give him head.  

There were 5 of us in the steam room, stroking and waiting for what we knew would be a good time. One of the guys got underneath her and started to eat her out, which sent he to a long orgasm.  The heat in the steam room got to be overwhelming and they said they were going to a private room and invited the guys to join them. They went into their room and chose to start play with a tall white guy with a big dick and a really well hung black guy.  They left their door open and told us to wait out turns.  This is when things got not so nice......
Their open door attracted a HUGE crowd of other guys from the theater who apparently either never learned any manners or forgot them.  Lots of jockeying for a better view, pushing and elbows.  
I could hear her moaning in pleasure and also heard the tell tale sound of flesh slapping agains flesh so I knew she was getting a good pounding from one of the lucky guys.  But the crowd outside made it impossible to get close enough to really see what was going on.  
Just then another couple walks into the locker room and sees this frenzy in the hall outside the couple's room.  The crowd momentarily parted, allowing the new couple a view of what was going on in the room but the scene of this huge group of guys freaked them out and she told her guy "I'm out of here" and they left.  The crowd of guys packed themselves back at the open door and I decided I had had enough, and left (along with two of the other guys that had been patiently waiting).
The scene at 15th Avenue has been smoking hot on other visits....with multiple couples playing in the theater, steam room or carpeted area and it can be loads of fun.  Last night was off the mark and I know there were lots of guys there looking for that kind of fun but were pushed away by the overzealous crowd.  Can't win em all.....

West Man


Doc here again... Not every night is going to have the right vibe inside an adult theater. It appears that this was one of those nights.

Thanks to West Man for his thorough report!