Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Flash Report! Mr. Clean Visits the Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL on 7/13 &14, 2016 - Patience Pays Off Big Time!

Doc here, a man who some say is one with the sea. Man against nature. Man versus fish. Boat meets shark. Shark eats boat. Man eats cannoli.

Well kids, this report is a good one! Mr. Clean hits it out of the park with this detail packed report from one of the most intriguing adult theaters in the country, the Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL. 

Reports are few and far between on this location, but thankfully Journal contributor Mr. Clean has stepped up to the plate.

I encourage you to pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy this report.  

Here we go!


Flash Report – Mr. Clean Visits the Pleasure Emporium (Hollywood, Florida) – and patience, persistence pays off big time!

The Place – Pleasure Emporium, Hollywood Florida (http://www.pleasureemporiumhollywood.com/)

Date – Tuesday July 13th and Wednesday July 14th

Time – I was there from 7-11pm (they are open until 1am)

Outside – Safe area, ample parking. On a dead end street.

Inside – Impressively large, store. Very clean, inviting. Friendly staff. Arcade, two theaters.

Entrance fee - $7 for the arcade, $18 for arcade and theaters, $20 for couples. In and out privilege until 1am (clerk even followed me in to give me the receipt which I hadn’t rece3ived and informed me of the in/out policy.)

The Arcade: