Friday, September 2, 2011

A Quick Note From Brent in Portland

Doc here with a note from Brent in Portland about some potential Las Vegas adult theater action for this Labor Day weekend.

Brent, take it away.



Brent here with some information I came across that could be of interest to your readers. I found it in the "Adult Theater Play" Yahoo Group and I don't think the couple would be up set if you re-post it. Las Vegas is a popular destination on Labor Day weekend and there might be a few readers of The Journal going there who would benefit from this information.


We're coming going to Vegas this weekend and plan to stop in to the Dejavu on Industrial this Saturday evening.  Not sure what time just yet.  Right now I only know it will be after dark and before midnight.  We'll post more when we know it...probably Saturday afternoon.  Just wanted to give anyone in Vegas the heads-up.

I'll be bringing the wife, Cat.  She's cute, 39, size 18-20, 42D and loves to play.  She lives up to the name.  She loves to watch guys cum.  Sometimes she strokes and sometimes she sucks, but mostly she likes to fondle, play with all types and sizes of cocks and watch guys cum.  It gets her all wet when guys cum for her.  If ya get it in her mouth, she'll swallow.  Her fav is on her tits.  My fav is in and around her mouth.

 She's never fucked in a theater before, so that's not likely.  Then again, we've only ever been to a theater with comfortable chairs once...this same place just a couple months ago to check it out.  Actually, we've only been to a couple of theaters before with mediocre results...probably because we didn't let anyone of the straight/bi persuasion know we were going to be there. we are letting all y'all know.

There was one time a few years ago that we went to the theater over on Boulder Hwy.  We posted it in a yahoo group somewhere and there was quite a group of guys who showed up for her.  She loved it.  She always says the more the merrier.  In our years of playing about once a year along these lines, I've never seen her get up and walk away from a guy who was about to nut.  So, as long as there is cum flowin', I'm sure she'll be playin'.

One big rule, if she tells you to stop doing something or brushes your hand away from an area, then don't make her say it again.  Which brings me to the do's, don'ts and such...not really rules but guidelines so we can all have fun.

1. She's not into anal of any kind and neither am I. 

2. If she chooses to fuck, then condoms are required. 

3. No cum in the eyes please.  She really likes watching guys nut and she can't do that with cum in her eyes.

4. Cum anywhere you want except in her eyes or pussy (we have enough kids)

 5. You can be verbal with her.  Nasty talk is good.  You can probably say just about anything in the heat of the moment.  I'll nudge you and give you the "you're pushing it" nod if you're pushing it or going too far.  If I do, then don't worry that I'm running you off...I'm not...I'm just giving a friendly warning.  I can only think of one term "whore" that she's not too fond off.  If it slips out, then she won't would only be a steady use of the term that she'd balk at.

6. Keep in mind that she's going there to have guys cum for her.  She likes lots of it...yeah, she's a cumslut.  She can give a 30 minute blow job at home. *winks*  She likes to get a reward fairly quick if she's playing with you.  If you're gonna be a while then step aside and let another in.  Get closer to her again when you're getting ready to nut.

7. If we bring the video cam, then it will be aimed at her and your cock.  Don't worry about your face being in the shot unless you put it into one of her play areas.  The video would be only for our personal use.  We have no plans to go public with any of it.

8. We thought it would be nice if each guy gave her a playing card after cumming so she'd know how many and maybe who she had been playing with.  If you want to be remembered, then don't all bring the ace of spades.  You could even write an email onto the card if you like.  We'd like to create an email list of players to notify the next time we get out to play.  Maybe someone will remember to bring a couple extra cards for the guys who forget.

9. Oh yeah, no throat fucking her.  As much as she wishes she could deep throat, she just can't do it.

 10.  Most Important!!  If she tells you no or to stop something, please don't make her say it again.  If she has to say stop a second time, she may want to leave.

As for me, I'm bringing her to watch her be a total slut.  I'm game for anything within the boundaries I've laid out.  I'd like to see all that you all can get her to go along with.  I'm asking lots of guys to cum and use my wife as your personal cum dumpster.

Oh...if she lets you near her clit, then know that she's sensitive.  It doesn't take much to get her off.  Once you do, then back off and let it alone for a bit.

Nuff said.  If there's something I forgot, then post it here.  I'll read and try to reply before we go.



Doc here again... If you are in Vegas this weekend, this looks like a very good option to satisfy that thing of yours. Let's get some reports from Vegas as well... It's been way too long since we have one here @ The Journal.

Thanks to Brent for the heads up!


TOP Theater Experience: Round 3 - The Back Row Reporter

Doc here with Round 3 of the All-Time TOP Adult Theater Experience reports... Round 3 is written by regular Journal contributor, The Back Row Reporter.  BRR covers the scene at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, and has been doing a great job doing such. 

Here is his TOP Experience...


Sometime during the summer of last year (2010) I visited CTs Adult Theater. I think it was in June. I'd been to CTs about twice before and frankly I was both interested and disappointed. I'd heard about how hardcore CTs was but on my previous visits there had been little or no activity. On one day there no ladies and on the other there was one lady giving blow jobs while her husband watched. So I was eager to see what all the fuss was about.
On my 3rd visit I arrived on a Friday or Saturday night (I can't remember which) hoping to see some real action. For those that don't know, CTs it's in Gary, IN near the airport. It's not much to look at from the outside or inside for that matter, but the stories I'd heard of the place had peaked my interest. The theater section is small with seating for only about maybe 20 people. Three rows of seats with a few seats alone a side wall and a exam table in front under the TV which shows a stream of mostly old porn.

On this night I arrived to see a full parking lot and I had to park in the adjacent lot. There was even a semi truck in the side lot. Wow, I thought. Lots of cars should mean lots of action. I entered and the lobby was full of guys (not a good sign I thought). I paid the theater fee, and as I walked toward the theater door I asked a guy in the lobby if there was any action going on in the theater. He said - "Oh yeah". As I walked through the theater door I heard the typical sounds from the porn playing on the TV. But there was definitely the sound of fucking going on too. There seemed to be multiple sound sources with moaning over here, groaning over there, and that familiar clap/clap sound of bodies banging away.

My eyes adjusted to the dim light as I stepped into a full on gang bang. There were 4 women in a full but not overly crowded theater. Like I said CTs theater is small but there was still some maneuver room left and now I know why so many guys were in the lobby. To my immediate right were 2 ladies. One was getting pounded on the exam table while another stood at the side of the table getting pounded standing-doggy style. To my left in the back was a lady on her knees giving blow jobs and before her was a Hispanic lady also getting done standing-doggy style. Wow, I had an immediate hard on. The sounds and the sights... Sex was everywhere.

The lady on the table was an attractive brunette with glasses, nice boobs but not big, and curvy legs. The gal standing on the side of her was a short chubby type, kinda plain looking but thick in an interesting way. The Hispanic lady was attractive, average height, slim but curvy build, and she was also wearing glasses. I never got to see the last lady in the back very well. She was on her knees with a small group of men around her receiving blow jobs. But the repeated sounds of men groaning and cumming meant she was doing a good job back there. But with my already serious hard on I was ready to fuck like right now.

CTs Adult Theater
4620 Industrial Highway, Gary, IN
The hot lady on the table had several guys obviously waiting for their turn. Same thing for the hot Hispanic lady. But the thick, plain lady had only the one guy who was just finishing up. Decision made. I quickly put on a condom and was on her backside as soon as the guy stepped away. Pounding away at her chubby ass she sensed a new cock and turned to give me an encouraging smile. And there I was in the middle of it all with folks fucking all over this small theater. I know I coulda/shoulda paced myself but the urgency of the moment took over. My eyes darted from the sight of the hot milf on the table, to the hot Hispanic, and back to this suddenly sexy fat woman I was pounding. After maybe 4 minutes I grasped the short woman's ass tight and I came with a groan. The sights and sounds seemed to overwhelm me. This was real and not some scene on a TV or movie screen. I stepped or staggered back and as I removed the condom the short lady turned and smiled at me again then proceeded to go down on me.

The one guy waiting for a go must have known that this thing wasn't over between me and the short lady because he then went to stand in line for the table action. The short lady was getting sexier by the minute. What can I say, her attentions seemed to be focused on me and mine were now focused on her. Her slow, soft, sensual blow job was doing the trick. And I was surprised to see my cock rise for action again so quickly. I could still hear the sounds going on around me and no doubt this helped my energies rise again. But my focus was clearing on this sexy chubby woman giving me a great blow job. Men were groaning, women were moaning, bodies were banging into each other, and I was enjoying a fantastic blow job. Wow.

After a bit the short lady turned to offered me another go and I quickly put on another condom and started into her again but this time unhurried. There wasn't any fellas waiting for a turn now and her hand reaching back to caress my thigh told me to take my time. We went at it for a nice bit as we shifted position to give us both a view of the rest of the action. Then I noticed that she was holding one hand and exchanging glances with the hot milf on the table. I'm not sure what this silent communication meant exactly but I know it was a good. Kind of a shared moment for these 2 women who I later found out didn't know each other. They had only just meet that night.

We fucked for a while as I saw fella after fella pound away at either the brunette or the Hispanic lady. I pulled out after what seemed like a long time but who knows since I had not concept of time then. The short lady turned and ran her hand across my chest and said she was taking a break. I definitely need one too, as I spotted a seat at the back row. And I got a couple paper towels from the dispenser, stepped between, around, and over several folks to secure a prime spot on the back row. From there I could take it all in.

Two separate groups had now formed up around either the brunette on the table, or the Hispanic lady who was now seated and giving blow jobs. The other lady who had been in the back giving blow jobs was gone. I guess that explains why there was room at the back row now. Men continually came into the theater to either watch or participate and then leave. It was like a rotation cycle had set up. I watched these two hot women getting it good and hoped I could rise again to partake.

I needed to go outside for some fresh air. The theater crowd had thinned out a bit and as I passed the blow job group as the brunette's last guy finished. There were still guys standing there watching or stroking themselves but no one was stepping up to service this woman.

Duty called.

The brunette was now standing at the base of the table waiting for some doggy action and I stepped up to oblige. Out came my last condom. And within minutes I knew why so many guys had lined up for her. She was attractive and hot with a nice build. Her boobs were only average but she had black stockings covering a set of nicely shaped legs.

I was getting my share when the short lady re-entered the theater. We exchanged a glance and a smile and then a couple guys who had followed her in pulled her toward the table. The brunette and I stepped back to the front row seats to give access to the table to this group and soon the short lady had a line of her own. More guys (I think new guys) were entering the theater now, & the short lady was having a blast.

I didn't last long with the brunette and she seemed to know when I was about to blow. She bent her legs slightly and gave a more leveraged push back as I came. Well 3 fucks, 1 blow job, and 2 orgasms and I thought... I'm done.

The lobby crowd had thinned also. But I could here the sounds of music and fucking from the stage area where the dancers perform. Apparently the dancers were getting their share too this night. I went outside for some much needed fresh air. I went to my car to get a couple more condoms. I knew it was only wishful thinking but I was definitely hoping I could rise to the occasion again. I stayed for maybe 30 minutes in my car just seating there resting and remembering what had just happened. Wow, so this is what all the fuss is about.

When I went back into the theater the brunette lady had left and the Hispanic lady was just leaving. But there was the short lady still going at it on the table. The exam table had been moved and repositioned, and now there were only about 6 guys left in the theater. Only 2 of the 6 were taking turns fucking this lady. A white guy and a black guy kept the party going alternately fucking her.

Another couple came in but left after only watching for a few minutes. I decided that maybe I'd given all I had that night and kept my distance. I know if the short lady had seen me and smiled I would have whipped out a new condom and gotten right back at her. But it was late, I was tired, and she was busy with these to hungry fellas. I decided to call it a night with that image of her on the table with those two guys repeatedly fucking her.

This was not my absolute top theater experience. I have another the I would rank as a tie with this one. But this was the most memorable one. I believe this was the day I got hooked going to CTs and perhaps it was the day the Back Row Reporter was born.

Signing off from the back row,


Great job BRR!  This report really captures what a night at CTs is like when all the planets align, the vibe is good, and there are plenty of boners to satisfy the ladies @ CTs.  I am glad BRR was there to re-live the night with us, fans of this thing of ours.

It's your turn to send in your TOP Adult Theater Experience.  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at Need a template to follow? Look no further that the Back Row Reporter's above.  It can be 2 or 3 paragraphs, or it can be an essay.  Your call.


Field Report: Interstate News Adult Theater, Richmond KY by Gentle Tongue

Doc here with another outstanding Field Report from the newest senior reporter here at The Journal, Gentle Tongue.  This report takes us to Richmond, KY, and the Interstate News Adult Theater.

Enjoy GT's take on the newest addition to Doctor Emilio's Adult Theater Database...


Dear Dr Lizardo,

A quick and short report for the fans of "This Thing of Ours".  This report comes to you from near the heart land and more precisely the Blue Ass State - humble apologies the Blue Grass State.  It is that one track mind thing.
Interstate News Adult Theater
Richmond, KY

Recently a report surfaced of a locale in the Richmond, KY area, fitting state initials.  The "Interstate News and Tobacco" is a very non-descript location off of I-75 at exit 90 or exit 90A from the south bound side.  it is located just down the side street where Dairy Queen is located.  The address is 161 Keeneland Dr, Richmond, KY.

The location has no noticeable sign so you will have to be alert.  The building is a light yellow with a red metal roof and parking is around the back.  They have signs warning of sitting in vehicles and also very strict rules about roaming around the small store.

Once you enter the store is clean and is the center of the facility.  Immediately to the right as you enter is the entry to the theater and booths.  A mere $10 gets you unlimited access to the booths and 2 theaters.  The booths and theaters were built around the outer wall of the store and you walk past the booths, 3 lefts and then you will encounter the 1st theater, show a gay movie (as of this report) and as you pass through the seating area you will seeing the entry to the 2nd theater where your straight movie is playing.  There will find a few couches and a couple of chairs.  Further through the theater is the restroom.

In terms of the booths, there were a total of 7 booths that were working with a good selections of movies.  One booth in the center of other 6 is in the corner and has plenty room for a couple to play behind closed doors.  The other 6 booths, in a group of 3's has GH between them, for the exchange of the hot stock tips or the winner in the horse race.

Being it was just after lunch on a Monday, expectations were low.  There was a good crowd of guys roaming around.  Just puzzled why people pay to enter and spend their time texting.  Overall the place was fairly clean with plenty of place to dispose of unwanteds and a clean restroom.

So a new place to make a stop.  Please see the attached photo of the venue.

Happy Adventures to All - GentleTongue


Doc here again...Now that is a great Field Report!  Descriptive, good analysis, and a pic of the theater/ABS.  A home run GT!  Thanks for another great effort.

I need your reports...Field Reports (like the above one from Gentle Tongue, Blasts From The Past, and of course recent Flash Reports).  Send them to Dirk Digler The Good Doctor at, and I will do the rest.  Honest.